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Worlds warmest gloves?

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by killroy360, Dec 30, 2012.

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    killroy360 Loaded Pockets

    My father is a dairy farmer here in NY. During the winter months he always complains that his fingers get cold to the extent where they get numb and he has to stop what he's doing. He currently uses horse hide leather working gloves but still gets cold really fast, he also has a pair of leather mittens however he finds it difficult to operate machinery with them on.So what i wanted to know from my friends here is what is the warmest pair of working gloves that you have ever worn/seen?

    VonDutch68 Loaded Pockets

    I work outside alot and I've had good luck using a glove liner inside a good quality lined deer skin work glove. I found some at REI that even have a pocket
    for a heat pack. If you use the heat pack you need an outer glove a little bigger for proper fit. Sometimes the problem is with dexterity such as using tools. If your just driving machinery it usually isn't a problem. Hope this helps and stay warm.
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    killroy360 Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the idea. I'll have to seriously look into these!

    Valerian Tea-powered admin

    I like winter mittens myself, but agree on their limited dexterity. One solution is to wear decently warm gloves under the mittens. That way the mittens will keep your fingers warm, but when you need more dexterity, you can easily remove the mittens but still keep your other gloves on. Then put the mittens back on, when you are done.

    patrat Loaded Pockets

    If his hands stay in one position to operate equipment (such as steering wheel or control sticks) consider a mitten that mounts to the stick/wheel, that you slip your hand into. There is a brand for motorcycles with "Hippo" in the name, kayakers call them "pogies".
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    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    Ahhhh yes, Hippo Hands ;) Originally developed by Craig Vetter...

    Believe name was licensed to/acquired by a Canadian company now... http://www.hippohands.com/Hippo Hands.htm

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    Doright1011 Loaded Pockets

    Try some ice climbing gloves.
    I've some from mountain equipment & they're unreal. Think climbing a melting lump of ice must be the coldest thing possible so these gloves are pretty flamin good.
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    killroy360 Loaded Pockets

    amdmaxx Loaded Pockets

    Layer up gloves. Outdoor research or Eddie Bauer accent series

    Cobra 6 Actual Loaded Pockets

    OK, now don't laugh when you see these: http://www.vtarmynavy.com/army-arctic-mittens.htm They only cost $30 or so, are very warm, have enough room to wear another lightweight pair of gloves at the same time as Valolammas suggested (I use a pair of high wrist 5.11 gloves, sort of like pilot's gloves), are also roomy enough to put a handwarmer in each glove (such as the Zippo ones or the disposable types), have fuzzy stuff on the back so you can wipe your nose (hey, Uncle Sam cares about his troops), and have a 'dummy cord' so you can take them off and they will just hang around your neck.

    Here's the scenario: if walking around you wear the whole set-up, if you need to do fine motor skill stuff you take off these big mitts and just use your under gloves. If even more sensitivity is needed you take those off, too. I wear these when backpacking, shoveling snow, or doing other outside chores. I've had my current pair for probably twenty years.

    If it looks stupid, but it works then it's not stupid. YMMV.
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    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets

    I've had good luck with what I just learned is called either "sniper gloves" or "glomits." Basically a half-finger glove with a mitten top that flips over the back. The best of both worlds for many situations. Glove liners make them better and of course there are some things that they're awful for. I understand the leather for durability, and probably tradition, but it's really a poor insulator and not always even waterproof.

    Has he investigated whether there's perhaps some medical reason his hands get so cold? Add cumin, turmeric and cayenne to his diet.

    grayman Loaded Pockets

    I always try and get gloves that are made from Windstopper material. I think it makes all the difference in the world because they are completely impervious to wind.

    Copperhead78 Loaded Pockets

    I'm not going to say they are the warmest but I have been happy with these over a cheap pair of work provided ansell gloves.


    I work in construction (electrician) and go through about one or two pair per winter. I also have a pair of $40 gloves while I run a boom/line truck that seem to do a good job but the dexterity is not the same as the polar penquins.
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    killroy360 Loaded Pockets

    He's deathly afraid of the doctor and has refused to go for literally anything. However he blames it on his earlier years when he used to be an avid hockey player.

    Here Comes The BOOM EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I'm not sure how long he needs to use them when he does, but I've seen the newer versions of the heated gloves for motorcyclists come with battery power instead of a direct lead to the bike-battery like the older ones. Perhaps it's an idea to check out a bike-shop & look in to those? They're made so you're still able to comfortably operate motorcycle controls, so operating his machinery with them shouldn't be a problem with those. They also make heated inner-soles for boots btw.

    edit: I forgot to mention that you can get heated gloves in a liner version as well, that way he could wear them inside his fav working gloves if he wants to. The battery pack are soled separately too. I don't know a brand name from the top of my head though, sorry.
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    =RedFox= Loaded Pockets

    The electric gloves are expensive but I recently pulled the trigger and bought a pair. If he's having serious problems its well worth it.
    Sounds like he may have Raynauds, and unfortunately it gets worse.
    Does he smoke? If so, quitting will help improve his circulation problems.
    When younger I played a lot of sport and have broken most of my knuckles, boxing and wicket-keeping were the worst offenders. I now have bad circulation in my hands and it has got a lot worse in the last 2-3 years. I work outside and even with really good gloves my hands were getting painful after a few hours in the cold. To the point where I was wondering if I could continue doing this job. So, I decided :censored: the expense and sprung for some electric gloves.
    The pair I ended up getting were a thin liner to put under my thicker gloves, the other main reason I went for them was that they have a rechargeable lithium ion battery, I could see myself going through a ridiculous amount of batteries as I'd be using them every day. I got them back in November for $85, it has only recently got properly cold so I only have a couple weeks experience but so far I am very happy with them.
    They're called Thermogloves and in the USA you can get them from a company called Verseo (sorry I'm new here, haven't worked out how to do links yet) There are lots of options out there, like the above post says mostly for motorcycle riders.

    EDIT: Just looked on the website and they're now going for $150, must've got em on special or maybe it was black friday
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    Oaklington Loaded Pockets

    I have a pair of Hestra gloves, they look very similar to these, but not quite: Linky Goretex, breathable, goat leather palms and an mine has an inner glove.

    I've used these with a fair amount of dexterity (enough to drive a car or a bike) when skiing in ruffly a wind chill (temp. plus wind) of ruffly -29*c (-20.2 f) without any problems with cold hands. On the other hand (get it? ;) ) they're too warm in any warmer than -6*c (42 f) when using your hands.
    Oh, but as awesome as these are, they're expensive about 200$ on their site. :)

    marvinsson Loaded Pockets

    marvinsson Loaded Pockets

    The best I've found are a pair of Army surplus "idiot mittens" with a separate trigger finger. The outer is leather with a cloth cuff and the liner is wool. I've worn them working and skiing and they kept my fingers warm.