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What does anybody think about this Citizen Eco-Drive?

Discussion in 'Watches' started by MichaelScarn, Sep 14, 2009.

    MichaelScarn Loaded Pockets

    Eco Drive Model BL5280-52X

    It looks really nice, but how does it carry? Also, would going with a similarily priced Seiko Automatic (like the Orange Monster) be a better decision?

    knestle Banned

    Since I think the ONLY function of a watch should be telling time, I like the Citizen BM6400-00E.
    $40 cheaper and BIG white numbers for my old eyes.

    gustophersmob Loaded Pockets

    If you're near a JC Penny or Macys, I believe they both stock that watch and you could try it there. Its too big for me, but I have little "girl scout" wrists.

    fallow Loaded Pockets

    If it were me, I'd get the Seiko Monster, a great bracelet (some say the best OEM bracelet for the price), simple and easy to read, killer lume, you can do lots of mods to it dials hands crystals and it can fit a fair few different straps, is easy to find online at good prices, and is tough as hell. Hope that helps.

    photomic Loaded Pockets

    like comparing apples & oranges...

    one is a quartz chrono with a 100m WR and an integrated bracelet (you can't swap it)

    the other is an auto diver with 200m iso certified WR and standard 20mm lugs where you can attach any type of strap (its original bracelet is very very nice)

    ObiHann Loaded Pockets

    Actually the Citizen is 200m certified as well. I wouldn't trust what that ebay page says.

    Here is the truth guy, from the man that has worn that watch for 3 years now. And yes, its on my wrist. First of all, assuming thats not a knockoff, than thats a good price. Second, on the back of my watch it says water resistant to 20 bar. That means 20 pressures, or, 200m. I may have not explained that properly so feel free to correct me divers out there, however 20 bar is 200m, I'm sure of that. Also, it is possible to change the bracelet on my citizen as well, very easily.

    I know the orange monster is a good watch, but it seems everyone here has a bit more of a obsession with it than anything else. I would take the citizen again in a heart beat. I've been the hell out of that watch with no issues what so-ever.

    Its up to you, but just remember the facts that they are both rated as dive watches capable of 200m depths, you can change the strap on both, they are both bomb proof watches. Personally, I like to be the black sheep, I don't like to do what everyone else is doing all the time. So I wear a citizen, not a orange monster. I like the sieko, but, just like my citizen better :)

    ObiHann Loaded Pockets

    fallow Loaded Pockets

    why fight about this, ultimately it's MS's choice, we are just adding our opinion and expertise.

    I've had multiple ecodrives and seiko auto's but I've found the Seikos to be get more compliments keeps great time and is generally an easier watch to maintain and accessorise. I live in OZ so you guys get spoilt, so over here an orange/black monster is a rarity, but that still doesn't change the fact that the OM gets way more comments and feels better, and looks overall better than my citizen nighthawk eco drive. Again you might not agree, but MS did ask, so here is an opinion, like it or not. You have to wear it so you have to be happy with it.

    photomic Loaded Pockets

    Sorry my fault I read the seller description 330 Ft (that is 100m...)
    Now I realized that the watch face instead say 200mm :bow:

    For the bracelet in the citizen (that to me appear integrated) Obihann, what's the lug size?

    But again the "problem" here is that a solar-quartz chrono and automatic are two completely different animals... :)

    ObiHann Loaded Pockets

    photomic Loaded Pockets

    fallow Loaded Pockets

    might be 200m? but any way who really cares, I don't know a hell of a lot of people who get beyond 30m, let alone beyond 100m, it's either pros who need it, or pro hoes who wear the deepest for bragging rights.

    again it's your choice, I see the value for both and cons for either. but a sage bit of e-advice came from another forum (this is not a complete verbatim quote).
    "don't let a lot of supposed experts on a forum, none of which you'll never meet in real life be the overiding factor for the watch you wear."

    photomic Loaded Pockets