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What kind of briefcase do you carry?

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by Buzzard, Jan 26, 2009.

    bobmysterious Loaded Pockets

    Saddleback for life.

    CF Loaded Pockets

    +1 on the tool bag. I have the 16" version.


    morrowsmowers Empty Pockets

    A few pages back I posted that I used this one: http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/d...7644-C64116-L2 -- however, I have just returned that one and am in the process of ordering this one made by Red Oxx: [IMG]

    This will give me a briefcase/laptop case that will fit inside the Airboss when I can afford it for traveling. I am also waiting for delivery of a matching carry-on/EDC bag they call the Gator.

    CF Loaded Pockets

    daytime dave Loaded Pockets

    I have an all leather salesman case. It has three compartments inside. It is 27 years old and still going strong. The leather is thick. I really haven't had anything but leather last.

    frankinaug Loaded Pockets

    Saddleback leather here.
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    wrigh003 Empty Pockets

    I have a couple of Brenthaven cases. The Xray friendly one is nice for traveling, makes airport security just a little easier if the TSA dudes will play along. Sometimes they make you take it out anyway.

    I do have serious lust for those saddleback leather cases, though.

    samuraishot Loaded Pockets

    Been using a Tumi 26141 expandable briefcase for a couple years now. For a nylon bag its held up pretty well.

    KG2V Loaded Pockets

    The last breifcase (aka non tactical bag) I carried was a Halburton
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    Trunkmonkey Loaded Pockets

    I have a new Saddleback Leather Briefcase waiting for me at home... I'll be there to claim it in a few days!

    Arjosy Loaded Pockets

    ducatisteve Empty Pockets

    I was about to order a Saddleback Large, but then handled my friend's and decided it was too heavy for how much I'd be carrying it. So I went with a Filson 257.


    uscmba02 Loaded Pockets

    I got a Red Oxx metro Friday. It is great. Let us know how that Gator works out too- might be my next!

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    uscmba02 Loaded Pockets

    I just realized this thread is aged. Sorry.

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    cave Empty Pockets

    PacSafe courier 100.

    Reasons to use:
    - Solid. However, had to replace one shoulder strap attachment (didn't let me down but cracked)
    - water resistant
    - 2 outside mesh pockets. Water bottle in one; umbrella and Silnylon folding day pack in the other.
    - Holds MacBook pro 15', bits and pieces, emerg supplies without too much fuss.
    Reasons to avoid:
    - Heavy
    - Not as much space as some soft briefcases.
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    92hummer Loaded Pockets

    Tad MC Dispatch bag is what I tote around.

    BlueTrain Loaded Pockets

    I have two bags that I use regularly but neither are briefcases. One is an army surplus leather mapcase, Czech I think, with a full flap. It has two full length compartments, one half-length and a pouch. It's mainly for holding papers, which is what it was made for, but the pouch (about 3x9 by about 3/4") will hold flashlight, pencils and little odds and ends.

    I use my other one when traveling if I'm flying. I don't remember where I got it but it has a full flap that has a zippered compartment on the front, two separate full-length compartments and some smaller slots and the like, one with a zipper. It's also of a size to carry papers and is also expandable. It is a shoulder bag but also has shoulder straps so it can be used as a rucksack. It's too small to carry anything heavy, which is a good thing, because it eliminates that temptation. It is made of nylon and is nearly always dirty. It's perfect as an under the seat bag and good for carrying maps, tickets, guide books as well as gloves and even a thin jacket or sweater.

    jds1 Loaded Pockets

    Filson 256 for me.


    concoursal Loaded Pockets

    This will date me. I got a Brenthaven briefcase when the Apple PowerBook G4 came out. It has been an awesome briefcase and I still use it after all of these years. Still have the PowerBook too somewhere in my office closet.