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What would BATMAN EDC?

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by madkins007, May 7, 2016.

  1. madkins007

    madkins007 Loaded Pockets

    Oct 26, 2008
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    I'm writing a 'just for fun' manual for people who would work for a theoretical 'Team Batman' support crew- people who monitor his communications to provide support, who make and repair his stuff, who provide body doubles to do patrols to make it look like Batman is everywhere.

    One of my plot points is that most of what we see about Batman is showmanship- that his real work costume is that of a utility worker, and the most often used Batmobile is a utility van with a listening post/mobile office inside. After all, his main tools are stealth and recon, right?

    So... what does Batman carry, either on his famed 'Utility Belt' with the costume, or in a more common tool belt as a utility worker disguise?

    The rules for the list include:
    1. Semi-realistic. Some sort of miracle cord is out, a cord with synthetic spider silk may work but needs realistic tensile strength, etc.
    2. He cannot carry everything. No 'bat shark repellent' in the EDC- if he is going on a sea mission, he would outfit himself for that. The total of his gear should fit in the equivalent of a small bag.
    3. He has supply caches and emergency stuff cached all over town and in the Batmobile, so he does not need things like first aid supplies or a pocket-sized microscope. He WOULD need ways to collect evidence that he can then analyse later.
    4. While cost is not a factor to a rich man, Batman is also practical. Spend money where it is important, save it where it can be saved. Custom batarangs are silly for a lot of reasons, but mostly because a cheap throwing knife would work better 99% of the time- unless he is trying to make a statement.
    5. Weapons are OK. While the 'public face' of Batman is to avoid deadly force, the real comic Batman (especially in the pre-TV show period) and my Batman use deadly force when appropriate, even guns.
    6. Besides the 'working tools' for his job, I would imagine he would also need some 'holy crap things just got real bad real quick' supplies, like some sort of painkiller he can use to keep working when badly injured, etc.
    7. Think real ninja. A lot of Batman's mystique is theatrics- tools and skills that let him seem invisible, that shock and awe, that misdirect, etc. Likewise, I would imagine he would need things like tripwires, snares, bugs, etc.
    So... what would a fairly realistic Bat Utility Belt hold do you think? (Bonus points for brand names and purchasing links for us fanboyz!)
    I'll start it off with something fairly obvious- a compact lockpick set like https://www.lockpickshop.com/HOUDINI-PICK-SET.html
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  2. Daywalker
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Daywalker EDC Junkie!!!

    Apr 11, 2006
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    Aloha madkins007

    Like your train of thought and subject matter. HUGE BatFan here...I actually have been "Batman" at my job for 15 years LOL!

    Will be watching this one for sure. Nice to meet a fellow fan of the Bat.
    Be safe!
  3. nbehrman

    nbehrman Loaded Pockets

    Nov 21, 2013
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    County Comm mini grappling hook. Any microtech otf. Maglite full size. One if my custom Ti toothpicks

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  4. Water-Rat

    Water-Rat Loaded Pockets

    Feb 11, 2013
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    One thing that kind of struck me as off in the OP's proposal is this:

    Even Batman gets hurt. Sure, he doesn't need Band-aids, but how about Israeli bandages, wound stop or similar blood clotting materials, tourniquets, etc.? Some sort of pain relieving medicine would be good as well to help him keep fighting through the pain. Although ideally his suit would be equipped with med sensors and auto injectors for adrenaline and pain relievers.

    As far as basic edc stuff, he would want some sort of heavy locking folder or fixed blade. For a folder, I think a ZT or Strider would be about Batman's speed. Just something that could be depended upon to quickly cut his way out of entanglements and serve as a back up weapon. For a fixed, maybe one of Spyderco's large serrated fixed blades like the Jumpmaster. Not so good as a weapon but great for getting out of restraints, tangled cords, etc.

    He'd need a powerful flashlight, something in the neighborhood of 1,000 lumens or more that could leave an opponent blind to his next attack. Sure, he mostly works in the dark, but being able to suddenly take away an enemy's sight is a great advantage.

    He'd want a multi-tool, probably something like an OHT or switch plier that could be used quickly.

    I forget the brand, but I saw somewhere on the internet a foldup ballistic shield that could be worn as a shoulder bag and then quickly deployed and held in front of your body.

    For weapons, maybe some sort of folding baton, maybe even two. A nice way to conceal a hard hitting melee weapon. Also, pepper spray or maybe a taser or stun gun of some sort.

    Maybe tactical doorstops or such to keep doors shut behind him to eliminate risk of people intruding on his business.

    A good solid tactical pen... something he can even carry in his everyday rich dude guise, but still have a last ditch weapon.

    A glass breaker of some sort, whether part of another item or a stand alone.

    A mini pry bar, or even a larger one that would strap to his leg or back. Again, backup weapon, but also a way of entering buildings/vehicles.

    Duct Tape - Black of course. So many uses.
  5. Moco

    Moco Loaded Pockets

    Apr 15, 2014
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    Benchmade HK tanto. it looks very batman-esque
  6. Warrior's Meadow

    Warrior's Meadow Loaded Pockets

    Apr 6, 2016
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    I think he would definitely carry a SKINTH or two to help keep things organized. I also think he needs a Becker BK3 tac-tool with custom kydex and a BK24 piggybacked to it.

    Lots of paracord. I bet he would go through tons of the stuff.
  7. MinistryOfTruth
    • In Omnia Paratus

    MinistryOfTruth Uber Prepared

    Dec 23, 2013
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    A few cents on this exciting project!!

    If we're talking batman stealth mode i think his kit would contain mid-range utilities, so that if he were to drop his knife it'd be hard to trace. A common (assisted?) or flipper, nothing that would raise any eyebrows if it were found somewhere it doesn't belong or if he needed to use it for something while in the company of people who aren't "in" on his disguise. Spydies, kershaw, no blacked out blades or aggressive shapes.

    Also i think a recon-mode Batman would use an electric pick-gun (battery operated) since it saves time and sleeve mounted gear-retractors for his lockpick kit. If someone catches him fidgeting at a door just releasing his grip would hide the stuff and he could be all like "oh, hey, the supervisor told me he'd leave this open, im here to fix the X, never mind, i'll call him again."

    Latex fingertip slips, ultra thin. No fingerprints, no loss of fine motor skills.

    Nondescript backpack or messenger, cheap and durable. Lightweight and cheap sneakers for running and climbing.

    Something easy to jam surveillance cameras without destroying them, idk if it works but a battery operated uv-led gizmo or a rigged laser pointer to put on or direct into the lens.

    Basically the Gray Man exterior, armed to his teeth but with nondescript stuff. His skills are physical and psychological and so well honed that even cheap tools don't matter since his wallet is bottomless so if he stashed 5 backups of everything at his caches he can loose and break anything without thinking twice about it. All bought by proxy, in cash of course.

    Everything except him and his secret are replaceable, no traces. If he was to stake out or break in somewhere it'd look like a random PI or theif did it.
  8. madkins007

    madkins007 Loaded Pockets

    Oct 26, 2008
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    Great! Some of my thoughts so far...

    - The 'not needing first aid supplies' is based on the idea that he works close to the Batmobile. He's not going far from his support base, and if he is in the middle of action and gets hurt, he has other priorities. Kind of like cops, utility workers, etc. I'm not against him carrying some stuff, but we are strictly limited by volume to the utility belt and possibly some flat pockets in the outfit.
    - I'm still processing the flashlight. WWBC? What Would Batman Carry? A big maglite or similar would give him the lumens and tactical capabilities he would want, but I'm not sure something that big and heavy is worth the space penalty. If I'm going for 'stun', I'd probably use small flash-bangs. I think Bats would be more likely to use a headlamp and a pocketable hand-held for most situations. Maybe a hand-held light unit and a battery pack on his belt?
    - I like a lot of Ministry's ideas- I can see Bats buying most of his supplies cash at the local sporting goods store for the anonymity. Besides, he probably goes through a lot of stuff. I agree with lots of the ideas he listed.
    - 'Spy gear' would be a big part of his pack. Lock picks, glass cutter, listening devices/bugs... Increasingly he would probably be able to get into computers or phones stealthily.
    - Is paracord the right cord for his needs? It seems bulky for the strength, but it IS perhaps the best overall choice. There are a lot of ways he could carry a pretty decent length but I REALLY like the idea of some sort of 'spider silk' stuff he can carry a couple hundred feet of in a small pouch. Too sci-fi??
    - Tool kit... multi-tool with bit holder, bit selection, pry bar about 6" long, decent metal-cutting saw.
    - One thought I had was some kind of det cord or plastic explosive. I can see him using small wads or 'roped' to blow or burn out barriers, cut bars, etc. However, I don't know squat about this stuff. Is this even semi-practical?

    Cool ideas guys! Any more?
  9. Moshe ben David

    Moshe ben David Loaded Pockets

    Jun 30, 2015
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    I don't have any specific suggestions. But I'm thinking it would be interesting to obtain an inventory of what a 'typical' (assuming such a thing ever existed) edc for a ninja would have been in their heyday and then building an inventory of contemporary analogs...

    Moshe ben David
  10. JustinJ
    • GITD Manix 2XL Owner

    JustinJ Loaded Pockets

    Jan 1, 2013
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    I always figured most of Batman's superheroing gear is custom built stuff head and shoulders above anything available off the shelf. I can easily see him using commercially available products for those times he wants something less conspicuous (he's driving the lamborghini instead of the tank). I am picturing Chrisitan Bale as Bruce Wayne, which is pretty hard to differentiate from Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in american psycho.

    knives: Tony Marfione Dragonslayer OTF, Rockstead Shun/Higo/etc, some Buck 073 throwing knives, a Ramon Chaves fixed blade under the driver's seat.

    guns: he has a full set of whatever the Gotham PD and SWAT use courtesy of Comissioner Gordon, so he can have the right gear to enter in disguise when Batman needs to be someplace the police already are. plus a couple crates of whatever he's confiscated for destroying/planting.

    Disguise: none. he's Bruce Wayne, he goes where he wants. "I wasn't snooping, I was inspecing the merchandise. I'm buying this building."
  11. ArkansasFan30

    ArkansasFan30 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 7, 2012
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    He trained in the League of Shadows. He doesn't need to EDC anything. His mind is like steel.

    Adam West had a bunch of random EDC stuff like bat shark repellant. He was a detective and so evidence collection was more his bag.

    Since Christian Bale and now Ben Affleck most of their works seems to be either on a computer or kicking :censored:. He inherently has the :censored: kicking down, and we should presume that his deputies would be able to demonstrate prowess in this area as well.

    He will need a smartphone that looks like something off the shelf but is capable of intrusion on any database without detection. It would need to some how harness as much signal strength as possible. I really don't know squat about networking and security, but his being able to hack without being hacked and sabotage other systems seems paramount.

    He'll need some type of miniature tracking device that he could plant on something and track with either the above phone or whatever other batputer he happens to have.

    Some kind of ear phones capable of detecting sounds and speech that the ear can't, some kind of optics (or better yet clear glasses) that allow him to see night/infared.

    Clearly the guy could be a cat burglar so a tool to pick locks and crack safes (combination locks) isn't probably all that necessary for the Dark Knight, however, his smartphone above could include digital tools to get through electronic locking systems (biometrics, keypads, thumprints, et al).

    I'm not an EOD guy either so I don't know diddly about exposives, but some small explosive devices are always handy for Batman.

    A TASER-like device.

    And since this Batman likes weapons I'm not sure what he'd want. Perhaps something in 5.7x28mm?