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Troubleshooting for common flashlights’ issues

Discussion in 'XTAR (flashlights, battery chargers, batteries)' started by XTAR, Jul 30, 2021.

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    Apr 21, 2016
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    When your flashlights don’t act up in a proper way, try out some basic troubleshooting ways first. For something simple or common, you can fix it by yourself. Such as these common issues, and troubleshooting methods below.

    *The flashlight won’t turn on, or flicker, or turn on then immediately turn back off.
    1. Check to make sure the head or tail of the flashlight is fully tightened.
    2. If the flashlight has a lockout function, make sure it’s not activated.
    3. Make sure the contact points are clean. If dust or debris is caught in the contacts then the flashlight may not work properly.
    4. Try out a different spare battery. Also, if you have another flashlight that uses the same battery, try out the original battery in the other flashlight to see if it works.

    *The rechargeable flashlight won’t charge
    1. There might be an issue with either the wall adapter, charging cord, or wall outlet. Then, try out a different wall outlet, wall adapter, and charging cord.
    2. Sometimes dust or debris can get in and around the adapter on the flashlight. Clean the charging port, then to charge it again.
    3. Try out a new battery to see if it fixes the issue. A good portion of the time, the battery is having issues rather than the flashlight.

    *The flashlight only works in low or strobe mode
    1. Double-check to see if the flashlight features different modes. Some flashlights may have different modes or settings that change how the flashlight operates. Follow the manual to change the setting.
    2. Check the battery. When a flashlight only works in low mode, the battery is low on energy and can’t produce more light. Try to recharge the battery. If it’s a non-rechargeable battery, replace it with a fresh one.
    3. If recharging the battery doesn’t work, try a new battery. It’s possible the original battery is defective.
    4. If the flashlight has a tail switch and cap, it’s possible that the switch is loose. Tighten the tail switch to see if it’s ok.

    Also welcome to share your tips to fix other common issues, and get the flashlight work well again. BTW, always recommend you to keep any proof of purchase from the manufacturers. With it, the warranty will go more smoothly.
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