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TEC Accessories is Growing Up

Discussion in 'TEC Accessories (keychain tools)' started by TECENG, May 26, 2016.

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    TECENG Loaded Pockets

    Sep 2, 2006
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    For those of you who decided to click on this thread topic, thank you. I know many people probably don’t care about what changes a company is going through, they usually want to know when the next product is going to be released. But I feel compelled to mention a few things here (without getting too long-winded) to give members some idea of what TEC is up to.

    TEC Accessories was established in 2004, and many changes have taken place since then. We started out as a small, part-time, obscure company manufacturing an aftermarket cup holder for BMW’s. We have since transformed into a well established company with over 60 resellers, developing accessories for the EDC and personal accessory marketplace. Over the years we have seen many changes in this arena, almost to a point where EDC is a well recognized household word :)

    Well, it’s time for TEC Accessories to grow up. What does that actually mean? It means that we are going all-in. It’s time to see exactly what we can do for this industry in a way that we have never done in the past. It means planning, investment, growth, risk, and above all else, fun. Our transition into this new phase puts us in the midst of numerous projects, several to be released this year. A few that we can mention here:

    1. One MAJOR product upgrade to be released very soon
    2. A Kickstarter campaign scheduled for release in June (the Pixel Ti)
    3. A design update to our product packaging, including UPC barcodes
    4. We are currently working with an individual under a license agreement to move his design of a VERY unique product into production this year. This one I am VERY excited about.
    5. Several other products scheduled for release this year
    6. A much more active involvement in social media
    7. Increasing our newsletter to a monthly schedule with more informative content
    8. As some of you may already know from our newsletter, we now have a facility in Tucson (in addition to our current California location) which will be handling most of our production and fulfillment. This is a temporary facility, until the larger building remodeling is complete

    I also want to mention that we will have someone else representing TEC Accessories on the forum. He will be posting under the forum name “arekay”, and will join me in not only posting here in the manufacturers section as a TEC representative, but also participating on the forum to learn and have fun like the rest of us.

    But with these changes come associated issues that must be addressed as well. New employees, legal issues and documentation, finances, internal restructuring, changes to our distribution network and processes, etc., etc., etc. I mention these only to shed some light on the effort required to make all of this a reality, and also the reason why some changes will be necessary.

    As we grow, we expect to maintain the same level of customer care and support that we have become known for. It may sound like an old adage, but we truly don’t exist without our customers and we know that you simply want to be treated as we would. That, we will never change.

    So in closing, I would like to thank everyone who has helped to support us over the years and have now made these changes possible. That includes this forum (Jon, Karen, and the people behind the scenes who we will continue to support in any way we can), our loyal resellers, and every single one of our customers.

    Thank you all.

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  2. Nick4305
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    Nick4305 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Jun 6, 2013
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    Great ! Thanks !
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  3. Prepare2Prep

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    Mar 11, 2016
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    Awesome News! Congrats on the growth, and believing for it to continue!
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  4. jag-engr
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    Apr 6, 2007
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    Tom, you've been a stand-up guy and a great supporter of the forum. We all wish you the best as you continue to grow your company.