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The Horizontal Carry Thread.

Discussion in 'Knives' started by m1ster s, Apr 13, 2009.

    m1ster s Loaded Pockets

    How do ya'll do horizontal carry? I am starting to think that horizontal carry for both my fixed blades and folders might be the way to go. Any suggestions?

    parnass Loaded Pockets

    fishwolf Loaded Pockets

    I carry my smaller fixed blades horizontal in the small of the back. It works great for me.

    Exmasonite Loaded Pockets

    I've only done this with a few fixed blades. I'm right handed.

    I like a 9:00 carry with the handle facing forward (basically a cross draw).

    I've done this with my Ontario Rat 3 when hiking/working around the yard. I've also carried my atwood Micro Bug Out Blade that way for EDC and it's also quite nice.

    I have also tried small of the back carry with the handle facing my right, mainly for the Rat 3. My only dislike is that the RAT 3 molded sheath is a little too snug and requires a little too much pull. In addition, my only desire for a knife in that position would be SD and i'd rather have my gun for that.

    mercop Empty Pockets

    I am not a fan of horizontal on the belt line. I prefer it like this on a Tactical Tether.





    CaptainANS Empty Pockets

    mercop: What blade is that?

    carrot Loaded Pockets

    I find the best way to carry horizontally is near the buckle.


    mercop Empty Pockets

    Polecat from Al Polkowski, Al's fixed blades are about all I carry these days. Great knives at great prices from a great man. http://www.polkowskiknives.com/

    m1ster s Loaded Pockets

    I'm having trouble finding nice horizontal sheaths. I tried the innertube trick today and it was really great. I'd just like something a little more secure.

    So far I'm really liking the positioning best near the buckle. Does anyone do the small or their back though?

    carrot Loaded Pockets

    It's doable with most sheaths but the problem is it's a lot harder to conceal stuff on your back since many shirts seem predispositioned to ride up.

    fishwolf Loaded Pockets

    Most of mine go in the SOB position.

    charlie fox Loaded Pockets

    I will occassionally carry a small to medium fixed blade strong side appendix position IWB almost horizontal, so that only 3/4 of the handle is showing. This conceals well and mimics my draw stroke for my firearm.

    adnj Loaded Pockets

    I love that inner tube trick! I will need to try that today.

    I usually horiz carry a CRKT Fixed PECK as a last ditch knife. I attached the rigid sheath to a cylinder made from 1.5 inch webbing using kevlar thread. I put the belt through the cylinder. It works great and stays out of the way - even when I am on a motorcycle. I prefer the Mercharness and a big fixed blade on my weak side.

    mercop Empty Pockets

    Small of the back is a very dangerous place to carry, causes a serious concentration of force on your spine if you fall on it. Also very uncomfortable while driving one of he easiest draws to foul. The farther tools are behind you pocket seams the worse it is. Not a natural path for your hands unless you are getting your wallet.- George

    fishwolf Loaded Pockets

    I find SOB carry very comfortable, and I keep one there just for that going for the wallet motion. What better way to "hand it over" to a bad guy than a surprise like that? Works well!
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    Probably a very good point. In the past, I've preferred carrying fixed blades in the small of my back. One of the main reasons being that a right-handed sheath works for a left-handed person very well in that position. I usually only would carry like this when I was in the woods or on the river, though. I stopped doing this after bruising my back on a canoe trip.

    If I'm carrying a fixed blade in another situation, I usually opt for one small enough to either pocket or carry around my neck. On the rare occasions I carry my Mora, I will use a custom horizontal Kydex sheath made by On Scene Tactical. I have had two of their sheaths and they are very high quality and allow for vertical carry, horizontal carry, and 45° carry.

    On a side note,...

    A good argument for a front pocket wallet. :-X

    TKC Loaded Pockets

    For horizontal knife carry, I prefer to carry cross draw.

    lambdadao Loaded Pockets

    I converted my original Leatherman Wave Bianchi (molded nylon) holster to horizontal carry years ago. It goes on my belt, flap forward, at around the 4 o'clock position. Doesn't interfere with sitting or moving around and the tool is instantly accessible. The original Bianchi made leatherman holster is still the best multi-tool holster I've seen; flexible yet doesn't collapse and it still looks practically new.

    JN01 Loaded Pockets

    souptree Loaded Pockets

    I horizontal carry my 3" XM-18 on my belt in a Chris Reeve Sebenza sheath. It has a 4 way belt loop for multiple carry options. Great combo!