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What holster is this?

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by chrischoi, Nov 10, 2012.

    chrischoi Loaded Pockets


    Any ideas?

    Matthew03 Loaded Pockets

    Galco makes a model just like that. I think a J hook attachment is worse than useless though. High Noon holsters makes an identical holster with an C hook attachment that doesn't rely on your pants waist band and to hold the weight of the firearm, but attaches directly to the belt as it should.

    This could be from any number of manufacturers though as this is a common design.
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    nw1911guy Loaded Pockets

    I agree with Matthew03 on this. If you want a leather IWB type holster, I think the Milt Sparks Summer Special is the prize winner.
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    Ktowngunner Loaded Pockets

    You can go on forever discussing IWB holsters, but check out crossbreed holsters and milt sparks. If one of those two doesn't work for you then there's no hope.