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traser, luminox or marathon?

Discussion in 'Watches' started by Beneficial, Jul 7, 2011.

    Beneficial Loaded Pockets

    thinking of getting the countycomm traser tritium field watch but also like luminox znd marathon

    any thoughts?
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    DrChimRichalds Loaded Pockets

    This is the third Luminox thread I've posted in over the last two days, haha.

    I've had my Luminox 3051 for about three months and it's one great watch. It's definitely got my stamp of approval. Easy to read no matter what time of day, including in a pitch-black setting because the glow from the Tritium vials is just fantastic. It's lightweight, very durable, and very comfortable. You won't be sorry if you buy one.


    milox Loaded Pockets

    Traser makes some great watches, never had any problems with mine.


    ericb445 Loaded Pockets

    If you have the cash go for the Marathon,
    can't go wrong.

    hig789 Loaded Pockets

    I have a original Luminox 3000 series and I love it. I pretty sure that the Taser is the same watch as the 3000 series, not positive though. They look exactly the same though.

    Napo619 Empty Pockets

    I've been looking for a new EDC watch and after all the good reviews i've seen of the Lumi.. I think imma have to go with it to replace my G-Shock 3194..

    bltkmt Loaded Pockets

    TuffWriter Banned

    You might also consider a TAWATEC.



    archimedes EDC Junkie!!!

    Not sure which models of Luminox and Marathon you are considering, but generally the Marathon strikes me as more "heavy duty". Durable and tough, but also large and heavy. The JSAR is a massive watch, for example.

    I have no experience with Traser, though, sorry.

    Christopher_loaf Empty Pockets

    Traser and Luminox in the brief period that I owned a Traser are basically exactally the same. Unfortunately I can't help you on the newer models of each, (ie colormark, red traser, etc) because for some reason tritium watches have gone up in price. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative just to have a tritium watch, I suggest you look for TruGlo's Switchback model. If you're looking for really nice and luminous, Luminox/Traser get my vote. Both are made with MB-Microtec's tritium which seems to be the best around. I can't tell you much about Marathon.
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    karlito Loaded Pockets

    I have a Tracer Big Date Chrono (pic on Watchawearin thread) and really like it, however the PVD coating is prone to scuffing and will eventually look bad if worn "roughly". From what I've read, this is a fairly common complaint. Whether this is an issue specific to Traser or PVD coatings in general I am unsure. Marathons are known as tank / tool watches, beefy and tough. Everyone seems to say that you can't go wrong with a Marathon. Check out watchuseek.com for more watch info than you will ever want.

    archimedes EDC Junkie!!!

    Most surface coatings like PVD will eventually scuff and scratch, especially if subjected to EDC use, but DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) is supposed to be much tougher. It is still a relatively uncommon and rather expensive process, and I have only seen it on a few rather high-end watches (& flashlights and knives).
    • In Omnia Paratus

    TARFU EDC!!!!! Junkie

    Marathon is really in a different price class than Traser and Luminox unless you get into the Chronos compared to a non-Chrono Marathon TSAR but its all relative. If someone has the means to get the former then I doubt they'd be considering the latter. There are a number of other watches in the Marathon price range ($500 - $800) that I would consider if that was my budget.

    Marksnoco Guest

    I looked at Marathons, ended up with a Rolex. The price jump between a new auto Marathon with a SS bracelet and a used Sub was close enough it made sense to me at the time, and the Sub has a better resale value long term. It's been several years and I'm happy with my choice.

    I had an early Luminox, but it had mineral crystal and ended up looking horrible quick.

    Pilot Empty Pockets

    Where did you get a Rolex Submariner for less than $1K??? My Marathon GSAR was $400, LNIB on Ebay, and new they are less than $800. SS bracelets are around $140 new, less used. Even used Rolex Subs, depending of vintage push $4 - $5K.

    Marksnoco Guest

    I paid a little over 2k for my TT sub (couple years ago), used on craigslist (authenticated at an AD, with notarized bill of sale and ID info recorded). I've seen several older GMTs for around 2k in the last couple years. Good deals are out there if you look around.

    When you're about to spend nearly 1k on a new Marathon watch, and keep in mind resale value... then jumping up to around 2k for a used Rolex isn't a huge leap. Especially since you could sell the Rolex for as much as you paid, but you can't do that with the Marathon.

    But that's my logic, someone else may have different logic. I also had the patience and dedication to search for a good deal on a used watch, again something others might not want to do. I'll admit surfing CL for a used Rolex is always a risky proposition. I was willing to take the risk, and took some extra steps to cover my butt.
    • In Omnia Paratus

    TARFU EDC!!!!! Junkie

    Are we talking full retail or street pricing? New or Resale? Again, Rolex and Marathon are also in two different realms. You talk about getting a Rolex Sub for a little over $2K on Craigslist. I believe one could get a gently used Marathon between $500-600 in the same manner without a lot of effort (maybe lower like you say with patience and dedication).

    And I believe you could get your money out of a Marathon if you buy at that price point versus buying new at County Comm or some other source. The guy you bought your Rolex from, if he paid full retail new, took a bath when he sold his to you. Bottom line - we all rationalize purchases; particularly luxury items. It sounds like to me you just really wanted the Rolex. ;D

    caemgen Loaded Pockets

    my vote is to go with the marathon.

    homer603 Loaded Pockets

    Luminox is nice but for guys with smaller wrists, the selection is limited.

    AirMech74 Loaded Pockets

    I like Lum Tec