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Watcha Wearing?

Discussion in 'Watches' started by Peter Atwood, Mar 31, 2006.

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    dosei1 Loaded Pockets

    Luxmento Loaded Pockets

    Coupe_gxp Uber Prepared

    Thomas Mark Loaded Pockets

    Solar G-shock Ag100

    Kilovolt Loaded Pockets

    dosei1 Loaded Pockets

    • In Omnia Paratus

    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    I've moved on to my christmas colors.

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    fyrpiper Loaded Pockets

    Casio GShock G5600

    Syclone Loaded Pockets

    Got this today. :)

    Seiko SNK805K2

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    Hollowpoints Loaded Pockets

    A Timex Expidition. Resin Strap. Has Analog and Digital time.

    karlito Loaded Pockets

    Group shot. Please excuse the glare

    I need more wrists

    Ademar Loaded Pockets

    what is the bracelet chrono?

    WanderingFool Loaded Pockets

    Suunto Core all black. Had it on everyday since I got it 6 months ago.
    Great watch.


    echo63 Loaded Pockets

    Some of my dream watches there - Orange and Black Monster, Luminox, Orca, and a Tunacan (actually its the Orca and Tuna i really like)

    karlito Loaded Pockets

    It is a Traser Big Date Chrono; has cool blue trit tubes as opposed to the usual green

    Ademar Loaded Pockets

    I meant that one on the left hand from the Black Monster and a black strap.

    karlito Loaded Pockets

    Deep Blue's AP (All Purpose) Chrono

    Pete Gray Empty Pockets

    Marathon TSAR

    MagnaWolf Loaded Pockets

    If it hadn't cost a months salary I would've gotten one.

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    Jerrie Barber Loaded Pockets

    Casio G Shock 1220 BD Tough Solar Aviator, or a Black Monster. One day I will step into a nice Omega Planet Ocean, which reminds me to put one day on the colander.
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Not open for further replies.