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tactical pants?

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by julioroman, Sep 15, 2011.

    julioroman Loaded Pockets

    Ok, I'm probably going to sound pretty dumb when I say this, but what is so special about "tactical" pants. I've read some of the posts here and looked at a few websites and from what I can tell these pants are just cargo pants with extra pockets and possible presewn on knee patches. Am I missing something here?

    Exploriment Loaded Pockets

    They’re tactical! For doing tactical stuff!

    Seriously, it's in large part a marketing thing. Just like tacking the name of a cool guy unit on to something (Commando/Delta/SpecOps/SEAL/SF/Ranger/Sniper/Airborne/blahblahblah), it's meant to imply that it is more rugged, harder wearing, cooler, more functional, whatever. When you start seeing “Tactical Socks”, you know it’s just gotten to the point of complete silliness.

    Are they inherently better? Given that I manage to destroy 5.11 and Woolrich Elite (see what I mean) pants in not too long a time, I’m unconvinced they are. And I’m not doing anything that severe.

    I know PMCs that wear Carhartt pants. They aren’t marketed as “tactical pants”, but they’re probably built to similar standards.

    All I really wish for is someone to actually make pants that will indeed hold up to rugged use. Like something that isn’t 100% cotton for instance.

    “Tactical Pants” will soon be passé. That's when we’ll start seeing “Operator Pants - Just like the slacks worn by the elite SEALs that killed Bin Laden!”

    BCGarrick BST/Marketplace ban

    Did you say "tactical socks"?? LMAO


    Exploriment Loaded Pockets

    Oh, I read that many years ago on other forums. Tactical Underwear. Tactical Day Planners. Paint it black, call it a “spec-ops” this or “elite” that, and some people will buy it.

    Forbes/hutton Loaded Pockets

    For the tactical infidel when the craving hits:


    Jack_Wood Loaded Pockets

    When it comes to clothing, I'll admit I like the aesthetic that tends to go along with the tactical moniker. But otherwise I don't go out looking specifically to buy something tactical, I just end up coming back to either tactical clothing or travel clothing for the one or two features I really like.

    Current favorite shirt is a Royal Robbins Expedition shirt (if I were only rich enough to buy another half dozen).
    Pants are LAPG Operator pants. Why? Because they're an affordable copy of the TAD Force 10 design. I can't go without the welt pockets on the thigh, and I love the streamlined cargo pocket design, with no gusset, and instead a rear bellow.
    I'm also fond of gusseted crotches and reinforced seats and knees. You can find these on work pants, but typically I find those to be in too heavy and stiff a fabric.

    backfist Loaded Pockets

    I have been very happy with my Vertx pants. They have plenty of storage space, the cargo pockets don't bulge out and they don't scream cop or contractor like some do.

    nmpops Loaded Pockets

    We used to tease the Swat guys at mt dept. That if it was black with zippers or velcro, they would buy it an call it Tactical.

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    Trunkmonkey Loaded Pockets

    I really like 5.11 pants and shorts... they fit my needs.

    Force Attuned Loaded Pockets

    The Propper shorts are pretty good too.
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    Bigdaddyrooster Loaded Pockets

    "Seriously, it's in large part a marketing thing. Just like tacking the name of a cool guy unit on to something (Commando/Delta/SpecOps/SEAL/SF/Ranger/Sniper/Airborne/blahblahblah), it's meant to imply that it is more rugged, harder wearing, cooler, more functional, whatever. When you start seeing “Tactical Socks”, you know it’s just gotten to the point of complete silliness."

    I have to agree, I tear apart the 511 and other thin "tactical" pants working in the construction field.. They do not seem to tactical to me. I like the Duluth trading fire house products or the heavier carhartt stuff.

    cebesancon3 Empty Pockets

    I don't know how truly "tactical" they are, but my TAD legionnaire pants sure have taken a beating over the past several years and I can still wear them for an evening out on the town. They aren't cheap and the fabric is heavy (and sometimes a bit warm) but I love them.

    Nickortizzle1035 Loaded Pockets

    I wear the tactical non tactical,"T.N.T.", pants by Blackhawk at work. They are very EDC friendly. they have flat pocket edges for knive, flashlights or whatever else you have clipped in there. and they are very light weight and breathable. T.N.T. pants

    Force Attuned Loaded Pockets

    Received my Condor tactical pants I ordered during LAPG's pre-order special.

    Material reminds me of the 5.11 Taclite pants.

    The pocket layout is fantastic and the pants appear strong. True to waist size but the pants are a touch long but its no biggie.

    Only wear them for work anyway but very happy for the price I got them for.

    Really hope they start making more colours.
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    neutrontech Loaded Pockets

    I don't normally wear black pants-- not sure they look right on me. So I tend to buy colors from khaki - tans - browns - some dark greens. It's almost a must for me to have cargo pockets, although I have some khaki carpenter pants with small slots in the side of the leg. The only reason I have these is because they are flannel lined and were a great buy at Normans. It doesn't matter to me if it is labelled tactical or not, if it looks good and functional, then I would probably buy it. The pants that are marketed as "tactical", though, usually are the exact style/color/material/durability that I am looking for.

    So, I realize it's a marketing thing, but having the label "tactical" makes it so much easier for me to find pants that meet all of my requirements.

    Monocrom Loaded Pockets

    Have a pair of black cargo pants from Target. Good quality.

    I guess those are my tactical pants.
  1. I have an awesome pair of tactical pants that I've been wearing for a while
    not too much money
    can buy in SO many places...
    Levi jeans. I prefer 514 cut.
    They are as tactical for me as any of these 'tactical' pants are for any of you.

    Also I have a pair of camo cargos I got at the military surplus store for about 15 bucks. Great for when I know Im going to get dirty and dont want to ruin my jeans or khakis

    Moonduck Loaded Pockets

    5.11 pants are just a hiking pant design that Dan Costa purchased from Royal Robbins. They did a few minor changes tot eh design and christened them Tactical Pants. They're just hiking cargos marketed to a different audience initially. Since then, the FBI took a big interest and the pants slowly changed to reflect the National Training Academy's needs. In theory it has become more tactical but I sure can't figure out where.

    Personally, I think the cotton tactical pants are a mistake unless you're working in an environment where flash and spark resistance are highly important. The blends wear vastly better IMO.

    eneyman Loaded Pockets

    I too like some of the 5.11 pants. I was actually able to score some nice outdoor/survival style pants at my local REI used gear sale a while back. If you aren't a member, it's only $20 bucks and the sale is each month

    cl0123 Loaded Pockets

    ..all those features marketed by all those gears manufacturers. For my uses, I like those little extra pockets in addition to the two large side-cargo pockets. They're great for a small light, a Leatherman tool, etc. Material-wise, I like those cooler and faster-drying Taclite type fabrics, more so than canvas or jeans. In addition to the so-called-or-marketed tactical pants, I have a few pairs of ex-officio's and similar style pants. They are not for everyone and you may notice I deliberately mention nothing about aesthetics or style-wise... there is just no way that ANYONE would mistake me as an "operator" or "law-enforcing" type.