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Urban Wallet

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by Dizos, Feb 21, 2009.

    Dizos Loaded Pockets

    I've been using an Urban Wallet by Bill's Custom Cases for a few months now as a front pocket organizer for EDC gear. I use a modified THE Wallet Jr. for regular (cash, ID, credit cards) wallet duty. Seeing as how he has "custom" in his business name, I asked about getting a custom Urban Wallet made to my specs. "No problem" and at no extra cost since the modifications did not require an extensive redesign. These run at ~$25. I originally posted about the UW in my Latest EDC thread if you want to see more pictures.

    Here is the new wallet (green) next to the original standard model. I asked for a more robust zipper in the custom job since I like my gear somewhat over-engineered.


    Here is the backside of them. With the custom job I wanted slip pockets on the back too so I can quickly grab items. Since the wallet sits upright in the front pocket it is unlikely that the items will slip out. I keep a subway/bus map and my subway card in the larger pocket. The pen slot is pretty handy too, I stuck a Fisher Space Pen in there, but it also nicely fits the narrow model Sharpie's.


    The last shot is of the zipper pockets. You want to keep thin items in there so you don't bulk up the wallet to much for your pocket.


    As we tune and specialize our EDC systems being able to have custom work done is a real bonus. I really enjoyed doing business with Bill Mittelman.

    Goliath Loaded Pockets

    Wow! That's a very nice job indeed. How long did it take?

    Dizos Loaded Pockets

    I think his turn around time varies depending on how big his work load is. It took about a week from placing the order on the phone until opening the package at home.

    cl0123 Loaded Pockets


    I was going through the Urban Wallet images in Bill's Custom Case's webpage and thought of the same thing about replacing the back zipper with a slip pocket. Your idea of adding a pen slot is brilliant.

    Would you happen to have an image of the zippo slot shot from top showing the insides? I am just trying to picture what do you mean by a zippo slot. Do you add an extra partition to the inside compartment? And how does that cut down bulge?

    Thanks in advance!

    I bought an All-Ett and a couple of Beza clips just a couple of weeks ago. The money clips are just a bit heavy to my taste. Moreover, I feel more "secure" to have a wallet enveloping my cash and credit cards.

    With Aloha,


    crossroads Empty Pockets

    That looks really nice. I remember reading a thread by sean2k (I think?) who did a review on the original Bill's Urban wallet design, and he specifically had a picture of a little notepad in the rear zipper pocket. It's great that Bill was able to change the design to fit your specs, and now I want to get one even more...

    Codeman Loaded Pockets

    Very nice! Thanks for posting this, Dizos!

    Dizos Loaded Pockets

    Here is the link to the review you mentioned as well as one by Free Radical.

    mrsean2k review

    Free Radical Review

    Clarence - I didn't take a top down picture of the side zipper pouch but if you check out some of the pictures in the other links you should get an idea. There is no internal organization inside (though that may be a cool idea...), I just stash the Zippo in the pocket.

    Goliath Loaded Pockets

    Hmm, question. What's the width of the 'new' pocket? (the larger one with the notepad next to the pen slot).
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    Dizos, awesome idea! O0

    I really like the slot pouches better than a zip pouch on the back of the wallet. If you have the main wallet compartment loaded, you can't get anything out of the back pocket.

    Dizos Loaded Pockets

    3" wide.
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    Three inches exactly, or wide enough to fit a 3" card? In other words, would a 3" X 5" index card fit?

    Dizos Loaded Pockets

    A few 3x5 cards will just fit, but considering the custom nature of the wallet I would make sure that Bill understands this requirement if you place an order. A 3x5 notepad will not fit.

    skassam Loaded Pockets

    +1 Bill's Urban Wallet is fantastic. I use it as an organizer in my cargo pants and it is perfect. Great workmanship and components.
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    Or I could use a paper cutter to create some custom 2-3/4" X 5" index cards. :evilgrin:

    mrsean2k Empty Pockets

    I went down the route of cutting standard 3x5 cards in half to give 3 x 2.5 cards.

    These fit perfectly in the standad outside zip pocket.

    Some pics.

    Absolutely love the pen mod - I think I'm off to order another one exactly the same as the modded version.

    rlocock Empty Pockets

    Why not buy A4 waterproof paper & make a pocketmod from it. That gives you 16 sides (inside + outside) of 2.75" by 4". (So A7 then )


    Whoops just found it elsewhere on here,sorry :rolleyes:

    mrsean2k Empty Pockets

    Given in and ordered a pen-slot variant in black - thanks Dizos!
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Guarddog EDC Junkie !!!!!

    I'm thinking I might be able to forgo the pen pocket and just have the slip pocket across the whole side that way several 3x5 index cards should fit.

    mrsean2k Empty Pockets

    If you didn't want a pen slot, the unmodified version will fit 3x5 cards as in the pink card shown here

    I've bulked it up to around 25 3x5 cards as a test, and they fit comfortably. I don't know exactly what stock the card is, so YMMV a bit.

    deusexaethera Loaded Pockets

    Urban wallet? I use the same wallet wherever I go; it carries my cards and stuff. I use my pockets for the rest.