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Sunwayman V10R Ti Mod and comparison

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by niagaratac, May 7, 2011.

  1. niagaratac

    niagaratac Loaded Pockets

    Feb 20, 2010
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    Long have I loved my present small sized EDC lights and had no want or desire for the more expensive options in the various lovely custom lights, known here to most.

    Loving the form factor, I wanted a light that was small enough to fit in the mini pocket of jeans etc and yet bright enough to matter on a dark nite in the outdoors. I first bought an ITP A1 EOS SS light. It is about 189 OTF from reports.

    I then bought the first round of LTD numbered Ti 4Sevens wonderful Q Mini 123 Ti. I have #785. Slightly less bright but with hotter center and slightly more throw. I have since also bought the normal black XML 123 version as a camp light/car light.

    These 2 lights made the grade, til i saw the Sunwayman V10R Ti come out. I loved many aspects of what I saw.

    Upon receipt of light I loved the the way it was detailed with many unique grooves that made it look outstanding. Slightly brighter then the other 2, I loved its looks and its function of infinite simple UI.

    The problem it was a little bigger and didn't fit in mini pocket as other 2 did nicely in my daily rotations. The second problem was its clip. Though functional enough to make Nutnfancy smile with a deep invisible carry style like a SOG,,, it was black and made the Ti look cheap when being installed. Simple fix today I sanded its paint off easily and now I have a EDC pocket clip style carry for this V10R Ti that works for my EDC carry.

    Very happy with my 3rd add to my EDC flashlight rotation.


  2. Mister Scribble

    Mister Scribble Loaded Pockets

    Jun 3, 2008
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    Thanks for the report. I like small, light items myself. I may try that 4Sevens mini 123. It's a bit brighter than my Fenix P1D CE.