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USB Rechargable Keychain Flashlight Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by thegrouch314, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. thegrouch314

    thegrouch314 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 10, 2015
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    I'm looking for a keychain flashlight for general EDC purposes. I'd like it to be USB rechargeable and to be as small as possible.

    2) What Region/Country/State will the light be purchased in?
    I'll be purchasing online but I'd prefer a UK based store if possible

    3) Price Range: An easy question, but you may change your mind after answering the rest! :broke:
    [ ] $1-15
    [ ] $15-30
    [ ] $40-60

    4) Format:
    PART A
    [ ] I want a flashlight..

    PART B
    [ ] 1-2 inches. (Keychain sized)

    PART C
    [ ] Doesn't matter.

    PART D
    [ ] Very light, can't tell it's there.
    [ ] Light, no heavier than a few keys or a small car remote.
    [ ] Medium light, about the weight of a AAA MiniMag

    5) What kind of "bulb".
    [ ] Don't care, just want the best fit for my needs.

    6) What batteries do you want to use?
    [ ] I want a rechargeable system. (an investment, but best for everyday use)

    7) How much light do you want?
    [ ] I want to walk unpaved trails. (40 lumens)

    8) Throw vs Flood: .

    Throw (distance)----------------------|-----X-----------------Flood/close-up

    9) Runtime:
    [ ] 240-360 min. (4-6 hours)

    10) Durability:
    [ ] Very Important (Camping, Backpacking, Car Glove-box.)

    11) Switch Type:
    [ ] I don't care.

    12) Switch Location:
    [ ] I don't care.

    13) Operational Modes: Check all that apply.
    [ ] A simple on-off is fine for me.

    14) Is it important whether the body is metal or plastic/composite? In this case "plastic" and it's variants does not mean "cheap" or poorly made. In many applications a plastic bodied light is preferable, hard use and water resistance comes to mind; think caving or lights that get dropped or abused.
    [ ] I don't care.
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  2. chaosmagnet
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    • In Omnia Paratus

    chaosmagnet Loaded Pockets

    Apr 13, 2008
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    I'm a big fan of the Nitecore TIP and Nitecore TIP SE, and you can buy them in the UK (https://www.nitecore.co.uk/). Please note I have zero affiliation with Nitecore, this store, or any seller of flashlights.

    Things I like about these:
    • Not terribly expensive
    • USB-rechargeable
    • One-touch access to maximum output
    • One-touch access to minimum output
    • Good (for me) mode spacing
    • Reasonably rugged
    • Lightweight
    • Can use clip to cover the buttons, or not, your choice
  3. tera tike

    tera tike Loaded Pockets

    Jan 8, 2013
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    The Nitecore TINI2 fits your requirement and it is USB-C.

    Replaced my Photon Freedom that I carried for 10 years since I wanted/needed a rechargeable light.
    I did convert the Photon to a rechargeable light using LIR-2032 battery but the charger died killing a battery.
    So the upgrade to a light that is rechargeable with a USB-C connector and variable output.
  4. EZDog

    EZDog EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Dec 3, 2012
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    If I am looking to walk on dark paths at night there is no way I am buying a light with the battery sealed inside.
    I want a light that I can slide a new battery in as needed so that I can keep walking in the dark when the initial battery dies on the trail,which it will surely do at some time.

    There are plenty of AA and AAA Keychain lights that will fit this description and it just seems a more versatile choice to me.

    If you do just want the convenience of the Nitecore sealed keychain lights then I would get one that has the OLED display on it that shows battery life remaining at any time in actual numbers representing runtime.

    That way you would be most likely to have a fully charged light with you and know the runtime left too.
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  5. adnj

    adnj Loaded Pockets

    Mar 10, 2009
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    I carry the Lumintop AAA Tool as a keychain and watch pocket flashlight.

    I use a USB recharger and NiMH cells but there are cells that can be charged directly. It's not everyone's ideal solution but it does come in handy when you need a couple of spare AAA batteries in an emergency.

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  6. NorthernHarrier

    NorthernHarrier Loaded Pockets

    Feb 23, 2011
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    I don’t know of any keychain light that is that small and will put out 40 lumens for four to six hours. For the small type of light you have in mind, I also can recommend the Nitecore TIP SE. It isn’t much bigger than the TINI but has significantly longer runtimes that come closer to your desired specifications. Well-designed and built light.

    You might want to also look at the Fenix E01 V2. It is about the size of the TIP, has good mode choices, and good runtimes at each output. The twisty switch will not likely activate the light accidentally. I just bought a few of these, as they are a great value. I bought Streamlight Microstream pocket clips to use on them.

    I have read that many people like the Tool AAA, although I don’t own one of those.
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  7. adnj

    adnj Loaded Pockets

    Mar 10, 2009
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    Tool AAA. I have owned them for years and can't seem to remember ever running down a NiMH battery prior to recharge.

    From the website:

    5 lm (60 Hours)
    32 lm (4 Hours)
    110 lm (30 Minutes)


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  8. SOS24

    SOS24 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 12, 2016
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    A 10180 keychain light (like the MecArmy or JetBeam ones) would probably meet your needs. They are small, twist on/off, 2 brightness levels with ~110 being the high and micro usb rechargeable.

    If wanting brighter with more functions, then look at the different Rovyvon Auroras or Nitecore Tiki/Tip/Tini
    #8 SOS24, Apr 19, 2021
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