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Swedish magazine pouch-> light&fast shoulder kit

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by mtwarden, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. mtwarden

    mtwarden Loaded Pockets

    Oct 24, 2009
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    perusing through the Army/Navy store I spied these small Swedish magazine pouches and got to thinking this may be just the ticket for a short day hike/woods bumming outing, but ultimately able to handle an unexpected night out

    the pouch is sturdily made (like most issue items), measures ~ 5x7x2.75" and has two internal dividers- made to carry on a belt, but easily made into a small shoulder bag/haversack w/ the addition of some cord



    that's not a lot of room, but just enough :)

    loadout consists of shelter bits: 2 person AMK heatsheet, polycro 3 mil sheet 60x96", 25' hank of cord (in addition to ~ 25' of daisy chained paracord for the strap), two 4 hour beeswax candles- these will provide warmth in the confines of a debris shelter, German Army knife w/ saw; fire bits: mini Bic, two wetfire tabs, six tinder tabs; water/cooking bits: small billy can w/ bail (soup can), 1 quart water bag, 6 micropur tabs, swedish fold-a-cup, small spork; signal/lighting bits: whistle/photon on lanyard, small headlamp; firstaid/repair/misc bits: small roll gauze, steri-strips, neosporin, tweezers from SAK, meds- advil, tylenol, aspirin, immodium, benadryl, ~ 6' of duct tape, 3 safety pins, ~ 50' of 35# spectra fishing line, heavy needle, TP



    items that are on my person- K&M matchsafe w/ UCO matches/striker/fire straws, Suunto button compass, topo map, cord bracelet, fixed blade knife w/ 3/8" ferro rod, additional cordage


    Hoping to give the little kit an overnighter next week :D