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Why So Slow?

Discussion in 'Forum Functionality Issues' started by mlehto, Nov 26, 2012.

    mlehto Loaded Pockets

    I am on several other forums, and my home internet is working just fine with them, but this particular forum seems to take much longer to open pages, post, etc.

    On my blackberry it is almost unusable at times things take so long.

    Just curious, as I really don't understand. I know it isn't me.
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    MR24927 Loaded Pockets

    it is for me too
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    ran23 Loaded Pockets

    It is tonight, but fine this afternoon. Cyber Monday everyone.

    mlehto Loaded Pockets

    Funny now it seems to be going pretty fast.

    Just always seam to notice with this forum more than others.

    enki_ck Loaded Pockets

    Did you notice lots of double, tripple, ... posts in the last few days? It's cause of that. It happens every few weeks, runs slow for a couple of days, then gets back to normal. :shrug: Must be something with the full moon. ;)

    Y.Tribe Loaded Pockets

    Same last night but works fine now :) Hurray!
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    goosefacer EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Still kinda slow but better than yesterday!
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    zebedee Loaded Pockets

    Seems to run ok on the laptop but some days it runs slow when using tapatalk on the ipad. :(