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Which One: Personal Conversation or Profile Post?

Discussion in 'FAQs + How To' started by xbanker, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. xbanker
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    Apr 5, 2006
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    This was imported from locknload223's B/S/T thread since it's more appropriate for this sub-forum, and more importantly, so others might benefit if they're having the same questions/issues.

    First, the PM vs profile message question (more correctly, PC/private conversation on our new system). If you click on someone's avatar, a gray box will pop-up. Their "member card." In the middle is "Start a conversation." Click that, and you now have a screen, ready to start a "personal conversation" (PC) with them ... the new and improved version of PMs under our old system.

    If, on the same member card, you click "Profile Page," you'll be taken to their Profile Page, where you'll see four tabs at page-middle, the first of which (left-side) is "Profile Posts." Click in the box where it says "Write something," and type away. Click the "Post" button at bottom-right after you're done typing your message, and now it's posted on their profile page (note anyone can see your message when they visit that member's Profile Page). If you're familiar with Facebook, it's much like posting something on a person's publicly viewable Facebook "wall." Note: the member won't know you've posted on their Profile Page unless they have their settings such that they'll be alerted *or* they happen to visit their Profile Page. Not especially reliable for time-sensitive communications since could languish for some time without being seen.

    For most purposes, sending a PC is the best way to instantly communicate with another member. FYI, the way that I typically initiate a PC to another member, since I usually don't have their avatar in front of me to click on to get at "Start a conversation" ... from any page-top, hover mouse pointer over "INBOX" at top-right on navigation bar. The "Conversations" box will fly out. Click on "Start a New Conversation" at box-bottom, and there's a new PC screen.

    Tell me a little more about your no-emails-received-for-posts problem. What kind of device are you using to access the forum? Laptop? Desktop? Mobile device? If the latter, what kind, what software/operating system?



    Hmmm. You said you weren't receiving email notification of posts (replies in your B/S/T thread), yet you "have the box checked."

    Suggest you review your settings and the "boxes you have checked" to confirm they're where you want them and as they should be for proper notification. Access your settings by hovering mouse over your member name in navigation bar (image below). Then check settings under both "Preferences" and "Alert Preferences" (images below).

    ALSO there have been some isolated issues — dependent on several user variables — where certain forum generated emails aren't received. In some cases, they were being diverted to the member's email spam folder, so suggest you check your spam folder for EDCF emails. If that's the issue, flag the emails as "not spam" — that should "whitelist" EDCF and eliminate future classification as spam.

    If that doesn't solve the problem, and you're confident your Alert and Preference settings are as they should be, it's possible that your ISP (internet service provider) is blocking emails from ECDF IP at a higher level because they've mistakenly classified as generator of spam. The only one I'm specifically aware of is Verizon (but there could be others). Jon just learned of that two days or so ago, and is working to have rectified with Verizon.

    For the benefit of others, please post your outcome here. If this doesn't resolve, we'll take another look. Good luck!

    Top Navigation Bar.jpg

    Check settings under "Preferences" and "Alert Preferences":


    You want both of these boxes checked on Preferences page (and on Alert Preferences page, it works for me to have all boxes checked).

    Browsing Preferences.jpg
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  2. locknload223

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    Mar 14, 2010
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    All the EDC email was going to my Spam box so I marked one not spam and added the EDC email addy to my contacts for good measure. Thanks again Dan.