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Tadgear PS v1 as carryon?

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by RoisonDubh, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. RoisonDubh

    RoisonDubh Loaded Pockets

    May 10, 2006
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    Hey guys I'm gearing up for a 9 day trip to Italy and I'm wondering if anyone has used a PS v1 as a carryon. The measurements add up to 45" so I think it's kosher for Delta (leg from Dallas to JFK).

    Anyone have good or bad experiences with the PS v1 as carryon?

    I also have a trizip, but there is not way it will carry a change of clothes and my other carry on gear...
  2. Lafferjc

    Lafferjc Loaded Pockets

    Mar 27, 2010
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    I use my PS. V2 as a carry on all the time and it works perfectly. In fact, even though its long and large, because of its compression straps, it actually functions much better than a typical rectangular luggage style carry on.
    I highly recomend it and its the only bag I use for 3 days plus travel...anything smaller than that and I just use my T.A.D. EDC V4.
    Good luck on your trip!