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Watch band smell

Discussion in 'Watches' started by antman157, Jun 10, 2009.

    antman157 Loaded Pockets

    I have a nylon watch .. And like everyone knows, the band smells BAD in the summer ..

    Anyone have any suggestions on another type band (ie rubber) .. Or another watch .. Im kinda looking at the Casio, but I am use to analog watches .. Not sure if I wanna go back to digital or not .. It might be worth it .. I saw one analog G-shock at wal mart, but the face was hard to read .. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions or tips .. Thanks!

    Here is the picture of my watch - sorry about the quality

    [img width=480 height=640]http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o267/antman157/photo1.jpg[/img]

    RacerX Loaded Pockets

    Take the band off, put it in a secure container with some dishwashing soap and some ammonia. Shake well

    Fill the container with clear water, rinse & repeat til no more soap comes out.

    No more stinky smell :)

    porkchop Loaded Pockets

    Sweat and dirt will accumulate in metal bands as well causing a severe stench.
    I usually take my band off the watch and go after the crud with a soft toothbrush and dish soap.
    I do the same for those fabric bands as well minus the toothbrush.
    It usually works like a charm.

    antman157 Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will try those things as soon as I get home

    fallow Loaded Pockets

    why not just take your band off and put it through the next clothes wash? I have a couple maratac zulus and it works a treat.

    NoFair Loaded Pockets

    Do this with all my fabric straps and no smell O0 No need for anything fancy at all.

    grimm_kaosboy Empty Pockets

    I just leave mine on when I shower and "wash" it when I am washing myself. I have a maratec 4 ring model, don't know how well it will work with yours (i.e. the hook and loop portion)

    RacerX Loaded Pockets

    Yeah I used to do that, until the band slipped under the agitator and got wrapped up. This in turn burned out the motor, costing around $200 to fix.

    I'll stick with dish soap, ammonia, and tupperware :)

    fallow Loaded Pockets

    really? wow, sorry to hear that man. :(

    I actually put in one of those washing bags, and I make sure that it's looped up like I'd be wearing it, no fuss. Sorry I forgot to mention that.

    Kabong30 Empty Pockets

    I have a few Zodiacs and they have started infusing a vanilla scent in the rubber of the bands, I clean my bands pretty regularly so they don't get smelly anyway, but I talked to the customer care guys and they said they did that to keep them from getting the "funk".

    fallow Loaded Pockets

    some of those vanilla infused bands I reckon are kinda "funky" all on their own.
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    karlito Loaded Pockets

    Do all of the stated and try a bit of anti-perspirant on your wrist. Seems to work for me.

    Kabong30 Empty Pockets

    No question. :lolhammer:

    NoFair Loaded Pockets

    I put the band in a sock or trouser pocket to avoid this and other mishaps ;D

    SALT Loaded Pockets

    :doh: that's a great idea

    jzmtl Loaded Pockets

    Rinse the band under tap at end of the day, never had a problem this way. Or just scrub everything with toothbrush and hand soap once in a while.

    Kabong30 Empty Pockets

    Once a month!

    Jedi Knife Loaded Pockets

    I have never, never had any odor problems with metal bands. No special care taken either. I have, however, had problems with the nylon bands and stopped using them for this reason. I'm not sure if it is body chemistry or what, but a lot of synthetic materials have this effect when I wear them. (No I'm not overweight nor do I consume an inordinate amount of dairy product). The Teva rubber sole compound does this without fail, but the Chaco sandal soles have never developed a bad odor. I'm not sure what additive or component of the synthetics do this, but the Microban odor shield stuff is pretty much worthless in my experience. I know there are a lot of cool nylon bands out there, but I have to stick with metal, leather, or rubber for myself.

    aznridah Empty Pockets

    I use nylon bands and my fool proof way of getting the funk out is a fingernail brush + anti-bacterial soap. Just let the soap sit for a bit then, go in with that brush and scrub the hell out of the band. You will be grossed out how much dirt comes out, but after that, enjoy a funk-free watch for the next few months or unless you are a heavy sweater, a little less :)

    Also, these are what I use for watchbands and they are seriously the best bands ever:


    Flight-ER-Doc Loaded Pockets

    I make a point of washing my watch (Omega Seamaster Pro, metal band) and wedding ring at least once a week. This is in addition to my wearing them virtually all the rest of the time, for my 50+ daily handwashings plus a shower or two. Of course, I occasionally get something most people would rather stay the hell away from on my hands, a job hazard.

    I use an old toothbrush and liquid handsoap, and it leaves them both nice and shiny-clean. My wife likes it when I clean her watch and rings too.