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Whistle comparison?

Discussion in 'Other Every Day Carry Items' started by Flight-ER-Doc, Jul 19, 2009.

    Flight-ER-Doc Loaded Pockets

    Has anyone compared the ITW whistle sold by countycomm with (say) a Fox-40 (also, oddly enough, sold by countycomm)?

    My search-fu is weak today, I couldn't find any comparisons.

    The price is nice, the size seems a bit large on the ITW. The Fox-40s are a known quantity, however.


    Bowman1911 EDC Mechanic

    ITW makes a cool whistle, I've got one of every model they sell, but output is weak compared to any fox40!

    Flight-ER-Doc Loaded Pockets

    Thanks, thats EXACTLY what I needed to know.

    Bowman1911 EDC Mechanic

    No problem! Any time! by the way, you can get 2 fox40 micros @ dicks sprting goods for around $9 if you've got one near you! :highfive:

    chmsam Loaded Pockets

    If you want loud, get a Fox 40.

    If you want LOUD, get a Fox 40 Sonik (125dB).

    PBJS II Loaded Pockets

    Let us suppose that I either must get my EDC Key Blob items at local BM stores or send MO for same.

    I have access to Gander Mtn, Academy, REI, WM, Target etc.

    I also have fairly limited realty on my key blob.


    I would like to add a whistle for sure, as I can't get loud at all.
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Caveman Loaded Pockets

    Gander Mtn. in the boat section.
    Orange acme whistles are as small/loud as I have found local.
    Come in a two pack.

    muskrat72 Loaded Pockets

    I have a Fox40 that I bought for work. This thing is loud and ear piercing. Everybody can hear in the block and noone can deny hearing it. :evilgrin:

    Furface Loaded Pockets

    I bought 2 Fox 40's at Wal Mart last week for $3 each. Found them in the basketball section.

    PBJS II Loaded Pockets

    Thanks Caveman! Gander it is....

    Uh, are these tube type or other?
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Caveman Loaded Pockets

    This site has them.
    The top one.

    Ranger Rick uses these.

    PBJS II Loaded Pockets

    That's cool!

    THANKS again!

    It MUST be said I'm also gonna try and find a decent tubular steel or aluminum (or Ti) whistle as I think it would hang from my Key Blob better.