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Summer Clothes...

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by moostapha, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. moostapha

    moostapha Loaded Pockets

    Apr 10, 2014
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    It definitely doesn't offend me; I just don't like the look of shorts on myself.

    I'm still working on finding something I really like. The kuhls that were suggested seem like they'll work just fine, but I don't like all of the extra stitching. I might just deal with it.

    On the renegades, is the mesh ventilation/pocket on both sides or just on the right?

    I also got a couple of these evaporative towels. Something about polyvinyl alcohol absorbing water and then letting it evaporate from body heat. They seem like they're going to help a good bit.

    Also, merino wool is a godsend. It's fantastic at regulating temperature, better than anything else I've worn (well, 2nd best, whatever my cycling kit is made of is the best, but those are $130 shirts and $200 shorts and look absolutely stupid if you're not on a bike).

    I've been wearing these super light pants I found at REI that seem to work. They're just cut like what '90s middle schoolers wore. So, I think they look stupid. A little bit of taper would do the legs a lot of good. Sadly, I don't remember what they are, I'm wearing them, and there's a dog asleep on my lap. So, I can't check at the moment.
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  2. kbuzbee

    kbuzbee Loaded Pockets

    Jan 18, 2009
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    Been there!

  3. Barchack

    Barchack Loaded Pockets

    Jan 29, 2014
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    For lightweight pants, I love Arborwear Tech pants. They're cargos, but they are definitely worth trying. Great lightweight, durable pants.
  4. kikaida

    kikaida Loaded Pockets

    Jan 4, 2013
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    I often wear The North Face Paramount Peak hiking pants (convertible into shorts) during the summer. They're nylon and lightweight.
  5. Sonoran Tree
    • GITD Manix 2XL Owner

    Sonoran Tree Loaded Pockets

    Apr 2, 2014
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    Here in the Sonoran Desert, the sun is our enemy. I work completely covered (broad-brimmed hat, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, leather gloves, boots). Some of that is worn because the plants out here are our other enemy - they all have thorns and spines! Our hottest month is coming (June). We can have 116 to 120 in the afternoon/early evening, but no humidity. I'm interested in cooler pants too, I've tried a lot and am not really satisfied. We use Red Cap shirts and those are great.
  6. Radkreuzwerfer

    Radkreuzwerfer Loaded Pockets

    Apr 28, 2015
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    I'v made great experience with UA Heat Gear undergarment.
    Personally I like cold weather better than hot, but in summer no one asks how you like it. So I have to deal with 30-40°C wearing a stab-proof vest under cheap plastik jackets. In Under Armor Heat Gear I still feel comfortable. Still, I sweat and smell badly after work, but I don't overheat and vest and jacket don't really concern me.
  7. evi1joe

    evi1joe Loaded Pockets

    Dec 20, 2008
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    I'm in FL and hate the heat too. I'm really hoping to fight it this year and not stay in so much.
    My plan started with a hat--I hear good things about the Outdoor Research SUMMIT hat (I hear you can wet it, and as the water evaporates, it'll keep you cool--we'll see).
    I'm also moving to some of those super-lightweight wicking t-shirts--though I hate how they drape on me, so I'll probably be looking for some thin linen overshirts (perhaps even long-sleeved). I ought to buy whatever they're wearing in like Pakistan/Afghanistan--all those white robe things and krishna looking stuff (but I don't want to be killed by a well-meaning neighbor when I'm just hanging out in the backyard).
    I've been researching the COOLING t-shirts from Columbia and other brands--haven't figured out which to try. Reviews are mixed on Amazon.
    I really like the RailRiders VersaTac Light, but am considering the X-Treme Adventure and the KHAKI (greenish) Bone Flats pants (which have a MESH material on the side--it might be ugly though). I have some Vertx pants (green with green mesh), but haven't worn them yet (they're a bit tacticool). I also tend to wear a lot of shorts and super-thin double-layer WRIGHTSOCKS (I used to go through them fast, but then realized I needed to take them off as soon as my shoes are off--they aren't durable).