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TiBolt - An American-made Titanium Bolt-action from Brian Fellhoelter at kickstarter

Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by oke, Nov 2, 2012.

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    oke Loaded Pockets

    Just fyi...

    Elsewhere, Brian posted that he's getting some pushback from kickstarter because they think that he's offering multiples in a single pledge, which is now against a "guideline" (which I'd interpret to be more flexible than a rule, fwiw) set forth since the blog entry that ks is not a store. He actually understood that guideline, and worded the higher tiers in such a way that one could get both the decorated and the simple pen, with the cap or the stylus in one pledge. And they're saying that he needs to fix it or the project will be shut down.

    So, for any who pledged for more than 1 TiBolt, those tiers may be removed, and you might have to pledge at a lower level and add more to the pledge to receive another pen (whether or not it's identical to the first one). A message to those at those levels may be given later, so this is just a heads-up.

    Gotta figure that, if the pledge levels will need to be changed, then he'd let ya know if any action needs to be taken to recalculate the pledge.

    Bauzen Loaded Pockets

    Campaign is sold out with 17 days to go. No more slots left in any category.
    That's odd... Never seen it before in any other Kickstarter campaign.
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    Farchyld Loaded Pockets

    The heck? I didn't realize that the first $99 slot even ran out??? That's a huggeeee bummer...
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    oke Loaded Pockets

    The deal is that Brian was told that his pledge levels for "2 different" and "4 different" pens were prohibited as a result of the new guideline (from the "kickstarter is not a store" blog entry of 20 Sep) that multiples cannot be offered from projects in the "Product Design" or "Hardware" sections (although, you can be a level up in the "Design" category and offer multiples, or even in the "Fashion" group, like the TGT wallet, and offer more than one of the same item). So he was told to get backers in those two categories to pledge at a lower level so that those upper levels could be deleted once they were empty, or the project will be shut down. He described those levels, though, so a person could get a "sensible set" of pens, such as one decorated and one undecorated, or one undecorated with Ti cap, 1 undecorated with stylus, 1 decorated with Ti cap, and 1 decorated with stylus, so there weren't multiples. The 4-pen level has been vacated and removed already.

    To hobble the project, ks made it unsearchable from the ks page, so one can only get to the project via a direct link, like that one... And so he decided to have all levels as "sold out" until then. The problem was that, once one backs out of a sold-out level, the notice goes up that 1 of ___ is still available, and for a while (since Friday, iirc), he'd been policing the project to see that, when a backer left the upper levels, then he'd attempt to continue to lower the number available, or something like that.

    Anyway, if he can kick the remaining ones out of the top tier, then he will get the project reinstated as fully functional (so it can be searched for from the ks site), and make it so the non-early bird levels will not be marked as sold out. Or, at least, that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it, lol. :)

    Bauzen Loaded Pockets

    I hope he gets it done. I waited, like a moron, and now I can't buy one.

    I'm watching this thread in my alerts, if someone sees the slots reopen, kindly post here telling us. I'll do the same if I see it happen.
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    Farchyld Loaded Pockets

    Same. I feel stupid for not kicking in. Who waits for paydays anyway?

    Fellhoelter Loaded Pockets

    You guys know that you will not get charged until December 1st right?
    THAT is the day you need to have the money...

    By the way,

    WE'RE BACK !!!

    New rewards are up for a second delivery.

    choombak Loaded Pockets

    Yay! I am in - regular pen with solid Ti cap.

    I have the Maxmadco, and now this will be added to the pen arsenal. I'd leave a legacy for my daughter! :)

    choombak Loaded Pockets

    [dup post, deleted]

    TheTomas Loaded Pockets

    I'd been wanting a bolt action pen since I saw the madmaxco, but I wanted titanium. I'm really excited about this pen, even with another kickstarter Ti pen on its way. I was disappointed that I was going to have to wait until march, but my girlfriend was on kickstarter patrol yesterday and noticed an early backer slot open, so she snapped it up. I'm a lucky guy. I can't wait to find out when the early pens are shipping.

    tmedina EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I wish I could - I'm already stretched too thin this month as it is. Which is ironic, because I'll probably end up buying a pen once he gets up and running.

    Bauzen Loaded Pockets

    :censored: you and your too-cool-for-school pen, Brian Fellhoelter
    Really didn't have the money to back this project, but I had to have it so I pledged.

    Kalidor Loaded Pockets

    I am in for one. Ti, bolt action. Could not be happier!

    Bauzen Loaded Pockets

    With 8 minutes to go in the campaign, someone backed out of an early backer slot and I was able to swap my pledge from the second/third batch to the initial batch. I'm pretty stoked about this. I got super lucky. :cool:
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    Kripto Evil Sid

    The nice person from USPS just came by and made my weekend!

    This is one of the few Kickstarter projects that I jumped on when I heard about it.. I got in on the earlybird $99 entry point and Brian just shipped these..


    My initial thoughts are :

    Pros :

    1. The pen is very light! It feels good in the hand.
    2. The refill he's using is smooth and very nice to write with. (Schmidt Refill)
    3. The section (the area you hold) is very nicely done. Just grippy enough w/o being overly so.
    4. The bolt mechanism is just about perfect.. It gives you a nice satisfying click when you deploy the pen and retract it as well.
    5. His stonewashed Ti is awesome.. It feels great! :)
    6. Came with a small, inexpensive torx driver to remove the clip and replace the standard end cap with a stylus endcap. (included in this package)

    Cons :

    1. The only negative I can think of is the angle of the front.. It's pretty short.. So if you are like me and like to see the pen where it hits the paper, this gets blocked by my thumb.. (not that big of a deal..)

    All in all, I would rate this pen 9.5/10

    If you get a chance to pick one up, get it!
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    rickinFL Loaded Pockets

    Got a fancy one. Looks like it will be a few more months.
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    goosefacer EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Same here - thanks for making the wait feel longer Kripto! Sheesh ;)

    Kripto Evil Sid

    The funny thing is, he just posted yesterday with the pix of the mailtruck leaving.. I was not expecting to get it so soon!
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    goosefacer EDC Junkie!!!!!

    So he used the unadvertised "ninja" option...it's in one place, you blink, and it's somewhere else. Props to BF ;)
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    EveryDayBeer Loaded Pockets

    Me three! :( Are you folk going to opt for the TiBolt lasering or plain? Don't reckon I like the TiBolt lasering myself, so hopefully I can pick out a non-lasered fancy one. The Fellhoelter on the clip is a nice touch though.

    The only worry I have is getting a Skinth to fit the pen properly. Think metro also has a TiBolt on order so he should be able to come up with something for my next order. :p
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