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You mocked my EDC..

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by Journo, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Daveho

    Daveho Loaded Pockets

    Nov 13, 2017
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    Personally I keep my EDC stuff to myself, however if I see someone in need I will help them if I can.
    It’s one of those rare situations where giving people the tools to help themselves isn’t great advise.
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  2. Medic1

    Medic1 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 14, 2015
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    My coworkers needed a banded box opened. They jumped backed at the sight and sound of my SOG Trident opening.
    Some thought my BDU khaki pants looked threatening. I dont like bluejeans and slacks.
    Some thought my FAKs were stupid but no one ever made fun of them when they were bleeding. I do have Blackhawk Stomp II packs...five of them packed with stuff I dont have to explain to a police officer. A former LEO and veteran asked me "what are you preparing for?"
    "For whatever comes." natural disasters, wrecks, terrorism, mass crime events, mass shootings. Several coworkers and i were discussing that and I'll take the complement "if anything happens," one of the guys pointing at me," he's ex-military, I want him around".
    Among my grown kids, at least one thinks I am crazy.
    At a med appt yesterday for my wife, a lady patient asked "is that military? Nice looking bag".
    "5.11 MOAB 6. I like keeping certain things with me."
    If someone really gives you a really hard time about your EDC (like the no guns sign). "I promise I will not help you when the bad guys come. Call 911. Help is just minutes away".
  3. The Slap

    The Slap Loaded Pockets

    Feb 14, 2017
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    I'v had a few comments about my maxpedition octa + rolypoly. "So...are you on duty?" That kind of thing, always good natured though. Re, the general population being unprepared, mentally and in terms of tools, I had this conversation with some friends recently when the Vegas shooting came up in conversation.

    Friends: "Those poor people, they just didn't stand a chance."

    Me: "Yes, terrible thing. Most of them just froze in place...I guess they were in shock."

    Friends: "And you just never know when something like that could happen!"

    Me: "True...but statistically, mass murderers are more likely to pick a crowd event to commit their act. So If I was going to be at a concert, I would want to know the direction of the exits and have some situational awareness.

    Friends: "But Slap - even if you did know the exits you would still be gunned down!"

    Me: "Quite possibly, but at least I'd have half a chance to snap out of the fog and start moving - thus making myself a more difficult target - if - the shooter happened to be aiming at me personally. Obviously, if he was just shooting randomly, then my chances wouldn't improve, but at least I might get to cover or something. I mean, you have to do something, right?

    Friends: "We shouldn't have to do something!! The police should protect us! The government should protect us!"

    Me: "Well they try to, but its simply impossible to predict everything. That's the world we live in...we've got to take some responsibility for our own safety. And think of this: if everyone at the concert had gone in there with some situational awareness, then maybe the whole crowd would have started moving. It might not have helped anything, but in a different situation it might have completely stopped a massacre. One guy returned fire I think, didnt do any good, but lets say the attacker was closer - well he might have been stopped. But if everyone is passive all the time, then there is never any chance whatsoever of survival.

    Friends: "But..but..we shouldn't have to be situationally aware! We should be able to live in a world where bad things don't happen!

    Me: "Face reality guys. Chances are it wont happen to you or me, but being mentally and physically prepared - even just to a low level - is a moral imperative, as far as I'm concerned. What if you happened on a car accident on a lonely road at night? You would panic and be of no use whatsoever!"

    Friends: "And you think you would be able to help?"

    Me: "Maybe, maybe not, but there's a much better probability that I would. Simply because I mentally run the scenario from time to time. And I have a trauma kit in my car. If one of my family was hurt in a remote place, I'd hope that whoever found them had their wits about them. It just makes sense...the more people practice preparedness philosophy, the better off society will be...and we, as young, fit people, should be the ones who are prepared..

    Friends: "That's crazy, Slap, you cant go around paranoid all the time thinking something bad is going to happen..."

    Me "It becomes automatic after a while. Jeez guys, I hope neither of you are first on the scene if I ever have a bad crash..."


    Sorry, just a bit of a rant. But it applies in a microcosmic way to EDC pocket tools as well. Just the discipline of EDC is a tonic to the system. Puts one in a frame of mindfulness that benefits every day life and could be a help in a crisis, of whatever kind.
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  4. RoadWizard

    RoadWizard Loaded Pockets

    Jul 24, 2013
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    Glad there is a few of us left, and most on here.
  5. Medic1

    Medic1 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 14, 2015
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    I used to get kidded about EDC gear that didnt match in color or design like OD green pouches on an ACU pack. Functionality overrides looks.
    "Oh man...my FAK pouch doesnt match the bag. Its not tacticool so sorry you're hurt. Cant help you".