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what do i need in a go to bag/bug out bag?

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by ian_glover, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. ian_glover

    ian_glover Empty Pockets

    Jun 9, 2010
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    good morning everyone

    im looking at putting together a bob/ go to bag, but im unsure what
    to put in it.

    anyone have a check list or got any suggestions?
    i tend to have my dog with me alot and id like to include some
    stuff for her.

    many thanks in advance
  2. JIM
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    JIM Loaded Pockets

    Feb 12, 2009
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    Some basic things that you would probably need:

    - Good pair of walked-in hiking boots.
    - Couple pairs of hiking socks
    - Spare change of clothing (sweater/t-shirt/non-cotton pants/underwear)
    - Hat
    - Gloves
    - Fleece vest
    - Rain gear
    - Personal hygiene supplies (toothbrush, soap, etc.)
    - K9 supplies

    - Cash
    - Copies of important documents such as ID, insurance, etc.
    - Spare house/carkeys
    - Pen and paper
    - Map of local area
    - Compass

    - Multitool or knife (I would tend more towards a multi-tool in a urban enviroment
    - Spaceblanket or AMK heatsheet
    - Bivvy-bag
    - Paracord
    - Duct-tape
    - AM/FM radio
    - LED flashlight
    - Spare lithium batteries
    - BIC lighter and matches
    - Water-purification tablets or filter
    - Dustmasks
    - Safety glasses
    - Small FAK, with at least an ACE wrap, triangulair bandage and blister treatment
    - filled Waterbottle
    - Energy bars or other food
  3. ian_glover

    ian_glover Empty Pockets

    Jun 9, 2010
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    wow! ok thats a really good list, thanks for that mate. very useful.
  4. saniterra

    saniterra Loaded Pockets

    Aug 12, 2006
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    A lot depends on what conditions are when you bug out as well as where you're bugging out to. If you're just going a short distance to a friend or relatives house or public shelter, what you need to pack is much different than it would be if you don't know where you're going or if shelter is going to be available. It also depends on who you are bugging out with - completely alone, with dog(s), with wife or parent, with children (too small to carry their own load), etc. One thing is sure, at least for me, if I'm bugging out, my wife and I are on our own. My bug out bag is going to be a large backpacking bag and her's will be a medium size. The bags will be loading much the same as for a backpacking trip, with some provision for self-protection, obtaining game and treating water along the way. It will have some sort of shelter. Though I'm capable of building shelter, the focus is on energy conservation which means, to me, some sort of tent. Lose some energy carrying it, save energy pitching it. I will also be carrying non-emergency sleeping gear - ground pad, real sleeping bag, etc. - and backpacking cooking gear.

    EDC/get home bag would be much smaller, but would contain many of the same elements as the BOB, just in a more rudimentary form.
  5. chaosmagnet
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    chaosmagnet Loaded Pockets

    Apr 13, 2008
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    JIM's list is excellent. The AMK Heatsheet is much better than generic space blankets. Sunglasses can be really important. If you wear glasses or contacts, make sure that the appropriate spares are in your BOB. I'd definitely suggest having a dedicated knife in addition to a multitool. If you're preparing for wilderness survival, you might want to add an AMK Pocket Survival Pak; it's inexpensive, small, and extremely useful.

    My BOB lives in my car, and it's pretty heavily loaded for staying with the car or walking reasonably short distances (a few miles, tops). If I find that I'm going to be on foot for longer distances, my plan is to discard or cache what I don't think I'll need, based on the circumstances. If I'm sheltering in place, driving, or otherwise finding that the additional weight isn't a problem, I might be very grateful for the extra gear.
  6. durhamsurvivor

    durhamsurvivor Empty Pockets

    Oct 25, 2006
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    This is one of my BOBs designed for operating in England and Wales
    Survival Small Bug out Bag

    Jack Pyke 30 litre Rucksack
    Blade Tech Hunter lite Lock knife
    A G Russell Sting knife
    4 X magnification mini field glasses
    Multi tool with plier head (Gerber 600 / Legend)
    Multi tool with pruning head (Stanley)
    Flashlight (Fenix L2DQ5) plus bulbs and CR123 batteries
    Inova X 5 Flashlight (5 led) plus CR123 batteries
    Binatone Cellphone
    Assorted Chemical light sticks
    Water Purification Tablets
    Rations (boil in bag and freeze dried)
    Titanium spork
    Condiments and drinks sachets
    Windproof butane lighters x 2
    Hexamine cooker
    Blade Tech sharpener
    Maps and scans (OS Landrangers 1:50,000)
    Silva Type 4/54 compass in mils and degrees (6400 & 360)
    Survival instructions
    Survival book (Mini SAS Survival Manual)
    Notebook and Pen (Sharpy)
    Waterproofed matches in film canister.
    Magnesium block and striker
    35 mm film canister filled with Vaseline soaked cotton wool balls
    Medical kit (expedition size)
    Spare prescription specs plus prescription shades
    Paracord 50 meters
    Large Fiskars folding wood saw
    Ziplock bags
    Small tin with button compass, signal mirror, spare batteries
    Telescopic baton
    Shemagh / Bandana
    Sony ICF-B200 Wind up / Battery powered radio / spare batteries
    Tactical gloves (KONA)
    Personal Hygiene Kit (soap, razor, toothbrush and paste, deodorant)
    Pack of Baby Wipes (better than toilet paper)
    Spare underwear vest & socks
    Plastic trowel

    I have a second bag that attaches to this one containing more clothes
    The list above is supplementary to my EDC kit.


    Minus 18 4 Season Sleeping bag
    Tench regulated BSA Ultra Tactical Carbine plus pump and 500 Prometheus air bullets.


    Dec 7, 2009
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    A very well thought kit ! You have rain gear in the secondary pack ?

    BE WELL .. GH
  8. durhamsurvivor

    durhamsurvivor Empty Pockets

    Oct 25, 2006
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    my jacket is waterproof and the ultra lightweight waterproof pants sit in the poachers pocket at the back of the jacket, its nearly always raining here so most of our kit is waterproof or treated :eek:)