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Titaner Bullet Titanium Pen – Cool Material for Daily Writing

Discussion in 'Titaner' started by TITANER, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Jul 9, 2017
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    Titaner Titanium Bullet Pen, 1:1 shape with .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) Bullet, milled from Grade 5 Titanium, sleek yet tremendously tough. An ideally cool material for daily writing and desk exhibition. Bullet pen comes with Schneider ink cartridge. Unscrews the caps while start writing.

    Pen cap is equipped with a super-hard ceramic bead attack head - hardness is second only to diamond. It can quickly break through the tempered window glass and competent in rescue, self defence, etc.


    The round-shaped bead is friendly in appearance. Dislike the sharp sharp tungsten alloy head, it won’t scratch clothing, skin or bags.


    There is enough room in the pen body, for storing like paper money, toothpick, backup catridge or other small accessories.


    Besides, bullet pen are deisgn with three slots for Tritium Lamp (Trigalight), 12mm*3mm tritium tubes could be fit with them.


    Two surface options, named polished titanium and stone-washed titanium.

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