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What is N690Co Steel? How is it?

Discussion in 'Knives' started by dinoadventures, Nov 17, 2006.

    dinoadventures Empty Pockets

    I was looking at a knife that had a N690Co steel blade. What the heck is that and how does it compare to the standard steels?

    Does anyone know?

    unterhund Empty Pockets

    The Benchmade Monochrome? That's a downright pretty knife. Or are you looking at another?

    Info on the steel here and here.

    quietmike Loaded Pockets

    phatch Loaded Pockets

    In inexact and simple terms, it's similar to 440C. Made by Bohler in Austria I believe. I have a Retribution 1 in it and it behaves respectablly. On par with ATS34/154CM.


    dinoadventures Empty Pockets

    It is indeed pretty. If I could find one in black with a plain edge I might get one.

    I was looking at a TOPS folder. I'm sort of a nut for them right now.

    edit: nvermind, the monochrome does come in plain edge black....

    zackerty Loaded Pockets

    Bohler N690 is 440C with a little cobolt added...it has a longer lasting edge than 440C, and slightly more stainless...it is my favourite steel, having made over 500 knives with it, and the HT is the same as 440C.
    Otherwise known as 440F, which is what I call it when selling knives...

    dinoadventures Empty Pockets

    Zackerty, what kind of steel would you say it most closely resembles performance-wise?

    zackerty Loaded Pockets

    I regard it better than ATS34 in edge holding, but onlty slightly better.
    I am no steel junkie. I believe that too many people are fixated with getting the latest "magic" steel, when the steel you have on hand is what you know...
    I have made more knives form 440F than any other steel, and I will continue to do so.
    It is pretty much like VG10, I guess, as the compostion is almost the same...