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What's your Car's EDC ?

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by jrbrangi, Sep 22, 2010.

    jrbrangi Loaded Pockets

    Picked up a mountain smith modular hauler system a while back and am finally getting ready to load it up for the trunk. Three compartments, and I have decided to dedicate each cube to a separate need.
    • <Clothing and Blanket> <Tools and Lights> <First Aid>
    This is to be separate from my normal in car stuff, more of a breakdown in the middle of nowhere bag. Just curious of what people always are driving around with.


    Atomick Loaded Pockets

    Just wrapped putting mine together! (I have that same modular hauler, and I use it for grip and lighting gear for photo/video shoots!) Living in 'quake and fire country while commuting 25 miles away for work (over the Golden Gate Bridge), I wanted to be pretty self-sufficient in case it took me a day or two to get back home.

    I've got a doctor's-bag-style tool bag ($40 from OSH) that contains 2L of water (1L fresh in a non-Bishpenol gallon container refreshed biweekly, 1L in UHT box), 2 glowsticks, an AA maglite with spare batteries (soon to be replaced by a Maratac AA LED light), fire extinguisher, knee pads, 25' paracord, 12' ultralight thin Spectra cord, 8" pry bar, 8" folding saw, a 2400-calorie pack of Datrex ration bars, some mini-Snickers (refreshed each Halloween!), N95 mask, reflective vest, cigarette-lighter-powered mini floodlight, jumper cables, 8" bolt cutters, emergency "space" blanket, duct tape, electrical tape, firemaking kit (magnesium firestarter, NATO stormproof matches, regular matches, tinderquick), and two road flares. No multi-tools or pens, as they're in my EDC bag (Sitka) during the workweek or in my pocket on the weekends. I carry tire chains separately, since I'm in NorCal and only need them a few months of the year when I hit the mountains. (In retrospect, the XL CountyComm BOB would have been a better bag/case, but I'm doing serious CountyComm damage and need to stop for a while!)

    I also have a custom Timbuk2 medium messenger bag (a free gift) that contains two full changes of underwear, socks, and t-shirts; Propper BDU pants; baseball cap; umbrella; Marmot DriClime windshirt; poncho; spare trailrunners; a mini FAK in a hard case for sunglasses; spare sunglasses; and a few larger FAK items like trauma pads, ace bandages, wrap, nitrile gloves, EMT shears, and biohazard bags in the inner zippered pouch.

    I also have one of those Res-Q-Me combo seatbelt cutters/glassbreakers in the dashboard hatch (I drive a Subaru).

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    sitka is my everywere EDC

    KMAC179 Loaded Pockets

    love that system...need that system.

    Marine nload Empty Pockets

    Have backapcks in both my vehicle and my wife's with water food and two way radios with an approx. 35 mile range. Had to obtain a license for the radios but in the event of an emnrgency this distance advantage might be a lifesaver.

    WESBC Loaded Pockets

    This shows most of it:

    This a more recent shot of whats in the drawers

    ... and I have yet to still document all the doo dads in there. There's a lot more stuffed in nooks and crannies and also a GHB that sits in the middle rear seat.
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    vegassprky Loaded Circuits

    :laugh:So Flight-ER-Doc with all that where do you fit in LOL!!! Thats a lot of stuff!!!!!

    Flight-ER-Doc Loaded Pockets

    F350 Powerstroke Supercab longbed, with a removable (more or less) cap.
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    Synaptic Misfire Loaded Pockets

    firefly.serenity Loaded Pockets

    WESBC, that is SICK. I am in awe of your car system...something tells me I need to get started on mine, and quick! Awesome. Just awesome.

    Trickster Loaded Pockets

    OMG... I just just skimmed that list, but it looked like there is hardly any space left in your car. You know to sit down or something. :)

    Ever crossed a border with that loadout? I'm having childhood flashbacks to GDR border guards. Those guys had a tendency to take your car apart while looking for "capitalist contraband".

    jwhite75 Loaded Pockets

    OK so you seriously need to do a thread on this, and document what you have in there...even if it is just a general ist. and list some of the major components. Where do you get the drawer system?

    StealthChaser13 Loaded Pockets


    but isn't that illegal?

    WESBC Loaded Pockets

    Thanks! It was something that I wanted to do since I got my truck and kept pushing the project back. I finally got all the parts to jump start the project. That was about two years ago and is still my favorite/most used mod to date.

    I know, I know. I've gone through it once before, but that was a while back and changed a lot since. I'll see if I can document everything this weekend and post up a thread.

    It's actually just an plain ol' air tank hooked up to a compressor, I slapped on the sticker for kicks.

    Flight-ER-Doc Loaded Pockets

    Just to the democratic peoples republic of artctic Canukistan....as long as I leave the guns home, no problem

    StealthChaser13 Loaded Pockets

    eh...it still looks sweet!!!

    Straya Loaded Pockets

    Wow some guys have an amazing setup. I've just got a big first aid kit, spotlight, jumper leads, maglite, some cord, raincoats and a boker coptool. Oh and some duct tape. Might have to start adding.

    grimbo Empty Pockets

    Hi guys this is my current car kit, part work related as I respond for the ambulance service in my local community

    Personal Safety

    Work Hi viz waistcoat
    Work Hi viz jacket and hi viz trousers
    Safety boots
    Helmet, visor, ear defenders and torch, safety glasses
    Extrication gloves, riggers gloves and nitrile gloves
    FFP3 masks and aprons

    Tool Kit

    Crow bar, bolt croppers, club hammer
    Large flat bladed 8” screwdriver
    12” Adjustable wrench
    Bow saw
    Gerber entrenching tool
    Assorted fuses, bulbs and spare windscreen wiper blades
    WD40, de icer and screen wash
    Duct tape, insulation tape and assorted cable ties
    550 Para cord
    Jump leads
    Tow rope
    Warning triangles and flagging tape
    Windscreen scrapers
    Life hammer
    Maglite rechargeable plus charging station and traffic wand
    2ltr foam extinguisher
    2ltr dry powder extinguisher

    Medical Equipment (work related)

    Cardiac Science G3 defibrillator
    Load and Go medical rucksack with supplies and Pax bag with observation equipment

    Emergency crash out gear

    Mountain equipment sleepwalker sleeping bag
    Tarp, emergency poncho and spare gore tex jacket
    Blankets and Medi wrap blankets
    Survival bags and rubbish bags
    Spare drinking water, emergency rations and most importantly a brew kit!!
    Jetboil stove plus cylinders
    Basic wash kit

    This is more or less my day to day carry, however if I go places with poor security, I will remove some items. Furthermore during winter or adverse weather I tend to add snow socks and a personal BOB to allow me to get home. Fortunately in the UK the most serious problem we are likely to encounter is the uneducated or unprepared that are simply unable to deal with the simple day to day problems; we don’t tend to have too many natural or manmade disasters (although prepping is always good).