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What's your day to day and family?

Discussion in 'The Breakroom' started by Koala3, Oct 27, 2012.

    trickcarey EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Pretty neat thread!
    I'm 26 years old, been married for 4.5 years to a wonderful woman with the most patience in the world; she teaches 3rd graders! They're a handful.
    I currently am on staff at a church, but will be planting (starting) a new church in about 1.5 years, probably in NC.
    I'm from the Norfolk VA area, big military area, which probably explains my love for all this EDC stuff. Got my undergrad in a small school in Ohio, then went to seminary in North Carolina, graduated in 2011 with a Masters of Divinity and have been on staff for a year.
    I love helping the people in my church and having the opportunity to teach God's Word. I also love dark beer, good cigars and funny movies. I may be a pastor, but I promise I'm normal!
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    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    My father in law wrote a book translating a 16th century travelogue of the Hebrides. It was originally written in one of the Gaelic languages he speaks. He's a medieval language scholar which explains why my husband is such a nerd.

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    Koala3 Loaded Pockets

    Wow, this thread has taken off even more than I thought. It's hard for me to conjure up a response to many of these in my drunken state. You guys have some amazing lives, and some of you get mine and my wife's utmost sympathy for losses.
    Jim, I'm going to need one of those salmon burgers.
    Billybag, I can't claim to know what your loss feels like, but I can only imagine. I'm sorry.
    Catherine, so many interesting bits, I would be happy to listen to them all day, but reading will have to suffice.
    All the stuff that I could speak of seems so small in comparison to some of these posts.
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    Warfusion Loaded Pockets

    This was a good idea koala. We all talk everyday most it's nice to see how everyone is offline.

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    billybag Loaded Pockets

    Everything counts in large amounts.
    I find even things we think might not shape us do.
    It's kind of like the movie It's A Wonfderful Life.
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    JPHing Loaded Pockets

    Dude, you're almost a clone of my pastor.:D
    Also young (only a few years older than you) and also started a work in the CBD area, but still under the main church though.

    I help out on Thursdays there with sound.
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    seabeecmc Loaded Pockets

    This is a pretty neat thread!
    I'm 38 and a few months out from retiring from the Navy Seabees. I grew up in a small town in the Dakotas, both parents were teachers and coaches. Joined the Navy right out of high school and got to see the world! Never thought that I wanted to make it a career, but life happens, it will be 21 years, 1 month, and 1 week to the day of my first enlistment. I got married during my first tour and we had a daughter and got divorced during my second tour. I know now that being deployed is not conducive to a marriage. For the next hand full of years, I bounced around relationships but finally met my one in 05, we have been together ever since. She has a early teen son and I have a mid teen daughter. Wife is a numbers cruncher at a pharmacutical company and I have been a Seabee Mechanic since the 1992. Not sure what I will do as I transition from Military to Civilian life, but I am looking forward to coming home and being able to sleep next to the one that I love in my own bed in my own house every night! We own a home in Ventura County, CA and have 2 rambunctious adolescent boxers. I definately have an appreciation for life and freedom and I am fortunate to have made some of the best friends and adopted families that you could ever ask for!
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    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    My favorite uncle was a Seabee in Ww2. He was a guest of the Japanese for a time. His post Navy career was with Con Edison.

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    able_man Loaded Pockets

    I'm probably pretty boring compared to some of you. :)
    I'm 34, I have a wife, 30, who I actually dated years ago, we broke up and spent a good chunk of time out of each others lives and then reconnected and ended up married. I'm an artist (currently collecting a paycheck from a national grocery chain that happens to employ artists in their stores ;)) and she's a historian focusing on the American South, finalizing her PhD. We're thinking about having a little one pretty soon, but are currently doing the bidding of our two cats. I have aspirations to publish a graphic novel and plans to be a stay at home dad when we're at that point.
    We're both looking forward to where life takes us next, knowing that our current situation is a temporary gig.

    sungame Loaded Pockets

    You know...there is this curse...may you live in interesting times...

    Also, boredom lies in the eyes of the beholder.

    Now, go work on that graphic novel!
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    mud80 Loaded Pockets

    Guess I'll give this a shot too. Age 32, grew up bouncing around the U.S. as an oil brat, brief stints in Puerto Rico and Scotland. University in New Mexico to become a fisheries and wildlife biologist. Worked fisheries lab and field work for USGS, later Forest Service. Bounced around the western U.S. doing that for several years, met the Duchess (wife), followed her to Oregon until she finished college. Back to Wyoming, fish work wasn't paying well, started in the oil & gas field. Cut to several years later, working as a 'Mud Man' on oil rigs in CA. Best part time job in the world, good money, high stress for two weeks on, vacation for two weeks off. Now fixing to move to CA for further career development, purchasing first home, about to celebrate 3rd anniversary to best woman in the world.
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    tomsk Loaded Pockets

    I'm 26 a mechanical engineer for a local port that spans two sides of the river Avon royal portbury dock and avonmouth dock fix a very wide range of things get very dirty get to climb very high ( cranes ) and I'm on and off ships all day. When I'm not working strange shifts I'm at home with my 2 and a half year old daughter, wife and staffordshire bull terrier.
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    Ktowngunner Loaded Pockets

    I'm 30, married 4 years to someone I don't deserve. I have a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and have a background in law enforcement and other government work. After meeting my wife I put that life behind me and am now a project coordinator at an alarm company. My wife is a part time labor and delivery nurse who works the 7p to 7a shift. We have a 2 and a half year old daughter, a 4 month old son, and a dog who doesn't understand she's a dog. We live in East TN literally 5 miles from her parents and from my mom (they live a mile apart but depending on how you go the trip is 5 miles to either). My father died a few years ago from cancer. My brother and sister in law live a quarter mile from our house, and another sister in law lives 2 miles from my house. It's very convenient to have that many babysitters that close to you! We are a really close family all the way around and really enjoy spending time together.
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    EmberMike Loaded Pockets

    I'm 33, married, with a 2-year-old son. My wife is a middle school teacher. I'm an illustrator and designer, and I work exclusively in the stock image market. I make stuff that other people license for use in their own work/projects. It sounds strange but it's a great way to make a living. I work from home, don't work for anyone, and don't have to work all the time. It is considered "passive income", meaning that even when I'm not working, my previous work is still earning for me, 24/7/365. Took a long time to break into the business and get to a point where I could pay the bills doing this, but it was worth the struggle. I get to spend tons of time with my son, which is the best perk of the job.

    sungame Loaded Pockets

    That sounds great!

    I'm impressed and glad on your behalf that you can actually make the wheels go round by exclusively working for the stock image market. I know a couple of illustrators who work for publishers, magazines, newspapers and whatnot, and it seems to me that they're always working their lower backs off for less than I make as a freelance journalist. If you have found a better way to do what you're good at, get paid and still spend time with your family, I really believe it was worth the struggle.
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    SeattleSparky Loaded Pockets

    After graduating high school I did a 6 year stint in the Navy doing Electronic Warfare, then worked for 7.5 years at a firm specializing in Geotechnical and Hydrogeological engineeering and cleanup. For the past 12 years I have been working as a union electrician, married for 15 years, turning 45 in February. Have 3 lovely children, a dog, and a cat. We like to travel (travel trailer for family trips). For the last three years I have been in a job that is removed from working in the field, mainly dealing with contract negotiations, and politics.My boss hates politics, so I get to deal with all of the "electeds", i do find it interesting though, so it feels less like work!!:)
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