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Surefire T-shirts?

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by AcesQ, Sep 15, 2012.

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    I don't know any dealers but I do know that surefire has great customer service. Just shoot them an email about what you are inquiring and tell them where you're from and I'm sure they will give you a reply from where you can get one, if there are any,in a short while.

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    I can't ever see myself spending $25 on a T-Shirt, especially one to advertise anything that wasn't my own company.
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    Well once in a while is alright for me. I don't always buy shirts like this.
  1. if youve had shirts made before, you know its a big ripoff.
    Example: I got a small run (25) of shirts made, front and back, shipped to me for 150 bucks.
    So six bucks each. Shipped.
    Companies like Surefire or whoever are buying LOTS more than 25, so getting a price break. Yeah, they are a business, got to make money, but 400%markup?

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    they do it with flashlights, why not tee shirts?

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    What size do you need? I may can help you out.