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Working on custom tritium beads... :)

Discussion in 'Keychain Tools' started by OplonTactical, Oct 10, 2012.

    KuKu Loaded Pockets

    Got mine today.
    It's very nice. Thank you!
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    marcalbar Loaded Pockets

    OplonTactical Loaded Pockets

    Happy you like it Steve! Really glad to see in your hands...

    MattW Loaded Pockets

    Opion, very nice work... and very slick design. Love the action shots of the machining, but that's just me.
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    xbanker Geriatric Admin

    Jon decided it prudent to temporarily remove last couple of posts from thread in which sales/selling were discussed. No one is being "scolded." But, forum policy prohibits selling/marketing outside specified areas, accidental or not. Conversation about the beads (or whatever) themselves? No problem.

    Jon is in discussions with not only OplonTactical, but at least a half-dozen other vendors/makers/suppliers (not to mention simultaneous introduction of new products to the store inventory). Often these aren't a simple yes-or-no decision on his part. Each requires terms and details negotiated by him personally. Makes for a full schedule.

    Suffice it to say, he's anxious to bring every one of these to a conclusion as quickly as he can.

    OplonTactical Loaded Pockets

    I respect the policy of EDCforums and was/is not in my mind to go against rules. Was not in my plans to start sell them here without any authorization. Just wanted be clear with those interested that the sale started already. In fact, as in rules no one direct hot link was in my post. I still look forward to see my manufactures one day available in Jon shop and in Craftsman section. If first stock will be sold out (like is happening...) I promise will produce another special edition for EDCf members only to reward their patience. I trust Jon will contact me soon, in respect of those are waiting.
    Thanks to Xbanker, and all those are following this thread. :)

    Roberto AKA OT
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    xbanker Geriatric Admin

    ^^^ @OplonTactical ... thank you for your understanding. I can tell you for a fact, Jon would like to see your beads here *and* he's actively working on resolving "loose ends" on this and other merchandise opportunities.
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    misterS EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing them in the forum store....tempted to get some now, but really want to support the forum store...so I'll be patient:)
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    OplonTactical Loaded Pockets

    I am now working on a keychain very similar to a glow fob with a 2 cm tritium vial inside. Today I should have time to finish the first prototype in Ti. Will post here pictures soon to have all your impressions/suggestions. Hope you will like... :)

    willydigger Loaded Pockets

    I'm very interested in a glow fob. I've been waiting an eternity for Steve to finish his spiral.

    I do have one suggestion. I've only had two glow fobs in my EDC career. TEC and Kryptolite. TEC has done a superb job with enclosing the fob. He uses a clear plastic tube. Krypto uses a rubber tube that is more streamline (smaller OD). The only problem with the rubber, it will collect dust and lint. The TEC plastic tube has very little sticking to it, while the Kryptolite tube collects like a magnet. Minor issue, but something to consider.

    Also great job going with a 3x22mm vial. I've seen smaller vials on fobs and judging by how poorly the output is on the 1.5x6mm on the DD, I think 3x22 is the perfect size.

    Will you be doing any other material beside Ti? I'm actually interested in Ti, but I'm curious. :D
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    OplonTactical Loaded Pockets

    Thanks Willy for your interest as always :) The first prototype in Ti was finished 10 minutes ago and for my personal taste it looks really nice. Today I will hang it to my car key. :) I start now to make a second prototype in brass to check the material resistance for these mills. No SS for this keychain, or would result in too heaviness. I am planning to make it available (hope also in the forum store... ;)) with tritium vial 3x22.5mm already installed. For the HUGE time it requires me to mill one keychain, I will produce a really limited number of pieces for now. :)
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    Six String Loaded Pockets

    Oh, great, something else I will have to buy from you! :) Can't wait to see it.
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    OplonTactical Loaded Pockets

    Thanks Six, I am sure you will appreciate my glow fob like the "synodeythes" beads... :)

    karandras Loaded Pockets

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    OplonTactical Loaded Pockets

    Soon... ;)

    willydigger Loaded Pockets

    My bead arrived today! WAHOO! Brass (because it means I'm classy) with green trits. Thank you! :D
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    stax Loaded Pockets

    I received my SS bead, as well. Great work, OT. Thanks!
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    TV09 Loaded Pockets

    The bead looks awesome...looking forward to seeing the keychain

    OplonTactical Loaded Pockets

    Really glad you like my work. Waiting to have the tritium delivered to me to show you the glow fob! I really wait Jon contact me for all those who are interested. ;)