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Victorinox: First Look: Spartan PS „Black and White“

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by Thehunt, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Thehunt

    Thehunt Loaded Pockets

    Dec 16, 2007
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    A collector´s life can be hard sometimes...

    As the Huntsman has just arrived, the next package from Ibach is on its way, so...
    By the way, my wife´s nerves are made from steel, just like the new arrival´s blade.

    The Spartan PS, the Spartan´s PS, to be precise, as they come in black and white.

    By the way, it way way more difficult to capture these beautys in pictures.

    Right, the plain jane Spartan should be widely known by now, its a steadfast in the Victorinox line up, for years a bestseller.

    But PS?
    What schould that be?

    PS stands for „polyspectral“, which is a special surface treatment, which I don´t even try to understand :) It´s also called Inox-Spectral.

    Never seen something like this before...

    I´m no chemist, but as far as I understand it, its a chromeoxide layer on the steel´s surface.
    The colour depends on the thickness and lighting.

    And in the case of the Spartan PS its, you guys guessed it, black.
    And what a wonderfull one that is!


    A real attention getter is the fact, that not only the blade, but alle the hardware is treated, so you have an „all blacked out“ tool. And it looks amazing!

    The tool selection on the Spartans should be mentioned briefliy:
    large blade, penblade, caplifter, small screwdriver, large screwdriver, bottle opener, awl, corkscrew, tweezers, toothpick.

    So, everything is black?
    Well, nearly.

    Toothpick and tweezers are standard, wouldn´t it be cool to have them in black too?

    If thta´s to „goth“ for your liking, theres also a version with white scales!
    (got both, couldn´t resist...)


    The small clothepin hole is present as well.

    For comparison:

    With polyspectral treatment and „standard“.
    And thats the tricky part, catching this with the camera wasn´t as easy as I thought it would be...
    Depending on th e lihting, the camera „sees“ it quite different from the human eye. Both blades are treated, one slightly canted:


    Being „Black&White“, what comes to mind?

    I´m realy stunned by this new treatment, how it will put up with long term use, we will see...

    For your viewing pleasure:

    I´m realy stunned by the two new Spartans and hope to see more models come with this treatment in the future!

    If you have any questions, shoot!
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  2. Elmiro Dungfoot

    Elmiro Dungfoot Loaded Pockets

    Feb 18, 2015
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    Thanks for the exclusive Hunt! As always, the commentary and pics are impeccable! Really wild to have a pair of contrasting Vics. I'm digging the all 'black-version'.
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