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Updates on 5.11 Rush 24 bags?

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by jegrundh, Oct 7, 2011.

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    Hey guys, you always seem to be able to come through for me when i have a question about gear, so the question is this, i noticed on the new rush 24 multicam bags and even the rush 12 black bags that they have an extra secton of molle up at the top, but more importantly they have two buckles to put in your own 2" waist strap (which would solve my one and only gripe with the bag, which is the lack of waist strap to snug it down). Anyone bought specifically a black rush 24 recently? I would REALLY appreciate an answer to this as i'm hoping to pull the trigger monday!

    Thanks guys, and stay Frosty

    Moonduck Loaded Pockets

    While I've not had any of the new RUSH packs in the shop, from what I was told it was a redesign across all colors. I would give 5.11 customer service a call and ask them, or, if you can find it, call your local store/rep. One thing I will say is that some of the bigger mail-order houses still have a mix of old and new packs. Not that my shop is a mail-order shop, but, as I said, we have nothing but old design RUSH packs left.

    Note - I am in no way trying to solicit business for the shop I work at. I'm only answering these questions because I deal with many of these companies on a regular basis.

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    Thanks Moonduck, thats what i'm most worried about, i tried contacting both LApolicegear (ik not the best site for ordering stuff / getting it here on time, but hey, its convienient) and 5.11 customer service, but both seemed to not 100% know what they were talking about, guess i'll shoot LA policegear a final email asking if i can exchange if its not the most up to date version of the bag...

    Moonduck Loaded Pockets

    That's what I'd do. Unfortunately with the big houses, you're often going to find that quite literally no one but the guy at the end of the chain packing the box actually knows what the product looks like. 5.11 didn't update the SKU numbers on the redesign, so it can't be checked that way. LAPG deals with a LOT of old stock, seconds, etc, so tread carefully. Not saying they're bad to deal with at all, but they specifically pick up a lot of seconds and such (and advertise them as seconds), but they also buy a lot of old stock. Some of the bigger places will do that with smaller storefronts trying to move aging stock.

    Chopper Loaded Pockets