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survival books

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by zombieslayer001, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. I spend alot of time alone out here on the truck and sometimes, between loads, I have some free time like today for instance. Its Saturday and I am stuck here in Newnan,Ga. I thought maybe I would go buy a book on survival and general knowledge stuff. Anybody have any suggestions on books? Most of them I have seen are black and white and don't have color plates to help identify plants and herbs and such. I was wondering if there was such a book in publication? Thanks in advance.
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    Are you looking for general survival books or more specifically books on plants and herbs (Wilderness Survival) ???

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    If you're looking for books on wild edibles - complete with tons of color photos - Samuel Thayer's Nature's Garden and The Forager's Harvest are the seminal works, IMO.
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  2. I am looking for that and general survival knowledge in a variety of environs.

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    Yeah, they're handy to have ... kind of a take-off of the U.S. military's survival cards.
  3. I am going to buy 4 sets of these. One for each member of my family.Thanks for that.
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    Not surprisingly this subject is very close to my heart. I wanted to make a proper post to this thread when I could find the time to do so. You may already have found and purchased some books but I thought that maybe others would be interested in the subject of survival and survival books as well.

    Here's my take on the subject and why I recommend the books that I do...

    In real survival situations, you are typically bombarded with problems. Among the many principal problems that you have to deal with, you have two main concerns as I would like to call them.
    • Exposure


    • Murphy's Law
    "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"


    Real survival situations are not exactly fun. Like I stated above, you will have a slew of serious problems to deal with. To prepare you and to get you far better suited to deal with whatever comes at you, you can get a lot of great knowledge from reading about the subject and to practice, practice and practice what you learn from these books. Survival training/classes and praticing at home are definitely the way to go, but for now we will focus on books.

    So, let's get started. Here are some books that I own myself and think very highly of.....

    If you're like me, you would like to have at least one good survival book with you if you ever got in a survival situation. Such a book could be....

    The SAS Survival Handbook


    Great all around survival handbook. This book will introduce you to a lot of survival subjects, techniques and concepts. Comes in a handy pocket sized version....which allows you to "always" have it with you...if you're headed out into Mother Nature :


    (sorry, could not find an active listing on Amazon.)

    Another all around survival handbook that covers a lot of different subjects, techniques and concepts would be...

    Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook


    Great all around survival handbook. I like how the author thinks and he tells you like it is. Mykel Hawke is a great guy who knows what he's talking about...

    Yet another great all around survival handbook that covers a lot of different subjects, techniques and concepts would be....

    Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need


    Super great all around survival handbook that really focuses on the set of skills & gear that you need in a survival situation. John D. McCann is a well respected survival expert/instructor and owns a very cool and highly recommended survival/preparedness store (online) : http://www.bepreparedtosurvive.com/

    This guy is great, down to earth and a great teacher who really knows what he's talking about.

    The last book on my list is written by TV - Survival Superstar Cody Lundin widely known for his TV partnership with Dave Canterbury and their "Rock-Star" survival TV show called "Dual Survival". Before the show, Cody was a survival expert/instructor and author. Cody uses humor in his books to get his message across. Don't be fooled by either his fame, his famous TV show or his barefooted, quirky hippie persona.
    This guy is beyond smart and really knows the science behind survival. Cody really digs into...what EXACTLY it is that kills you in a survival situation and more importantly...how to avoid that fate. I can't stress how important this particular book is. If you can get past his often wierd humor and illustrations...you may find that this is a truly brilliant book. I did....

    98,6 Degrees: The Art Of Keeping Your :censored: Alive


    Again, this list is not all inclusive and I have not included books & works from people that I deeply admire, like Les Stroud, Mors Kochanski, Dave Canterbury and Ray Mears. Remember to practice and practice what you learn. I hope you will never need these skills for real.....and if you do...that you'll remember what you have learned & practiced.
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    Zombie, The SAS survival book (which I keep a pocket version of in my GHB/day hiking bag) and the Peterson Field Guide (of which there are many you might enjoy), like has already been mentioned, are both great. I also like The Book of Herbal Wisdom and the US Army Survival handbook.

    The Dave Canterbury, SAN, and Native Survival YT channels may also interest you. Native Survival has lots of wild edible vids. Of course, that may not be available from the confines of a big rig.

    Anyway, all of these resources often leave out or gloss over something I consider at least as important, if not more so, than the knowledge, and that is mindset. I can highly recommend On Combat, Deep Survival, and the Survivor's Club. The first focuses more on the martial mindset while the latter two look more at the survival mindset, but I think that they are really just two sides of the same coin.

    And to reenforce all this stuff, I recommend you read books about real people in rugged, desperate, or dangerous situations. Books like Drums Along the Mohawk will instill in your mind one undeniable truth- What one person can do, so too can you. Mental toughness and tenacity will get you home. And while I prefer early Amrican history for this sort of thing, you can find it in every culture and in every time. We've all seen the movie Alive, right?

    And one more thing, Please, please don't ever eat anything you are not 110% sure is food.
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    ...and i want them all in this bookcase

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