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who makes the best quality hooded sweatshirt?

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by RFA3, Sep 17, 2009.

    RFA3 Loaded Pockets

    i'm looking for a high quality warm hooded sweatshirt.What does the military choose or loggers ect ?

    jehan60188 Loaded Pockets

    camping equipment, it's designed to work well when working well is the difference between enjoying a camping trip, and freezing to death in the backcountry

    rei is rolling out their fall line, and they've got decent looking hooded top for under $100, warm, wicking, stretchy, all that good stuff

    CubistHamster Loaded Pockets

    I'm partial to the Under Armour synthetic pullovers. I think they can be had for about $50. Be careful about the sizing though, because they don't stretch much.

    RFA3 Loaded Pockets

    yeah i think Carhartt is were to put my money. Kellsport makes a great hoodie also super warm and also arborwear.

    thr33thirty7 Empty Pockets

    i'd go with a carhartt. i have a zipup one that somehow made it into my trunk of my car and i washed it and i've been wearing it for two years now abusing it everyday since i paid nothing for it. it is my go to sweatshirt it keeps me warm and it takes everything i dish out at it!

    tsacain Loaded Pockets

    Another vote for Carhartt. Some of the knockoffs are just as good of quality too.

    gcstct Loaded Pockets

    I'd recommend this one from Columbia. Basic design, warm fleece, very well made, and only $30 to boot. I've worn mine through three cold seasons, and it's still in fine shape.

    Cervantes Loaded Pockets

    Carhartt, hands down.
    I was posted in Alaska for a few months, when we go ta chance to hit Ketchikan, the sweaters were wiped out.
    The jackets are great, repel water and keep you not toasty warm, but warm enough to keep from sweating.
    The sweaters are comfortable and just roomy enough without being baggy.

    MedusaOblongata Loaded Pockets

    Dane1957 Loaded Pockets

    Cervantes Loaded Pockets

    Never got a chance to handle a scottevest, buth the 3/4 suede looks comfortable. Just worry about the abuse suede can take. :shrug:

    ddashner Loaded Pockets

    I have a Carhartt that had a thermal lining (waffle cut - like long underwear). It was my favorite sweatshirt. Unfortunately I used it while I was painting, so now I can ONLY use it for that. :brickwall:

    Pheonix886 Loaded Pockets

    Scottevest cotton hoodie ...
    Has like 50 million pockets for storing like 5lbs of gear while still looking cool. And has integrated earbud tunnels. But it's 70 bucks.

    I just got a hoodie by Rusty ... feels great, looks nice, average hoodie. 25 bucks. Only thing is, I have to tuck the wrist part ... it's tight on my already small wrists, haha.

    Carhartt has a really nice reputation for making some good clothes for a good value. But again, their prices are well above walmart hoodies :p

    ousanas Loaded Pockets

    I just ordered the scottevest cotton hoodie (not the microfleece one, just regular cotton)... they are having a sale this week if you are subscribed to the newsletter.

    hardcider75 Loaded Pockets

    When I was a teenager every Fall when school started I would buy myself a new Russell Athletic hooded sweatshirt. One size bigger than I would wear so when I washed it it would fit just right. I loved those hoodie's, then I got married, got fat, and couldn't afford to pay for the plus size hoodie.

    GMArthur Loaded Pockets

    Carhartt hoodies and sweat jackets are top notch. :roof:

    Tango 191 Loaded Pockets

    Buzzbait Loaded Pockets

    Go for Carhartt. Awesome stuff.

    I bought a Scottevest hoodie a few years ago. Cheap piece of junk. You could get better quality at Walmart. Mine fell apart within 2 months of ownership.

    Jeff9266 Loaded Pockets

    I have one of the Scottevest microfleece hooded sweatshirts. Can't comment on how durable it is - I wore it this spring for a couple of weeks, but haven't had it that long. As for pockets, besides the hand pockets on the outside, there's a small pocket on the outer left sleeve, a zip pocket on the inside (left side) and a zip pocket on the right side that's useful; if you were expecting a large number of real usable pockets, be sure to check the site to see for yourself (for example, I think the pen slot is counted as one of the pockets). Also, it has a system where you can loop the wires from your mp3 player headphones through the jacket - while that's an interesting feature, I have absolutely no use for it but that cost is built into the price.

    I would not pay $70 for it again - it's nice to have a few extra pockets, but not at that price.