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What are you guys seeing at your local gun stores?

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Echo2, Dec 21, 2012.

    Bullivant Loaded Pockets

    That's all very similar to what I saw in Ohio yesterday, particularly those prices. Lots of reload bags moving. And three hours for us to walk it all.

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    JGP Loaded Pockets

    Headed up to the Cabela's north of Seattle today just to see what they had in stock. Not one AR style rifle. Most of the magazines for any weapon were sold out. Lots of empty shelves where the pistol ammo should be. They did have a lot of pistols but nobody was looking at them. I picked up two boxes of 9mm range grade ammo since I was there and had $40 in my pocket. They did seem to have a lot of .22 ammo. Thinking I might have to borrow my fathers Colt Woodsman to get some time in at the range.
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    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    A lot of bare shelves, overpriced AR's.

    That's why you never slack on getting ammo and guns.

    I've collected/hoarded ammo and guns over the past 4-6 years. I've purchased every single firearm I had on my list except the Scar 16s/17s because my dealer could never get a hold of one. I could've bought it elsewhere but her prices are unbeatable and worth the wait.

    I have thousands of rounds of everything I shoot, .223/5.56, 9mm, .45acp, .22lr, .380 auto, 12 gauge.

    Everyone always questioned why I was buying up these "expensive" guns, and all this ammo. I hope they don't start coming to me for answers because I'm not going to help em, lol.

    In this day of gun buying and politics, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

    Get acquainted with your local shops and Wal-Mart employees.

    I have a connection at my Wal-Mart, he texts me when the ammo I want comes in and I go buy it. Get friendly with em and maybe someone will help you out.
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    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    Heard on the news here that it will be late spring before they can work on gun control so maybe some restocking will happen. On the other hand if I thought my product was going to be outlawed soon, I might stop manufacturing so I didn't get stuck with them.

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    keeper Loaded Pockets

    saw on MSN that Biden is talking about just having Obama take care of it with an executive order.

    jonny8642 Loaded Pockets

    Most mfg are back ordered so they're trying to fill those orders first. If I was a mfg I would be producing around the clock to give the people what they want not only as a service but to throw it the protectionist faces as it should be. As well like most gun items they either retain or increase in value, especially if the government says we're not allowed to have it, Prohibition is a good example.

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    Bullivant Loaded Pockets

    Just saw on the news a locally-based nationally-reaching sporting goods (read shooting sports) distributor has announced this week they are hiring 80 new employees to add to their current 200. Great news for them, and the small town they are in--and I have to think it is not unrelated to this surge.

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    Narcosynthesis Loaded Pockets

    Perhaps a stupid question, but why the huge demand for magazines?

    The demand for ammunition is pretty obvious, the demand for guns too, but why also the magazines? I can see if you just bought a new rifle then wanting a few mags to work with, but given they are reusable (and should last the lifetime of the gun?) hoarding them seems a bit of an odd idea...

    It is also entirely possible there is something very obvious I am missing, being guns ain't exactly a big selling item here.
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    tamaders Loaded Pockets

    The fear (and probably reality) is that anything holding over 10 rounds will be made illegal. Thus if you find a mag now you buy ... Because you may not be able to do so tomorrow.

    Plus ... With the huge surge in gun sales ... Those people also want mags and ammo. It's a double whammy on demand now ... New buyers and hoarding old buyers.

    hatchetjack EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I reload and recently bartered with a friend wherein, I reloaded some .45 acp for him in exchange for some .223 to feed my Mini-14.
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    Narcosynthesis Loaded Pockets

    But if it is made illegal, shouldn't it be illegal to use them, and therefore make all the panic buying obsolete?

    The alternative is that if it is illegal to buy, but legal to own, then anyone who actually wants some for nefarious purposes will hardly have a hard time getting hold of some from current owners...

    Seems pretty counter productive to me really.
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    tamaders Loaded Pockets

    Magazine purchases are not traceable. So just because they are illegal doesn't mean people will give them up. Most will save em for a "rainy day".

    If they are made illegal for future manufacturing but are grandfathered so current owners can keep them ... Then yes there will be some out there for purchase second hand ... But at A BIG time premium! And this is exactly why some are hoarding them now ... As much for resale as there own personal use.

    It's supply and demand ... The supply will be second hand and limited and any hi cap mag made prior to the ban will be in high demand if what you desire is a hi cap (aka normal size) mag.

    I've ordered a few for guns I don't even own but plan on buying because all bets are off in a few months ... I want the normal size mag and I won't be able to get them if banned for future sale.

    Echo2 Loaded Pockets

    drugs are illegal....drinking and driving is illegal.....prostitution is illegal.....good thing you can't find any of those things anymore.

    Scrub Loaded Pockets

    I made sure to buy 4 date stamped 30 rounders.
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    vegassprky Loaded Circuits

    Wait prostitution is legal in some parts of Nevada.

    Bullivant Loaded Pockets

    This is the part that gets me: more and more people suggesting they feel something is building. There is mood shift swelling, not over guns per se but on a whole range of politico-economic matters all coming due at one. Never thought I'd actually buy guns until this year.

    Semper Paratus, Semper Vigilans.

    Hobs98 Loaded Pockets

    I also ordered a gun I've been wanting for a while, but its backordered for at least 2 weeks.

    LivingUpNorth Loaded Pockets

    Stopped by Sportsman's Warehouse today. They still had an "ok" amount of pistol ammo in common calibers, but nothing in .223. Surprisingly, they were almost completely cleaned out of .22LR. They had plenty of full-sized handguns, but almost all of their compact/sub-compacts were gone. Plenty of shotguns and bolt action rifles, but no ARs.

    I picked up one of the last boxes of large pistol primers. Saw a guy working with a salesperson to get every component necessary to start reloading. Not a bad idea...
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    Silver Trooper Loaded Pockets

    Time to dig out my old RCBS reloading equipment and start picking up (both literally and figuratively) spent brass and all the other reloading supplies.
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    whyedc? Loaded Pockets

    I just (yesterday) scored a DPMS Sportical AR-15 for $750 with tax and three extra Troy Battlemags.

    Tomorrow I may try to get a Ruger Charger. Might trade of a .22 rifle or two to offset the cost.

    Ammo is starting to show a little more often now.

    I have heard that most AR builders are done taking orders for now.