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Titaner Titanium Gears - Waterproof Capsule Series

Discussion in 'Titaner' started by TITANER, Nov 1, 2017.

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    TITANER Loaded Pockets

    Jul 9, 2017
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    Three series of Titaner Capsule are made from titanium - a healthy, non-allergenic, non-toxic material. They offer extremely high quality capable of carry goods in the harshest of conditions.
    For Classic and Machined Capsule, while open from the top, an O-ring is placed in the thread to protect cargo from moisture.


    The double-ended capsule features two separate waterproof openings, each with their own screw on cap and seated O-rings to provide a high quality seal.

    Those waterproof capsules are great for carrying fish hooks, tinder, rolled up cash, medicine, matches and other small items that you may like to keep handy.


    Besides, they are designed for CR123 battery collection. Inside the cap is a protective insulated pad,
    protects the battery from possible shorting as well as unavoidable rattling.


    The key chain design makes this petite but soild capsule a nice addition to your EDC.



    Titaner Classic Capsule
    Length: 2.14'' (54.25mm)
    Width : 0.89" (22.55mm)
    N.W. : 1.13oz (32.0g)

    Titaner Machined Capsule
    Length: 1.85'' (47.00mm)
    Width : 0.85" (21.55mm)
    N.W. : 0.94oz (26.6g)

    Titaner Double-ended Capsule
    Length: 1.99" (50.50mm)
    Width : 0.84" (21.44mm)
    N.W. : 1.09oz (30.8g)
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