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Two Keychains?

Discussion in 'Keychain Tools' started by Sarky, Sep 18, 2012.

    Sarky Loaded Pockets

    Since joining here, my keychain has already put on a bit of weight, and I can see that trend progressing. The way I see it, I can either slim it down (possible I'm sure, with a little thought), or... have two keychains - one with everyday essentials, and one with 'non-essentials' and generally just things I don't need when I'm only popping out to the shops.

    With something like a carbiner I could quickly join the two together, or put them in separate pockets, or whatever.

    On the 'essentials' keychain would be keys, flashlight, spare cash capsule and knife. On the second, items like peanut lighter, whistle, loupe.

    Does anyone else have this kind of arrangement? What pros + cons do you see with it?


    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I've seen this a lot around here. Mostly I see all keys on one and tools on the other. I've thought about trying it although I'm not
    100% happy with my current set up, I'm reluctant to mess with it lol
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    Sarky Loaded Pockets

    Ah, I knew I wouldn't be the first here to have considered this. :D I'm just in need of ideas, opinions and inspiration...

    Myth90045 Loaded Pockets

    I have done this also. One set which has my car / office / fiances keys are in one keychain along with an atwood wrench. Clipped to an s binder and clipped to my right side belt loop. the other keychain has my spyderco ladybug inchworm split pea lighter and flashlight. This is clipped to the inside of my left pocket using a p7 suspension clip.

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    sungame Loaded Pockets

    I actually think a combination of the two methods would work best: First, slim it down, then split it in two. Take the time to think long and hard about which items you really need on a keyring. Take out everything else. Then, split what remains into two rings. A carabiner that can link the two together is a very good idea.

    I find this a very sound approach. Sometimes, you only want to carry your keys, at other times it is not a good idea to keep keys on your person, but you might still need your tools.

    I do a minimalist version of this myself. Normally, I keep my Leatherman Style CS separate in one front pocket. In the other pocket, I have my keys, with a Fenix E01 clipped to them with a carabiner. When I want to go super light weight (for example when I go running), i can take off the light, and leave the house with just the keys. And when I spend multiple days hiking, canoeing or in a boat, I don't like keeping my keys on person. Then, I keep my keys in my pack or in a drawer in the boat, and keep the light and MT clipped together on the carabiner in my pocket.

    EDIT: Slim IT down. It, not I.
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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

    I've seen it a lot too. Im also getting to the point where having both not tools and my keys is a bit bulky. I kinda separated mine on my carabiner.

    Keys on one side and tools on the other. I also choose wisely when it comes to what tools are on my keys. A light, SAK and an inch worm are the things I use the most so I put them on my keys. I'm planning on having a tool keychain in my bag once I get around to doing that.......;) I think SAKplumber has a tool keychain....I think...

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    Sarky Loaded Pockets

    A nice arrangement. I've been thinking about getting a P7 clip for some time.

    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Jag engineer has a consolidated key chain ideas thread loaded with cool stuff. I thought it was a sticky in the key chain section, but I can't find it. It's you can find a post by him it's in hits signature. I'm on tapa talk right now so it's harder to find stuff like that. I know someone posted something very much like what you suggest in the show us your key chain thread just a few days ago, and it looked great

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    sungame Loaded Pockets

    Now, THAT's what I'm talking about! Nice setup!
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    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    At my last job, I had a ridiculous amount of keys, when we moved offices, the number of keys almost doubled. :eek:

    I eventually took to sperating my keysets into groups:
    1. EDC Bag: Work keys that rode in my day bag when I wasn't at work.
    2. EDC Bag: Utility ring with some Inch Worm, Centipede, Eyeglass screwdriver, Zippo Fuel Tank, etc.
    3. EDC Bag: Labeled pill fobs with various contents
    4. Pocket: Essential keys along with whistle, spare cash, a spare CR2 battery for my Quark Mini CR2 Ti, etc.
    5. Pocket: Vehicle Key with nothing else on it, except a wolf coin fob
    There are enough knives and flashlights elsewhere on my carry that I don't keep either on any keychain.

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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

    I just switched around my keys to this setup and its great! Now I don't have to file through my tools to get to my keys. :D

    Sarky Loaded Pockets

    I see the sense in having keys separate if you don't always need them. There's never really a time when I don't need to leave the house with mine though, but perhaps having the keys seperate-able with just a tiny flashlight would work... then again the emergency cash has come in useful a few times (nipping to shop and forgetting wallet for example:oops:). This is NOT easy!

    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I think one of the best reasons to separate is weight on ignitions and ease of turning/use for other keys
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    AK Adventurer Ice, Ice, Tigre

    Just be carefull after you sepperate them, to not grab just he wrong one... an lock yourself out of the car/house/work etc...

    No, I didn't do it, but came pretty darned close several times before I decided to heck with it and gave up, went back to one keychain.

    As to vehicles, and ignitions etc My truck keys Never leave the vehicle, hardly ever leave the ignition, and are not on a keychain. Its much simple to carry a car door key, and not have to keep taking the ignition key off and on your keys to leave the car run in the cold.


    T-Dub Loaded Pockets

    That black 'biner...I like that black 'biner. I need that.

    But to stay on topic, yeah, I also don't keep everything in existence on one keychain. My main carries my most used keys of course, mini-flashlight, SAK, USB drive and a little fob with personal meaning. That's all I honestly NEED on a daily basis.

    I do keep a cable keyring in my pickup's glovebox though, with some extras and backups on it, another flash, another usb, ANOTHER knife, micro bit set, and all my spare keys as well as those to other people's houses I wouldn't need on me 24/7. I rarely need that keyring in fact, though it's so heavy I wouldn't want to lug it around in my pockets daily anyhow or else I'd be busting a major sag. Could double as a flail for self-defense though ha.
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    Capbyrd Loaded Pockets

    I carry two keyrings but a different purpose. I don't like have any significant weight dangling from my car ignition. Just don't like the wear and tear on it.

    So I carry two rings. The first has a pickpocket on it that I use to hang it on my pocket. It has a TT 2nd gen skull, Preon P1, and all of my house keys. The second has my truck key, a victorinox flight usb drive and I rotate an Atwood out. Right now, its a flat wrunt. I'm waiting on a Munroe dangler to add to that one so I can hang it as well.
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    TECENG Loaded Pockets

    I have always had two keychains. One has my #$?@!!#&$%^% huge key fob and a few keys attached to it on a removable MCGizmo clip, all on a P-7. If I go to the gym or someplace where I don't need any keys, I unclip them from the key fob. The other keychain has a few tools that rides in the bottom of my right pocket. Usually a PicoPen, Inchworm, small knife or SAK, and a glow fob. I also carry a small flashlight on a P-7 in the other pocket.

    Sorry for the walking advertisement, but it's what I use :p
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    batteryguru Loaded Pockets

    I have kept two rings since I started driving. One ring has my electronic key fob, car key(s), and Streamlight Nano. The other has keys to everything else (store, house, gun safe) and a small novelty Craftsman adjustable wrench that has lived in my pocket for a decade now.
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    colt 1911 Loaded Pockets

    Trying to keep it light.
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    Call me old-fashioned, but I consider keychains to be primarily for keys. Granted, I have bent a little on that - I currently have a pair of Sliver Gripper tweezers and a flash drive on my keychain, but I mainly use it to carry the four keys I need daily. I have six more that I carry separately in a pen knife key case.

    Most people's keys are all essentially the same shape and format (with the exception of any new auto keys) and easily stack on top of each other, provided that your key ring is large enough to allow them to lay flat against each other. Flashlights, knives, USB drives, fire starting devices, nail clippers, tweezers, pry bars, etc., even if they are the same size, are all different shapes and don't stack as well. This leads to a clump in the pocket.

    If you have other items that you carry, you may find it more convenient to employ some sort of pocket organizer. It will allow the items to lay flatter in your pocket instead of bunching up as they would on a keychain. A very minimal level of DIY skill is needed to make your own elastic band organizer, for instance, though there are certainly more elegant solutions out there, such as metropolicity's Skinth P3 Parallel Pocket Panel.

    For your reference, check out the first link in my signature below. It links to a thread on keychain/keyring options and pocket organizers.
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