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Ultrafire 602A1 - Chinese Clone of the Chinese LP1

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by Lee1959, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Lee1959

    Lee1959 Empty Pockets

    May 16, 2006
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    Now I almost did not put this here, as it will be controversial at best. And because people will scream because I am using Fenix specs for the comparisons. However, the Fenix Specs are CLOSE ENOUGH for my purpose, and in fact, better I have heard than the Ultrafire specs, so if anything it is giving the Ultrafire a better looking review not worse. Any opinion on what is contained is strictly my own, and only given from my own point of view and not meant to impune any others opinion, review, likes or dislikes. And in fact I AM reviewing the Ultrafire, even if I extrapolate some results to reflect in a way on the Fenix's. But only because they are so close and the reasons for the results of my opinion would fit the Fenix lights also.


    The Ultrafire 602 and 602A1 are single cell personal pocket flashlights which use AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries. Price is around $20, and can be picked up on Ebay. They are a Chinese clone of the popular Chinese Fenix flashlights, but sold at about half the price. They are very close, from what I have read, in form, function, and build quality. The 602A1 has a slightly larger head and reflector.

    The light is about 4” x 11/16” at the thickest which is an inch shorter in length than the 2 AAA version Minimag, and the exact same size as it at the bezel. This happens to be the same size as the Inova X1, which would be a light in the same use and size.

    I will use the Minimag lights as comparison flashlights because almost everyone either has one, or has used one and they are the most likely encountered personal carry flashlights currently. I will also use the Inova X1 as a comparison piece. The light is activated by pressing a click switch at the butt cap of the light.

    I drop tested it from 5 feet onto my wood deck half a dozen times and then dropped it in a pail of water and it was not effected by either test what so ever.

    Specifications: (some technical specs beyond my ability borrowed from Flashlight Reviews.com I will use their output and throw specifications for review against other lights on their site which I highly recommend one peruse before buying any flashlight. Since I cannot find the exact specs of the Ultrafire 602s I will use the specs for the Fenix LP1 which from everything I have read are close enough to give rough comparisons)

    Ultrafire 602A1

    Length: 4 “
    Diameter: 11/16”
    Output: 2020
    Throw: 650
    Battery Life: 1 hour to 50%, Approx. 2 hours 15 minutes to dead (my test)

    Inova X1 – New version

    Length: 4 “
    Diameter: 11/16”
    Output: 600
    Throw: 60
    Battery Life: 8 hours to 50%, Approx. 15 hours to dead (my test)
    Weight with battery : Unknown but slight heavier than a AAA Minimag with batteries lighter than AA version

    Minimag AA and AAA version Comparisons:

    Length: AAA 5 “
    Diameter: AAA 11/16 bezel 7/16 tail cap
    Output: 200
    Throw: 465
    Battery Life: 40 Min. to 50% , 2 hours to dead

    Length: 5.75 “
    Diameter: 15/16” at bezel 11/16” at tail cap
    Output: 580
    Throw: 884
    Battery Life: 40 minutes to 50%, 5 hours to dead

    Pluses: Very bright for a small pocket light, water resistant, fairly rugged, long battery life, uses common AA battery. It is much brighter and with a longer throw than the Inova, and both of the Maglights. It is actually much more in the league of the X0 in output and throw, and the X0 is a much larger light using Cr123 batteries. It is HAIII (hard anodized III )which should last a good long time and keep the light looking nice.

    Minuses: Battery life is really lousy, for MY taste and needs. It is not a light I personally would want to rely upon in an emergency. One must remember, that run times, are from start of a new battery, to depletion of that battery. How often is the battery in NEW condition, especially after being used a few dozen times for 30 seconds or so, which is often done in EDC pocket lights. At any given time, there could be very little battery life left to rely upon. The clickie switch “feels” a bit cheap, however it might be perfectly good and last forever, but it does not feel like a quality switch. In all honestly though, I have heard of no bad issues with the switch.


    The Ultrafire feels nice in the hand, it seems well made but not robust like the X1. It has a thinner lighter feel to it. The switch is ok, works fine, but I am not sure I would trust it, just a feeling no proof of this. It is an EXTREMELY bright small fun light, and should impress people to no end. But not me, I am not overly impressed with brightness and no decent runtime. The lanyard that comes with it is your usual cheap lanyard that comes with almost everything that uses one, the thin cord will break in short order eventually.

    It is a cute, very bright neat little light. And I plan on giving it to my 15 yo. nephew, he will love it and play with it for a long time as he will flip over the brightness and not care how long it lasts.

    I know I sound like I dislike this light, but that is not the case. It is well made, bright, handy, and uses a common AA battery. But I find no use for it for myself, certainly not to take the place of the X1 I EDC. While brighter than the X1, it has lousy runtime, and the brightness does not make up for this in my eyes.

    I am very glad that I did not spend the $40 on a Fenix, and instead bought this one. Yes, it is NOT a Fenix LP1 and there are differences in specs and quality I am sure. However, it is CLOSE ENOUGH. Close enough to know that the Fenix LP1 would not satisfy me. I will try the other Ultrafires like the new Fenix models when they come out eventually, which they will, at a cheaper price.

    However, if you like the Fenix, you will most likely really like he cheaper ULtrafire at least to some extent and it might be a good buy.

    Let the screaming begin.
  2. greenLED

    greenLED Empty Pockets

    Jul 26, 2006
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    Let me understand correctly, in your review, where it says "Ultrafire 602A1", the specs belong to the L1P? Don't they have specs available for the UltraFire on their website?
  3. Lee1959

    Lee1959 Empty Pockets

    May 16, 2006
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    Could not find specs for the Ultrafire on the site, but everywhere I have read about them say that they are comparable to the L1P so for my purposes they sufficed. There might be slight differences in actual brightness, throw and a few minutes runtime to 50% which is the ones I used, but not enough to make enough difference to change my personal review and opinion. The numbers are strictly used to relate the light to other lights that may be more familiar, so a few points in any given number are irrelevant to the overall view.

    The reason I did not go find some other sites specifications for this light is consistency. The review was originally written for another site I moderate and have used the same sites numbers for comparison and I did not wish to change that and perhaps confuse. It is much less technical, and perhaps less scientifically accurate intentionally as it is a simple comparison for those who are not flashlight geeks.
  4. webley445

    webley445 Loaded Pockets

    Mar 31, 2006
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    I think this light has been compared directly to the Fenix on CPF.