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Titaner Kickstarter Campaign - Bolt Action pen+Refill Adjust Tab

Discussion in 'Titaner' started by TITANER, Jan 25, 2018.

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    TITANER Loaded Pockets

    Jul 9, 2017
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    Here it is:

    This Titaner-Bolt has been manufactured from the highest-quality GR5 titanium (6AL4V), making it strong, tough, and robust. This great material gives it a solid feel on hand. The smooth texture and the well-designed balanced weight gives you a perfect writing experience.

    Bolt Mechanism:

    Simply twist the top of the pen to retract and extend the refill chamber. Unlike traditional pens, the bolt is welded in place, giving it a solid mechanism that will never become loose.

    Adjustable Chamber Structure:

    A problem with standard pen designs is they have been specifically designed for just one type of refill, leaving the user with very limited choice. But look at this one.

    There is a Phillips screw when we unscrew the tail. By screwing it, we can easily adjust the length of the chamber to fit refills with different length.
    Who would carry a screwdriver all the time? No worries. The pen clip doubles up as a screwdriver, allowing the user to adjust the screw as and whenever they like.

    Once the screw had been fully screwed in, a mini-pin hides here. This can be used for a range of purposes, including depressing reset buttons, removing a SIM card from a mobile device, etc.

    The mini pin stays firmly in place and no worries about losing it in everyday use.

    O-rings Grip
    Titaner-bolt pen grip employs three Anti-Slip, 100% Food-Grade O-rings to enhance the grip. These are available in a range of colors, allowing you to adjust the look of your pen to your personal taste.

    Tungsten Glass Breaker
    The Titaner-bolt pen is equipped with a tungsten nib, which can be used to break glass in an emergency or to protect yourself against an attack.

    Refill Options

    For common refills like the following types, they all work perfectly on Titaner-Bolt.

    Schneider Gelion 39
    PILOT LG2RF-8M/BLS-G2-10

    There are so many refills out there waiting to be explored. Back us and get your Titaner-bolt! Feel free to try more refills and have fun with yours!
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