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Walther PPQ M2 Review:

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by klepto, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. klepto

    klepto Loaded Pockets

    Dec 26, 2015
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    1.) The Slide, while it looks great with front and rear cocking serrations its not grippy enough. I don't have monkey paws or mechanic sausage fingers. I can pull back the slide of course with my dominant hand but with my left its very difficult. The slide is not stiff at all but the serrations aren't deep enough. On the P320 Compact the serrations have a lip to them so they are very grippy and pretty deep. I've actually considered getting some slide work done on them.

    The serrations on the Walther PPS M2 is done much better and that is my carry piece.

    2.) The Grip, its purdy but there's not much friction to speak of. If you run your hands across the grip strongly and run it across the polymer its only providing a bit more friction.

    3.) The Sites, they are just bad. Too much air between the sites and the front site dot is too :censored: small. I really love the stock sites on the FNH FNS 9c. I love that U shape and the big dot up front. I'll be buying some TFX Pro's very soon.


    1.) The Grip, it just molds to your hands and is very very comfortable. The shape of it really helps and the finger grooves are pretty much non existent.

    2.) The Trigger, when I shoot this gun next to a Sig, Springfield or FNH you can really tell how well its made. The trigger pull is magnificent. You can fire the gun before you reach the wall on many other guns. The reset is so short that I sometimes go beyond it but I'll keep practicing.

    3.) The Take Down Lever, how I wish all guns had this. I only have 5 guns to speak of but having to fiddle with each guns take down systems and its problems is a pain. On some guns sometimes you have to push hard on the slide or tweak the guide rod. On other guns you have to pull the trigger first or turn the level then pull the trigger.. Aaaaaaah!!!!@#$ The PPQ's take down system is a breeze. These tabs you pull down are better than the ones on the Glock. You'd better have some fingernails to field strip those.

    4.) Handling!!! My 9mm PPQ is a soft shooter with very little muzzle flip. It is very much enjoyable and a great gun to use in my training.

    5.) Slide Stop, thank you Walther! As I said in the cons I don't have monkey paws so every time I use the slide stop on other guns I have to use both hands. On the PPQ it works perfectly with one hand. I really hate teeny tiny slide stops and the position of it on a gun can make or break your purchase. The slide stop is long on the PPQ but not bulky.

    The PPQ is not a perfect gun but there are so many guns on the market that people buy but then need many replacement parts to make the gun better. My PPQ is for home defense and range fun. What gun do you own that is nearly flawless?
  2. jdindadell

    jdindadell Loaded Pockets

    Mar 14, 2015
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    "What gun do you own that is nearly flawless?"


    I also have a 9mm PPQ M2, and a PPS M1. As far as triggers go the PPQ is the best striker trigger I have encountered. The PPS leaves a lot to be desired, and the CCP is not much better. Walther will have a hard time if they don't improve the triggers on their other models to match the PPQ. I shot the 45acp version of the PPQ last year and did not find it to be as easy to shoot as a glock 21SF. The 9mm PPQ is on par with the glock 19, and I prefer the grip shape and trigger action. I do like the 2 stage feel of the glock trigger and shoot it well, just a FYI.

    I like the PPQ for everything you mentioned as a PRO. As far as the CONS go, I own an auto body shop and have painted since 2001 so hand strength is not an issue for me. I do not find the slide difficult to manipulate, nor do I find the grip too slick. As it is sized as a carry gun (midsized, like a glock 19) I feel the smoother grip is more suited to the usage that the gun will likely encounter. Plus I shoot with a firm grip. (hand strength requirements are subjective, but I doubt that anyone will think less is better.) I don't find the sights to be much different than any other 3 dot type. A big dot would be a good upgrade for sure. I have a few of those on glock 17 that I have setup for home defense.

    I currently carry the PPQ in a vertx courier. Good fit for the CCW compartment.
  3. redsoxwa

    redsoxwa Empty Pockets

    Apr 23, 2015
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    No shops aropuind me have the PPQ M2 in 9mm, or the PPQ .45 in stock.

    I'm considering the PPQ.45 as my next semi-auto because my PPS M2
    is so wonderful.

    Any recoil issues with the .45 and 230 grain ball ammo?
  4. Navitimer1884

    Navitimer1884 Empty Pockets

    Jun 1, 2014
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    As a Glock fan but also an owner of a PPQ (albiet the Classic), I love the trigger on the PPQ. Hands down, IMHO, the best striker fired trigger on the market. It inspired me to find a better option for the Glocks. I ended up with a Ghost Trigger for the Glock, and it's very close in performance and feel. The thing I really love about the PPQ trigger is there is so little reset travel. Contrats on the PPQ...I'm sure you'll love it!
  5. Wishoot

    Wishoot Loaded Pockets

    Jun 25, 2013
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    Flawless = my revolvers.
    Near Flawless = Glock 19 Gen4 (BTF once in a while, but 100% otherwise). M&P Shield (choked once on 147gr Ranger JHP)