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Zebra f301 compact cap retention

Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by Grav, May 14, 2012.

    Grav Loaded Pockets

    So I've been carrying my modded f301c with a Fisher refill as my pocket pen for a little while now. I love the size. I love the clip. I love that it will write on anything. I love the cap when it is capped, but I hate using it with the cap on the back. When capped the cap is held on very nicely but with the cap on the back it is just held on by friction with a rubber O-ring which makes it very loose.

    Anyone know any good mods to fix this or a pen that would work better? I looked at the inka and like it but really need to have a clip.

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    temujin Uber Prepared

    :help: So was there a question or something that got cut off? Seems like you got a case of postus interruptus there.

    Grav Loaded Pockets

    Yeah, accidentally hit the submit button. Should be edited now.

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    SomeOneWho Empty Pockets


    I didn't know what you were talking about until I got a Zebra F301C (301 Compact) about two weeks ago. I had the same concern for about the first week. When the cap is placed on the back, it felt like it was only friction-fit to a moderate extent. I could shake it off with reasonable force if the pen was held inverted. I loved the pen, but didn't like this aspect of it.

    Then, about a week ago, when the cap was placed on the back, I happened to push it a bit harder. It "clicked" into place! It turns out that the cap clicks into a secure position both when on the front and when on the back. You just have to push it a bit harder when on the back. Definitely a "palm-on-forehead" moment. I'm really liking the pen now and plan to drill it out for a spacepen refill mod.

    Just push a bit harder!


    malamalama Loaded Pockets

    Huh? Mine doesn't do that. The cap hits a lip and won't go any further. Could Zebra have make a change and is yours a recent model?

    SomeOneWho Empty Pockets


    I don't see any markings on the pen to indicate whether it's a newer or older model. I got it from JetPens about two weeks ago.

    Mine has a definite tactile and audible "click" when putting the cap either on the front or the back. Now that I'm thinking of it, when I first got the pen and it seemed to be only "friction fit" I used pliers to slightly squeeze the cap so that it might have more friction. I wonder if this somehow caused it to start snapping in place when on the back?

    This afternoon I drilled out the tip to accommodate a spacepen refill. It was easier than I expected and I'm lovin' it!


    malamalama Loaded Pockets

    Thanks. Mine only has the click when closing, not when putting the cap on the back. Maybe others can chime in. Thanks for the feedback.

    malamalama Loaded Pockets

    I have about 4 or 5 of the compact pens and I think the last two came from Jetpens. I still have one unopened in the package just in case...

    robotlogik Loaded Pockets

    I got mine from amazon a couple of weeks ago, and it only clicks solid when closing, not when putting the cap on the back, same as you malamalama. I just have it on my keychain with the clip removed, great pen, but only time will tell if it will stay on there.

    Grav Loaded Pockets

    Yeah no click on the back for me. I wonder if jetpens is getting a newer model from Japan. Glad yours works nice :) I'll have to keep my eye out for an updated model.

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    robotlogik Loaded Pockets

    It wouldn't be very hard for them to make it click on both sides. I think the only thing preventing it from clicking when putting it on the back is that its just a hair thinner on that side than the other, if you have the pen, you'll see what I mean. Hopefully, the newer versions have this.

    c.southers Loaded Pockets

    change out the o ring with a little bit bigger one went to lowes and took the pen with me don,t rember what size it was

    Slumber Loaded Pockets

    I have an unopened, single packaged F301 Compact at home that I just got at the grocery store about a week ago. I'm gonna have to open it to see if they changed it. All the others I've owned did not click when posting the cap.

    Now, to create more friction, I slightly smash the opening of the cap to make it slightly oval. This makes the cap hold on tighter when I post it. Just don't over do it.

    EDIT: I just tried squashing the cap on my current pen and it seems worse. I guess I got lucky last time.

    JN Loaded Pockets

    The caps on all my F301 compact fit loosely over the pens. I glued a piece of book binding tape with nice paper texture over the short tail part of the pen. That add just a little extra thickness for the cap to click firmly in place, and the F301 looks smarter.

    Smith28 Loaded Pockets

    Sorry for the bump, but I think it's worth adding this point for all future readers.

    Electrical tape. I have just got my first 301 compact and am loving it. I can tell you it takes 2 layers of electrical tape, then one strip creating a third layer on a small portion of it (not a complete 3rd layer otherwise you can't get it on the tail end because of the pressure barrier) But the slim part of the tail cap is the perfect width for electrical tape to sit nice and out of the way, and it blends perfectly with the matte black finish of the pen.

    It's perfect now, and actually pops when you take the cap off the tail because of the slight pressure.

    I also put a couple of sections around the refill to stop the little click I get of the refill moving every time I put pen to paper. Kinda pedantic, but now it's solid and doesn't move or make any rattles at all.

    And I can debunk the myth of a clicking cap on the tail end, that is not possible. The clicking you get on the front end is actually made from an indent on the very front silver screw piece (look and you'll see the indent), and the tail end is not nearly long enough to reach that clicking point inside the lid. The length of the tail cap running inside the lid, there is only flat metal and you'd have to deform that pretty majorly to get a clicky retention.

    Wow. All that typing about a blooming pen lid.. :confused: