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Tom's Way Too Detailed Vehicle EDC

Discussion in 'Travel' started by thegrouch314, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. thegrouch314

    thegrouch314 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 10, 2015
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    I was sorting out some stuff in my car so I decided to take some photos. I drive a 2003 Peugeot 206 and I live in a rural-ish area of the UK, hence why my car is a right hand drive. It's cheap to run and I've never had a speeding ticket, mostly because it doesn't go fast enough

    [​IMG]InkedIMG_20210606_183547_474_LI by Tom, on Flickr

    [​IMG]InkedIMG_20210606_183556_136_LI by Tom, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_182835_073 by Tom, on Flickr

    Starting up front, I have a res-q-me hanging from my drivers sun visor. The car is small enough that it can be reached from any seat in the car and it's secure but doesn't obscure my vision. Also in the sun visor is a card with all of my policy numbers and phone numbers for insurance and breakdown so I don't have to search them up. Saved my :censored: when a previous car blew a head gasket on the motorway and my phone was dead. I could borrow a phone but I still needed my insurance details.

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_182731_084 by Tom, on Flickr

    Ashtray usually holds some loose change, mints, maybe some condiments and salt, and other assorted detritus. Right now there's a coin battery, a rear light bulb for someone else's car and some Euros

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_182706_285 by Tom, on Flickr

    The doors have two door pockets. The front one is a normal door pocket, the rear one can only be accessed with the door open. Drivers side front door pocket holds a cree flashlight, some medications I might need while driving (stomach cramps) and usually a handfull of napkins

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_182710_211 by Tom, on Flickr

    Rear drivers side door pocket holds a waterproof jacket and a high vis vest. If I have to do a roadside repair in the dark, I don't want to have to walk around to the boot to find a high vis. Plus they get dirty in the boot

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_182632_588 by Tom, on Flickr

    Passenger side door pockets hold vomit bags and bin liners for my family with sensitive stomachs. Rear pocket holds my ice scraper year round. If I take it out in summer, I loose it before the next winter

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_182747_839 by Tom, on Flickr

    Centre console holds my (prescription) sunglasses in a case under the handbrake. There's plenty of space to put the handbrake all the way down without interfering. Sometimes I keep a bottle of water in the rear portion of the console

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_182518_658 by Tom, on Flickr

    Glove box holds:
    Portable jump starter (usually with the jump leads, just not pictured)
    Cheapish MT
    Hand lotion
    Sat Nav
    FAK with OTC meds
    Suction cup phone mount
    Duct tape
    Hand sanitiser
    Masks (disposable and resuable, stored in zip locs)
    Assorted cables and chargers
    Wet wipes

    I keep the portable jumper in the glove box because without the battery, the only way to open the boot is to climb in through the back seat. After you've opened it, there's no way to lock it again. Stupid design, should have a key lock too.

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_183247_612 by Tom, on Flickr
    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_182847_516 by Tom, on Flickr

    Rear seat pockets hold maps of my local area and a road atlas of the UK as well as vomit bags both sides.

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_183008_990 by Tom, on Flickr

    Passenger head rest holds an IFAK with a second res-q-me in a Condor EMT Lite. Although you can reach the res-q-me attached to the front sun visor, you'd have to lean forward. In an accident, if the seatbelt has jammed, you might not have the range of motion so I have a second one.

    IFAK contains
    CPR Maks
    Duct tape
    Mini scalpel
    Compressed gauze
    Space blankets x 2
    Israeli bandage
    CAT TQ
    Vaseline gauze
    Gloves x12ish (not pictured)

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_182803_868 by Tom, on Flickr

    Fire extinguisher is mounted to a rail behind the drivers seat with a strap. It's not a great solution because it's not the easiest place to access but I don't want it flying around in a rollover

    [​IMG]InkedIMG_20210606_180710_731_LI by Tom, on Flickr

    Now for the interesting stuff: the boot/trunk. Top L-R
    Collapsible snow shovel (only in the winter. I put it back in for the photo)
    Bag 1
    Bag 2
    Tool Bag
    Thick jacket (again, only in winter. Put back in for the photo)
    Boots with a spare pair of socks tucked inside (Grafters Sniper Boots, well worn in)
    4x2l bottles of water
    Spare wheel (the cage is under the car but badly corroded. It left deep welts in the wall, through to the metal inside the tyre so I don't use it
    12v tyre compressor (My local garage charges 50p for air, I object to that on a moral level)

    I keep the oil and screenwash in the car because if I leave it in my garage it gets stolen and I never have any sodding oil. This is the easiest solution to a frequent argument.

    It looks like the boot is totally full but it's closer half full. It's more like a thin layer on the bottom of the boot. I usually have a bunch of grocery bags in there too

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_154925_875 by Tom, on Flickr

    Tool bag. Nothing too exciting. Jack, tyre iron, sockets, fix a flat, jump leads, rope, bulbs and fuses, work light, normal tools.
    I also keep the car manual and the haynes manual in there

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_163525_423 by Tom, on Flickr
    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_164100_391 by Tom, on Flickr

    Bag 1 is set up as a grab bag/GHB sort of thing. I keep my emergency kit all in that bag so if I do break down or something happens, I can grab the bag and ditch the car and I don't have to rummage for stuff.

    Pocket 1 is basically a replacement EDC. If I'm on my way home from a wedding, I'm not gonna have my usual EDC. Bandana, compass, orange duct tape, light, knife (sturdy but UK legal), lighter, matches and tinder, MT

    Box beneath it is gear on the outside of the pack. Whistle, res-q-me knockoff, weightbearing carabiner, solar light

    Pocket 2
    Headlight (stored without batteries()
    Crank charger
    Crank light
    2 sets of Batteries for both lights
    Wire saw

    Pocket 3

    Main Pocket (Photo 2)

    Lip balm
    SS cup
    Space blanket x 2
    Disposable poncho x2
    Heat packs
    Groundsheet 6x8'
    Plastic drop cloth 12'x12'
    Water bottles 4x500ml
    5l water carrier
    Coffee filter
    Water purification tablets x 10 (not really necessary in UK but makes me feel better)
    SS water bottle
    Fish mouth spreader for hanging a bottle over a fire if need be
    Cooked rice
    Snack bars
    Electrolyte powder
    SS lunch box
    Guy lines
    Tent pegs x2 (I know I could carve some but they weigh nothing)
    Duct tape
    Spare bootlaces (Paracord is too slick to get a good knot IMO)
    High Strength fishing line
    Mylar sleeping bag
    Regular bin liners
    Heavy duty bin liners
    Fire kit inc several types of tinder and starting methods (Not pictured)

    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_164928_592 by Tom, on Flickr
    [​IMG]IMG_20210606_165126_306 by Tom, on Flickr

    Bag 2 is more of the general useful stuff stored in a bag for convenience, but if I do need to bail out and I'm with another person we can take both bags and take more stuff

    Pocket 1
    Snack bars
    Phone charger
    Tea lights
    Hexamine block
    Water purification tabs
    Can opener
    Orange duct tape
    Pocket knife

    Pocket 2
    General wash kit stuff inc bug spray and sun screen

    Pocket 3 (photo 2)
    Wooly hat
    Ball cap
    Heavy duty bin liners
    12x12' plastic sheeting
    Towel (usually for the dog)
    Bottled water
    Full change of clothes, including belt
    King size fleece blanket (not pictured, it's currently keeping the lawnmower mess contained in my mums car. Typically used to keep the muddy dog off the seat)

    I hadn't realised until typing this up with how much water I have in my car. That's definitely overkill considering I almost always have my nalgene

    Bag 1, my grab and go bag, hasn't been used but most of everything else has been at some point, even if just for an impromptu picnic. I don't like not being prepared for what may come my way, I trait that seems to be common here. I mean sure I can call out the breakdown van if something goes wrong with my car (I have good breakdown cover) but I don't want to hang around for 2 hours waiting for them when, with the right tools, I can get myself back on the road in half that time and without being bored

    I've also driven a string of crappy cars. I figure my odds of breaking down somewhere inconvenient and possibly dangerous are higher than for most people. Worst case scenario, if I do breakdown and have no phone signal, I can bunker down in my car or hike out of there, depending on how far it is
  2. ran23
    • In Omnia Paratus

    ran23 Loaded Pockets

    Nov 15, 2007
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    No Safety Vest in the Boot? thought it was required.
  3. rdisom

    rdisom Loaded Pockets

    May 10, 2011
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    6th picture from the top:
    Rear drivers side door pocket holds a waterproof jacket and a high vis vest. If I have to do a roadside repair in the dark, I don't want to have to walk around to the boot to find a high vis. Plus they get dirty in the boot
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  4. Jay-uk

    Jay-uk Loaded Pockets

    Feb 8, 2016
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    What mpg you get with all that ?
  5. thegrouch314

    thegrouch314 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 10, 2015
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    Plus they aren't actually mandatory in a UK car, although it's a good idea to have one
  6. thegrouch314

    thegrouch314 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 10, 2015
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    45 ish mpg, in UK gallons
  7. smokingfish

    smokingfish Loaded Pockets

    Apr 11, 2014
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    I got a bunch of stuff in my jeep, probably to do a deep clean soon.
  8. Bad Company

    Bad Company Loaded Pockets

    Feb 15, 2015
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    I am impressed sir!