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Spyderco Chicago vs Cat

Discussion in 'Knives' started by TomWelch, Sep 8, 2012.

    TomWelch Loaded Pockets

    I am interested n the Spyderco Chicago or Cat solely
    as a EDC knife...which would you choose?
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    KAMM Loaded Pockets

    The Chicago!
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    gibbsrule9 Memoria in Aeterna

    The Cat but only because it's slightly bigger.

    T.H.Cone I am senor Fluffy, hear me roar

    Well, this thread isn't what I thought it would be. I thought I was going to hear a heroic story of self defense against a real cat. Something along the lines of... I was out trail running when this mountain lion jumped out in front of me. He look very hungry! Luckily, I had my trusty Spyderco Chicago on me, so...

    You know, something like that. Just make something up, Tom. I'll check back in 24 hours and I better be entertained! :p

    I agree with gibbs, the Cat because it is bigger.
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    willydigger Loaded Pockets


    Custom cocobolo. Cat on top, Persistence on bottom.

    Size comparison. BM Bone Collector, Persistence, Tuff Lite, Cat.

    S30V with G10.


    The Cat is just small enough. Otherwise they are the same knife. Love the liner lock, the wire clip, the G10. If you can snag the S30V Carbon Fiber it's even better. Though I hate Carbon Fiber.
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    Hartigan EDC Junkie!!!

    +1 for the Cat. Awesome little knife.

    TomWelch Loaded Pockets

    Thank you all for your inputs!