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Victorinox vs. Wenger

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Andrews, Aug 16, 2010.

    Andrews Empty Pockets

    Is there any real difference between the knives these two make, aside from small cosmetic differences? I'm talking blade steel, edge retention, scale construction, durability, etc.

    P35 Loaded Pockets

    buy a few and decide for yourself

    DaPro Loaded Pockets

    Wenger elite scales are smooth.....Victorinox scales have a texture to them....+1 to Vic for me.

    nuphoria Loaded Pockets

    The newer ones are of comparible quality, but overall, Victorinox have been far better and consistent. In particular, the backsprings have not been as good on Wengers, and other QC issues over time.

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    mpi Loaded Pockets

    same company for a bit now! the secret order welcomes you!

    eeph Empty Pockets

    Overall I prefer Victorinox for general quality.

    The can-openers vary - the Victorinox one is probably a bit quicker to use and has a small screwdriver tip (some Vics have the combi-tool instead, which works pretty well). The Wenger scissors are bigger and more robust, but are slightly serrated and leave rough edges on, for example, fingernails. I find the Victorinox tweezers easier to get at and use.

    jacknife Loaded Pockets

    That pretty much sums it up for me too. I've a few Wengers and I like them but I mostly buy Vic's.

    Kaux Empty Pockets

    For some reason victorinox feels better to me, specially recently. I had a lot of time without carrying a SAK but I handled and used many of my friend's. Recently I was looking for a SAK and picked up a victorinox farmer. Like I said, I dont know why Vic feels better built to me. Not that there is nothing wrong with wenger.

    The can opener is certainly far better in Victorinox models.

    Sharpdogs Uber Prepared

    Victorinox and Wenger are the same company but the knives are made in different Cantons (states) in Switzerland. Wenger does have smaller models with locking blades. Wenger's screwdrivers "lock" when downward pressure is put on the knife when using. I like the can opener better on the Victorinox models. Both have pros and cons. There are some Victorinox models I love and some Wenger models I love. I am happy to EDC either.

    sonny Empty Pockets

    The features that I feel Wenger are better are Slip-joint pliers, Scissors with a stronger spring and some model has a locking Main blade.
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    jsmitty1967 Go Big Blue

    My preference is for Victorinox but that is simply because I have had one since Boy Scouts. I have both and they are of comparible quality. Some features are better on one than the other. If I was going to pick a single model I would research both companies and determine the model that fit my needs the best.

    jzmtl Loaded Pockets

    I have maybe 20 of each, and I'll say if you stay new wengers the quality is very comparable. I like them both, the size/tools are different so that should affect your decision, not old stereotype.

    Wire Edge Loaded Pockets

    Wenger models have improved drastically in the past few years, but I still prefer Vics over Wengers. I much prefer Vic's can opener/fine screw driver. It's easier to open cans with, for me, and I use the fine screw driver on Phillips screws. I also prefer the smooth scissors on the Vics over the serrated scissors on the Wengers. Whenever I need scissors, I want a smooth cut and the Vics excel.

    Both are excellent, but I'd say Vics have the edge.

    Kaux Empty Pockets

    Also, for comparable models Wenger is a little bit pricier (at least in the shops I bought from)

    sonny Empty Pockets

    I have been thinking about the scales of Wenger which seem to cover the side of aluminium body whereas the ones on Vic Just sit on top of it, making it easier to change the scales
    BTW I only have one Wenger the rest are Vics.

    jzmtl Loaded Pockets

    Not so much now that victorinox implemented MAP policy.

    Narcosynthesis Loaded Pockets

    Victorinox are a champion of consistent and fantastic quality - fantastically made tools for really very little money.
    Previously Wenger have had issue - notably things like backsprings wearing, but in latter days (after the Victorinox buyout) quality has really grown to be on a par with Victorinox.

    What does vary a lot more is just the design and tools used in the two brands - Victorinox seem to be a champion of solid, classic design while Wenger have put a lot more time into newer features - things like the standard size locking knives, and scales moulded into a shape to promote grip and comfort when using them.
    A lot also varies in how the individual tools work - look at the can openers used by each brand and you will see two completely different designs - both functional and proven, and just different. Similarly you will see differences in scissors, drivers and other tools.

    Personally I will have to admit to being a Victorinox fan - simple classic designs with which you know exactly where you stand, and ones that are well proven to me in years of owning and using their knives
    (I will admit though that there is a distinct lack of Wenger tools locally, so I still need to get a couple myself before I can definitively say Vic are winners)