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What can YOU fit into an Altoids tin???

Discussion in 'Other Carrying Devices' started by bdbart, Oct 14, 2010.

    Mudinyeri Loaded Pockets

    Water purification and storage.
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    Tixx Loaded Pockets

    Here is my camping Altoids (CountyComm) survival tin with accessories. When out in the woods, this is always on my belt.

    Altoids tin (http://www.countycomm.com/tin.html)
    -1 Small Bic lighter
    -1 Sparklite
    -3 Nato matches with cut down striker all sealed in a tiny ziplock
    -3 Quick tinder
    -1 Photon Freedom
    -2 Extra 2016 batteries in tiny ziplock

    -1 ACR flat whistle
    -1 thin cut to fit signal mirror (see Feather weight one here: http://bepreparedtosurvive.com/Signaling Products.htm)

    -1 small AA grade button compass

    -1 P-51
    -1 #22 blade
    -1 Leatherman P4
    -1 Uncle Bills tweezers

    -1 Fresnel Magnifier
    -3 Small safety pins
    -3 Medium safety pins
    -1 20" Duct tape
    -1 Single use dental floss
    -1 Large canvas sewing needle
    -1 2"x3" cats eye tape

    -2 butterfly closures
    -1 Alcohol wipe
    -3 Benadryl
    -2 Immodium
    -1 Medium antibiotic bandaid

    Thin survival blanket (http://m4040.com/Survival/Store/Store_Indiv_Kit_Items.htm)

    Maxpedition Strobe/GPS/Compass pouch (http://www.maxpedition.com/store/pc/STROBE-GPS-COMPASS-POUCH-7p1022.htm)

    AMK survival instructions (comes with AMK survival kits)

    MRE Hot Beverage Bag (http://www.mredepot.com/servlet/StoreFront)
    -10 Aqua Tabs (http://globalhydration.myshopify.com/)

    3 Small zip ties (Local hardware store)

    Items being considered, but not included yet:

    Antibiotic cream
    Some sort of anti-inflamitory

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    Haubitz Loaded Pockets

    Have you bought the Altoids abroad? As far as I know they’re not sold here in Sweden, or are they?
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    Oaklington Loaded Pockets

    Wow nice, a fellow Swede :) I bought it at "The English Shop" nearJärntorget in Gothenburg, you could probably find a similar store some where else if you don't live on the front side of Sweden :) And there's a webshop which I've completly forgotten the name of that sells them, along with Herseys syrup, cornsyrup, Reeses pieces and other American/English stuff.
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    Haubitz Loaded Pockets

    Tack, I’ll keep my eyes open then. :)
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    Oaklington Loaded Pockets

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    Tixx Loaded Pockets


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    mzil Loaded Pockets

    Looks good Tixx, however I thought to point out that if one of those coin cells were to rest overlapping the other one at a slight diagonal, on the lower one's edge, its top terminal could short out with the side/edge terminal and discharge the battery in just seconds/minutes. Introducing a single sheet of plastic (of the same bag material, say) inside the ziplock bag to prevent this possibility might be prudent, even if you are confident "The batteries pack flatly and could never overlap as you fear". Just a thought.
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    mzil Loaded Pockets

    This video is more about the outside of the tin, not what I can fit on the inside (that video is yet to come), but I still thought it would be appropriate for the thread:

    From YouTube the decription field:

    These are various possibilities I've collected over the years to seal and protect pocket tins, such as the Altoids (mint tins) I keep in my "Ultimate Spy Survival Kit for One Pocket" I made for fun. Most of these methods I learned about from other people, so I'm again passing them along to hopefully inspire others. [Note: I don't guarantee these methods are all perfectly waterproof, under all conditions, but here you go.]
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    Tixx Loaded Pockets

    Got notification of your video earlier. Thanks for sharing! What I use is my strobe pouch in my previous post and just put a ziplock sandwich bag around it and fill the extra space at the top with spectra 300lb rope. So there I have velcro, clip and ziplock which is a lot to go through when on a secret spy mission, but works for other special ops. :)

    Tixx Loaded Pockets

    Good point! Appreciate it and your videos!

    Time to go implement your suggestion. :)

    Tixx Loaded Pockets

    Also thanks for the fruit/vegetable bag idea from the grocery stores. They fit perfect in my waterproof wallet urban EDC.

    Evilbunny Loaded Pockets

    First Aid kit.

    Tixx Loaded Pockets

    This could go in a tin. It is an urban edc. [IMG]


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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Where'd ya get that sturdy little zipping lock bag?

    Tixx Loaded Pockets

    I believe it was from REI. I don't see them online, but they were in the store.

    Here is another resource.

    http://bepreparedtosurvive.com/Misc.Conatiners.htm - Waterproof Wallet about half way down.

    I cut it in half as it has 2 sides. Didn't want/need the other half, but it is an option. :)
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    jda Loaded Pockets

    A pack of Marlboro shorts and a book of matches.

    Great for throw in a bag for a barter item, it doesn't get crushed like a normal pack would, at the bottom of a bag.

    mzil Loaded Pockets

    newman252 Loaded Pockets

    I need to find one of those tins. For obvious reasons.