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Suggest knife for 12 year old

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Kilted1, Nov 22, 2011.

    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets

    My kid, who is nearly 12, would like a knife for Christmas to replace his lost Paraframe. I can use some suggestions. The general criteria are 6-7 inch OAL, serrated tanto, liner lock and decent (not 440) steel. A price point under $40 would be a bonus for me. ;D

    Benjamin Loaded Pockets

    Rawls Loaded Pockets

    Cold steel recon. But really a tanto for a 12 year old? That's just asking for a knife stabbed through drywall.

    JAfromMn Banned

    I wish it was smaller but the Victorinox serrated OH german soldier knife would be a Great knife for a Boy.
    He would like it because it's big :)
    I was a kid once to ;)
    it's not a flashy Tactial blade but it can out work most of the cheaper one's.

    That's just my two cent's

    Boker Plus makes some good looking serrated Tanto blades in you budget :)

    hatchetjack EDC Junkie!!!!!

    CRKT M-16 tanto. EDC version available with 3" blade. Combo edge. Big 5 had 'em last week for 15 bucks.

    JAfromMn Banned

    +1 to what hachetjack suggested if I needed to buy a serrated tanto now to use that would be the knife I would most likely buy.

    I would chose it over the Boker Plus Armed Forces Tanto because of the Pocket clip placement alone and it's cheaper.

    The Man knows knives. :)
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    Tarponfly49 Loaded Pockets

    Got my son one that he "EDC's" on weekends, lol.....the lock is pretty solid so no fear there....plus it's sharp, but not TOO sharp...

    mightywombat Loaded Pockets

    I was going to suggest a small non-lockingBbuck folder or a basic SAK, but it sounds like he is EDC-ing a bigger knife than I am, so I dunno....
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    Cheeser Hey Bub!

    Last Christmas I got my then 10 yr old a no.6 Opinel. The handle fits his hand well, the locking ring seemed safer to me than a brace lock and he loves it and it's only about $10

    cubegleamer Loaded Pockets

    Swiss Army Knife - Victorinox Champion. I had one when I was that age and I loved it.

    JAfromMn Banned

    I would like to hear what the boy will be using his knife for Kilted1.

    We could tell you what we think is the cheapest and beat knife for what he needs it for.

    Jordanmayphoto Loaded Pockets

    I wouldn't give my 12 year old child anything but a small Swiss Army knife. Just my opinion.

    JasonAre Banned

    I sort of feel the same way, but on the other hand if the child is mature enough to handle a knife I think some exceptions should be made.

    Jordanmayphoto Loaded Pockets

    I am one of those people that doesn't think a 12 year old is any more mature than a 12 year old. Get me? :) Kids are kids if he can't drive a car or get a job he doesn't need a huge knife to hurt himself with. After all, if the kid is anywhere needing a knife that large like lets say you take him hunting, Dad would be around to let him use his larger knife supervised. :)

    StubbornWheat Loaded Pockets

    Definitely agree here. Not to sound out of bounds, but are you sure this is the knife HE wants, and not you? If he already lost one, theres a good chance he will lose another. I had a SAK as a first knife, and it served me very well. I tend to doubt a 12 year old will be able to really tell the difference in quality of steels.

    JAfromMn Banned

    I Believe it all depends on the kid.

    I've had a knife of one kind or other in my pocket since I was 6

    I also grew up at a different time it's a different world now.

    BullRome Loaded Pockets

    I was thinking the same thing. My dad gave me promo knives from his work when I was very young. I used to buy fixed blades and folders at the flea market when I was 8 or 9. It all depends on what you teach your kid.

    mikey Banned

    I agree with starting him out with a SAK like the Tinker, Super Tinker, Camper, etc. depending on what tools he might use and see how it goes with time. If all is good, then upgrade him!

    SilenzZzz Loaded Pockets

    at 12 i had a SAK and a folding buck knife ... also had a fixed blade knife and a small hand axe ... but i was in scouts ...

    just go to the local discount store (walmart or acadamy) you will find one there for pretty cheap if you are set on a tanto styled blade ...