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Stubby Ti Pen?

Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by metropolicity, Dec 23, 2012.

    metropolicity Loaded Pockets

    Does anyone know of a Space Pen like pen made from Ti.

    I would like it to be 3" when closed and have a clip.

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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

    I would live to know the answer to this as well!

    metropolicity Loaded Pockets

    Don't force me to make one. Please don't.
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    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

    Hey metro....did you ever think to make one?? I mean I would buy one. Or even test it out for yah. ;) just send it with my package. :D
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    cowsmilk EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I just got an email from Howes today with pictures of the anodized Damascus matt martin pens. Uber cool!

    -- Let's make the EDCF Giveaway a success by going to
    http://edcforums.com/threads/extra-specal-2012-2013-forum-give-away.101989/#post-1358608, reading the first post, and then entering to win.
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    THERoxyStarr Loaded Pockets

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    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    Spending other people's money.... one dollar at a time. :rolleyes: ;)

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    metropolicity Loaded Pockets


    the XTS! I am getting both the black and raw Ti. Thanks Indigo_wolf!!!!

    Happy Birthday to me!

    Merrib64 Loaded Pockets

    Smaller and lighter just what someone needs with larger hands. Bigger is better in my book.

    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets

    +1 on the XTS bandwagon! Thought I was happy enough with my pens even though they sometimes ride crooked in shorter pockets. But, noooooo, now I gotta go spend money on one of these....
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    NeverAnonymous Loaded Pockets

    Great! Now I need an XTS...Dang you über cool stuff I need (want really bad)!!!!!
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    NeverAnonymous Loaded Pockets

    Great! Now I need an XTS, and the full size Ti one, and the stainless steel one...Dang you über cool stuff I need (want really bad)!!!!!

    boyo17 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    No stubbies but all with Fisher refills

    Twister at top and a fancy one at bottom


    ,,,,,and a twister in Ti and brass with pocket clip

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    TARFU EDC!!!!! Junkie

    Guys - please report back on the XTS and what you think of it. I'm especially interested to hear if it has some heft to it and also on the strength of the clip.

    I love little pens like that - they're great for sticking on bags with molle or in organizer pouches. The fact that it's a stylus makes it even more desirable.
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    Land Loaded Pockets

    That XTS is cool, but didja notice that it's nearly 4 inches long?


    Municipal_Jedi Loaded Pockets

    Fisher Bullets are also "nearly" 4 inches long I would say this is similar length but a bit fatter.

    TheTomas Loaded Pockets

    On the matter of the XTS:

    I was involved in the kickstarter, and received the full sized version before Christmas. I EDC a bead blasted TI county comm embassy pen, and love the idea of Ti pens, so I was looking forward to this one. When I received it, however, I was underwhelmed. Please, keep in mind this is based on personal preference, there was nothing defective about the pen, but it felt "cheap" and I don't know how else to describe it. First, it felt too light. I know Ti is light, that's one reason I like it, but the embassy pen has a heft to it that has, I guess, spoiled me. It makes me believe the walls of the pen are thin. Second, the finish was too smooth. With no knurling or texture, it didn't have a very good tactile quality for me. And finally, the threads for the cap were very shallow and thin. While they are probably completely strong enough, they made me feel afraid that I'd cross-thread it and ruin them. It worked great as a stylus, though, so I gave it to my mother for christmas and she loved it.

    Remember, this is all based on personal bias and preferences, but if your expectations of Ti pens are like mine, this opinion might be useful to you.
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    DrekThanos Loaded Pockets

    Having carried the county comm ti, the full sized Bigidea pen, and now the XTS, I can positively say I prefer the XTS.
    County comm failed for me because I'm not always writing at a flat surface (rarely, actually) so that free floating lid wanders off too often.
    The full sized pen from Bigidea was a good alternative, and accepted any refill I threw at it. For me, the balance wasn't there. The cap pulled the pen over the back of my hand and if I took it off, I was back to the county comm
    The XTS accepts cut down refills of any stripe and has just about the perfect balance. I have fairly large hands, but its still comfortable to use as a stylus or without the cap for a quick hot, but is a pleasure to use for extended writing with the cap tail posted. Of the many pens I've handled and used, its easily my favorite.
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    TaylorID Loaded Pockets

    • Removed the pricing and location info per forum rules.
    Hey all.... this is a repost from another thread... but I thought I'd share some good news with you.

    Looking for a pressurized ("space style") cartridge for your XTS pen in thixatropic black ink? I think I may have found it... (maybe)

    Through quite a bit of digging, I found the Schmidt 4876M Megaline Pressurised Ballpoint Pen Refill.
    "Made in Germany, this is a pressurized cartridge (Megaline gas pressure system), using special thixatropic ink, allowing the user to write in extreme temperatures, upside down, on wet surfaces and in zero gravity. Medium point. Available in both blue and black."
    The Schmidt 4876M cartridge is76.5mm long and 4.5mm in diameter (the G2 Mini cartridge included with the XTS pen is approximately 79-80mm long and approximately 5mm in diameter).
    I've taken very careful measurements and it looks like this will work in the Big Idea Design XTS Titanium Pen.
    So far I have found literally ZERO possible pressurized cartridges using black ink that will fit. I'm 99.99% sure this will work perfectly, based on the measurements I've taken and retaken. Very happy to convert this XTS to a space pen, as it simply begs to be.
    I'm assuming, due to its larger size, that it will write considerably longer than the a Schmidt D1 size refill of advertised 1280 meters. So far I cannot find a single bit of solid information on this though.
    Shown below, it looks like it may also come with a plastic adapter for fitting.

    Hopefully that helps some of you out there!
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