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what's the best edc fixed blade?

Discussion in 'Knives' started by kershawleeker, Jun 23, 2011.

    kershawleeker Loaded Pockets

    i need help! so if you have a suggestion plz tell me model # and avg. price

    TKC Loaded Pockets

    Best EDC fixed? For what use? How do you want to carry it? Neck knife? Pocket fixed blade? Belt sheath? What are the intended uses?And what may be the best fixed blade for me, it may not be the best fixed blade for you.

    badgerv Empty Pockets

    I just started to edc the ESEE Izula. Great little fixed blade for either pocket, IWB, or OWB carry. specs from eseeknives.com:

    O.A Length: 6.25"
    Blade Length (end of handle to tip): 2.88"
    Cutting Edge Length: 2 5/8"
    O.A. Blade Length: 2 3/4"
    Maximum Thickness: .156"
    Weight: 2 Ounces (Knife Only)
    1095 Steel - 57 Rc.
    Blade Width: 1.0"
    Grind: Flat
    Handles: None (Optional Scales Available)
    Sheathing: Injection Molded, Black
    Pommel: Hole To Accommodate Carabiner
    Spine: Thumb Grippers
    Finish: Textured Powder Coat
    Colors: Black, OD Green, Desert Tan, Tactical Pink
    Serial Number On Tang

    I paid around $60 from bladehq and I generally carry IWB with a paracord tether.
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    95yjinpa Loaded Pockets

    I really like my Mora. Cheap and tough!
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    Gnarly Loaded Pockets

    legoman0721: you beat me to it!

    Stutoffee Loaded Pockets

    IF I could (legally) EDC a fixed blade, itd be my CRKT AG Russell Sting bootknife (heavily "pimped" by me, I might add).

    IF I was trotting around the woods, Id be torn between either my Marine Corps. Kabar or my Becker BK7

    RedGladius Loaded Pockets

    +1 for the Esee Izula. I don't have one personally, but I have 2 cousins who both have one and they love it. I've played with them a bit and I love it. Also, if you want something a bit larger, maybe go for a Ka-bar Becker BK2 or Ontario 3 or 5. Maybe an Esee 4!

    RedGladius Loaded Pockets

    Also, for a good, small, basic EDC Fixed blade, check out the Cold Steel Super Edge!
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    Mumbojumboo EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I'd have to say Ag Russel woodswalker ( cheap ) for town , swamp warden, or the rodent solution.

    yo mama Loaded Pockets

    Kabar TDI, excellent sheath, great blade. So small you forget it's there.

    Red Horn Loaded Pockets

    :thinking: This can go so many different directions. Personally I am hooked on the steels and convex edges the Bark River offerings have. Two of their newest (which I don't have :sigh:) are almost perfect EDC choices IMO. Look at the Essential and City Knife. Several other models would also suffice. Keep blade lengths under 3" even if longer is legal in your local. Big hassle when sheep.le take offense to you using a tool and possible create problems. Last advice is go for the pretty handles. The more it looks like a piece of art the more accepted it is. Rather have a brightly colored wicked knife than a black (tactical look) simple one.
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    tower Loaded Pockets

    ESEE is great if you don't care about stainless or rust. I would look at the Fallkniven line. They have many sizes & applications in stunning stainless and are extraordinarily durable and well priced for their value.

    southpier Loaded Pockets

    off topic but i am desperate!

    anyone know of a reliable kydex sheath maker? i have a Bark River North Star Mini and want a replacement for the leather factory sheath.


    Tasmaniac Loaded Pockets

    I'm pretty partial to my Bark River Bumblebee.


    Yablanowitz Loaded Pockets

    I've been carrying one or another of the Spyderco Mule Team knives in the ruler pocket of my carpenter jeans for the last few years. Currently it's the M390 model.

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    x3 Izula

    legoman0721 Loaded Pockets

    How well do you like the new Mule? I should buy one, but I feel like I'll justify it by thinking about the secondary market prices and end up loving it too much to sell.

    Also, those Barkies are looking pretty nice as well. Very beautiful knives!
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    neutrontech Loaded Pockets

    I don't care for "decorative" handles. I like simple, single color handles. Primarily black, but other earth tones are nice as well. Just me, but I wouldn't carry a knife that I didn't like just to appease others.

    Yablanowitz Loaded Pockets

    So far it has been standing up quite well, but I haven't run into any total edge-killer tasks lately (that happens to me more often than you might think). It takes a very nice edge with less effort than S90V, and it has held it well whittling hardwood.