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The Emergent Task Planner Review

Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by curlyfry562, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. curlyfry562

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    Nov 18, 2007
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    This is a very non-traditional planner design from designer David Seah that I have been using for the past week. Key features:

    -It is not a bound binder, it is completely loose leaf. You write in the date and time on the one page you are using for the day.

    -Because it is loose leaf you can print out free copies.

    -It includes a section for critical daily tasks, which is pretty standard, but what sets this apart is the simple bubble in system for duration of task, as well as a spot to put a hash mark for estimated duration. These simple visual indicators are one of my favorite features.


    How I use this system:

    Every evening I fill in tomorrows date and three or four critical tasks that I need to get done the following day with an estimated duration of completion. The next day when I get to work I fill in the hours of the day starting when I begin working on the left hand side. I do not work a fixed 9 to 5, so I can customize the hourly time scale on the left column to fit my needs for that given day, a very useful feature I have never seen on any other planner.

    When I get to work the single sheet of 8.5x11 gets folded in quarters and stuck in my pocket. As I get new tasks I add them to the list and as I compete tasks I fill in the bubbles (15 min increments) to note the time it took me to complete a task; I can quickly compare this to the hash mark estimate I made the night before. As I go through the day I note when I performed tasks on the left column of the sheet, so I have a time line of my day. If I get distracted during the day I simply refer back to the planner and can quickly put myself back on track with my highest priority task.

    When I get home after work each evening I toss the completed task planner sheet in a file next to my desk and at the end of that week I pull the 6 sheets out and reference them when writing my status report and time card. At my job I am commonly working against multiple job codes for different projects and these task planners greatly help me keep track to make sure I am billing the correct hours to the job codes.

    So far I have been impressed with how much these planners have kept me on task during both my working and non-working hours, and allowed me to quickly bounce back from distractions. I have been incredibly surprised at the ease in which I have been able to consistently use these to manage my day, everyday. Because this a loose leaf "open source" design if I ever get to work and realize I have forgotten to bring a sheet with me I can just print out a sheet and I am back in business.

    If you are interested in using these I suggest you download and print out a copy and give it a try. They also sell a loose leaf pad on Amazon which is on very good heavy weight paper that I have started using, and highly recommend.

    Tried posting the links to Dave Seah's site and where you can purchase his products on Amazon, but apparently that is against forum rule now :rolleyes_revamped:. Feel free to google it if you are interested. Cheers!
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