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Springfield XD-40 Subcompact, Glock 30, or Ruger LCP(my choice)

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by DemskeetSkeet, Apr 28, 2009.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    Just got back from the Gander Mountain, they had no new glocks in stock besides the 23 I believe but they did have a few Springfield XD-40 Handguns.

    They had a 4" and a 3" barrel versions. I have smaller hands and was planning on purchasing a Glock 30 but the guy behind the counter told me that the springfield xd-40's are better.

    All-in-all the springfield's were cheaper, were available at the time(the glock 30 wasn't), came with more gear, better features, and he also told me that .40 bullet has just as much knock down power and less kick than a .45.

    The Springfield came with: 2 clips(one with grip extender) kydex holster that covers the trigger guard for safe carry, two clip holster, speed loader, and a hard case.

    The Glock 30 is around $50 to $100 more, harder to find where I am, doesn't have some of the nice features the xd-40 subcompact has(Loaded chamber indicator, and firing pin cocked indicator).

    The gentleman behind the counter told me that he uses the 4" model and has never had it jam once with 3000+ rounds through it. Lifetime transferable warranty, and he even showed me how to field strip it which was just a couple more steps than the Glock 30.

    Basically I want to hear some opinions on both guns whether you own both, just one, or if you know someone that has one or the other.

    Thank you very much!

    Take care

    Mitty Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?


    So the best gun for you just by coincidence was the one he had in stock? What a surprise!

    I have a G30. What would you like to know?

    Your post has a common problem here. You want a recommendation but you don't say for what purpose.

    Also, what Is your experience level? Can you put ten rounds into a 3" circle at 15 yards? If not, start with a .22 and learn to shoot. .

    vrocco Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    I would like to start off by saying that: I F@#$ing HATE Glocks. I don't like anything about them. The angle of the grip, the trigger pull, the safety on the trigger, etc. I am a 1911 fan and always will be. I like the feel of that gun. I have never owned a Glock or an XD and probably never will. However, I have handled both weapons and put at least 1000 rounds through each one.

    Having said all that, the XD is not a Glock. It never will be a Glock. It's trying hard, but the Glock still outdoes it. The only reason to buy the XD would be if you didn't have the money to spend on a Glock. Then it may be a suitable substitute. Otherwise, go with the Glock.

    I am assuming in all this that you have shot both guns as well as some different actions (single/double like a Sig or Beretta, single action like a 1911). Find a range that rents guns and shoot as many different ones as you can.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    I'm a Rifle marksman looking for a gun that can be carried, or home self defense. Something nice to disassemble and clean. Has to be reliable and not jam.

    I'm no novice

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    Thanks for the advice, I'll go to the gun range on Thursday to see if they have each one to shoot. Last time they didn't have the glock 30 to shoot and I never looked for the xd-40 subcompact so maybe they have one.

    Again, thanks for the advice.

    Mitty Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    Good. Too many of the threads like this are started by people who have no clue as to how hard it is to shoot accurately.

    Some more thoughts:

    Religious zealots cloud the issue, as vrocco unintentionally demonstrates. The 1911 was a brilliant design in 1911, but we now have materials and manufacturing techniques that John Moses Browning could not have seen in his wildest dreams. The 1911 is a fine gun (I have four) but it is overly complex for the task you have.

    I bought the G30 four or so years ago primairly for the occasional IPSC match. At that time there were fewer of the Glock wannabes around, but they were there. For me the Glock had great credibility due to all the military qualification testing done. Buriied in mud, frozen in a block of ice, 150K rounds, etc. "reliable and not jam" were on my criteria list as well. I'm sure many of the wannabes are fine, but how to know which ones?

    For my medium-sized hands, the G30 grip is not ideal. Like vrocco, I far prefer the 1911. For concealment, it is also not ideal. The G36 was introduced after I bought my G30, but IMHO it would be a better choice for carry. (I am not one who anticipates gun battles where huge numbers of rounds are needed.)

    Re the wannabes, many probably have design improvements over the Glock. Why not? One can almost always improve on a design after some experience with it. The wannabes with different grip inserts have always interested me but I have never played with one. So to say "wannabe" is not necessarily to say "inferior."

    Re caliber, I bought .45 because I was already reloading .45 for bullseye. Given the old saw about the first thing you need to bring to a gunfight is a gun, a 9mm might be more carry-able. In fact I have a Kahr PM9 that virtually disappears in my pocket. But it is no joy to shoot, being so light.

    There are no absolute answers, only treadeoffs.


    sarxsvt Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    In our market XD's are more costly than comparable Glocks.

    I love 1911's, favorite automatic handgun hands down, but I hate the XD series. It just does not feel the same to me. Nothing wrong with XD guns, they are very reliable, great guns I'm sure.
    I actually really like the grip frame on the Glocks, a 27 is my carry weapon of choice. They feel very good to me with extended mag plates on them, and I have large hands.

    Are you dead set on a .45? Really, you lose very little in .40 S&W and you would pick up 4 more rounds in the clip in the same size gun (G36), if your concerned with firepower.

    The Hatcher ratings aren't perfect, but they are a fine guide.
    .45 ACP jacketed hollow point 230 grain ...... 60.7
    .40 S&W jacketed hollow point 180 grain ....... 59.4

    .357 Magnum full metal jacket 158 grain ..... 32.7
    9 millimeter jacketed hollow point 147 grain ... 39.9
    .357 SIG jacketed hollow point 147 grain ..... 45.2

    Glocks are ugly, they wont win any awards for beauty, except for function. They simply work.
    XD's are also very functional, I don't have as much experience with them, but they certainly come highly recommended, I dont think you can really go wrong with either one.

    In the end, I would pick up, or better yet, shoot both, and see which you like the feel of better. Both should be reliable and extremely durable guns.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    Very nice info there and I thank you for that!

    I am really looking for carry and home defense(currently have a winchester 1300 speed pump for home defense).

    The XD subcompact is nice because the grip angle is like that of a 1911 which I love to shoot(don't own one yet). Nice safety features like loaded chamber indicator, and ready to fire pin that sticks out a bit.

    All in all I believe the XD subcompact .40 is a better buy, it's cheaper, better features, lifetime transferable warranty, accessories it comes with. The glocks have a lot more accessories and aftermarket parts to purchase but the XD has everything I need. .40 seems to be a better round than the .45.

    I am really looking for something to take to the range, slap on my person anywhere(ankle, waste, under the arm, pocket)

    So I recently stumbled across a Ruger LCP .380 which will go anywhere I need it to, it's a .38, accurate for it's size, and around $200 cheaper. I also love my Ruger Mark III Hunter 22lr Target pistol along with a Ruger 10/22 with laminated stock with Bull barrel. I also plan on getting a Ruger Charger Pistol for some squirrel hunting.

    If I get the Ruger LCP then I might get the charger at the same time because both combined are about the price of a Glock 30.


    Thank you for your input, I believe I am either going to go with a Glock 36(not the 30 anymore because I believe the .40 is a little more practical) XD-.40 subcompact or the Ruger LCP because this is really for home defense/carry.

    I believe the Ruger LCP is what I want because it'll go anywhere I need, pocket, ankle, waste, etc.

    .38 isn't a bad cartridge either. I know some people say that you need the "knockdown" power but even a 22lr can take someone down/kill someone when need for defense. It's not practical but if I had a loaded Ruger 10/22 next to me I wouldn't hesitate to use it on someone in self defense. It would be much easier to shoot and more rounds to fire with the 25 round clip I have.

    Anyone have thoughts on the Ruger LCP?

    sarxsvt Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    If your interested in a .40 S&W Glock it would be a model 27 for the subcompact, and a model 23 for the compact. Sorry I realize that read a little confusing since I was comparing the clip size of the 36 and the 27. The model 36 is a refined slim model .45.

    Every Ruger I have, I really like, they are very rugged guns and reliable. I have not handled either the LCP or the LCR our shop has not had one yet, but I do have an SP101 in .32 mag thats been a great carry/backup/fun gun over the years.

    The charger is a ton of fun, picked one of those up when they were first available.

    Are sig's completely ruled out of this equation on price? I have not handled one of the new subcompact Sigs, but the 226 compact is also a favorite of mine. As you say though, you can most likely find a Glock 27 and a Charger, for the price of a Sig. It still feels awesome in your hands though, might check one out.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    I'm looking at a Small compact gun that I can carry when I get my CCW this summer along with something I can take outback and shoot whenever I feel like it(that isn't a 22lr, lol. Always fun to shoot but I like some kick to some of my shooting!)

    Looking for somewhere around $600 or less.

    I don't really care about "knockdown" power because like I said earlier I think any caliber can put someone down.

    If I needed something in defense I don't think I could shoot and kill someone. Don't know if I could live with myself even though the attacker would be trying to hurt me.

    Now if someone tried to KILL me then I may not feel so bad, but to kill someone for trying to take my wallet!?!?

    I think not.

    Thanks for the advice, gonna go gun shopping tomorrow to see what other guns are out there!

    Thanks you very much!

    Kabong30 Empty Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    I have an XD40 SC.  I love it.  Great little pistol.  I have never EVER had a failure of any sort in the 3 years I've owned it.  The gun is a little sensitive to "limp-wristing" be sure to have a good grip on it (which I'm sure you would) as my buddy did have one failure to feed when his grip was a little weak.  It points naturally and feels great in your hand.  I'll also post the obligatory XD-Torture test link: http://springfield-armory.primediaoutdoors.com/SPstory11.php

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    I was really fixed on getting the Ruger LCP because I wanted something user friendly that can strap just about every where on my body(I know, it's gross isn't it? :laugh: )

    But since I have read that article...I want the XD!!!

    Hmmm, I may just go with the Ruger LCP for my first CCW gun because of it's size, the name behind the gun, and much cheaper for a first self defense pistol.

    Now to see if I can find one.....

    zip22 Empty Pockets

    parawolfe Empty Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    Are you making love to it or do you want something to shoot? I'm not a guy that gets off spending hours cleaning after shooting. I want something dependable, accurate and easy to clean. Get a Glock 23 (Compact) or if you really think you need something smaller get a Glock 27 (Subcompact). I have a the Glock 23 and added a "plus 2" extension to the magazine. Now I have 15 rounds instead of 13. I live not too far away from Geneseo and although I think Springfield Armory make good weapons, I still favor Glock when it comes to handguns.

    Kabong30 Empty Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    It really shouldn't be a Glock vs. XD thing, but it comes down to it a lot. Glocks are good guns. XDs are good guns. They are basically neck and neck. I don't know where this "make love to or shoot" thing comes from, but the XD strips and cleans fast. There used to be a price advantage with the XD because they were new, but as has been stated that's not the case anymore. So, where are the advantages? XD and Glock have trigger safeties, but the XD also has a grip safety, and chamber/loaded indicators. The XD also has a better grip angle and is more ergonomic.

    I'd say go with your gut, Glocks are fine weapons and many people bet their lives on them everyday out in the world. I am certainly not a Glock basher.

    RockyNomad Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?


    I have a Glock 30 which I carry on my ankle for duty use and on my hip for concealed/off duty use. It is a chunk of a gun but I've gotten used to it.

    As far as the "extras" on the Springfield, i.e. the loaded chamber/loaded indicator, dont' get too hung up on that. I wouldn't use them even if my gun had them. You should always know the condition of your gun, which should be loaded and chambered, if you are carrying for self defense.

    As far as cal goes you should do some reading on ballistics. Many officers, and SWAT guys, in my dept are switching back to 9mm as the ballistics have changed as ammo has evolved. I don't know all the details but they are finding more energy is dispersed in the body with the 9mm. This brings me to my final point. I'm not sure, but it looks like you are saying you may have a problem with using deadly force, i.e. taking a life. If that is the case, which is understandable, then you should not carry a gun. That is their sole purpose. They are not to deter someone by displaying it and they most certainly are not for the oh so popular question I get of "shooting someone in the leg". Your CCW class will go through these legal aspects in great detail. You may want to wait until the class is over before making a purchase.

    Kabong30 Empty Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    Thanks for your service to your community!  What better way to quickly know if you're "condition one" than an indicator?  We don't all carry all the time and anything that can help prevent a negligent discharge is a good thing.  Again I'm not saying the Glock is a bad choice.  Also, the other extra you didn't mention was the grip safety.  Also the ergonomics are still better.  A comfortable gun is a gun you'll gladly practice with (even when it's not required for your job).

    RockyNomad Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    A better, and fail proof way, to check the chamber is to do a press check. I agree that you just need to find the gun you are most comfortable with.

    mr.squatch Empty Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    I own two 40cal glocks and three xd 40's. xd by far, in every category, hands down. No comparison. Have I made my opionion clear yet? lol. springfield ftw

    • GITD Manix 2XL Owner

    rwdflynavy Loaded Pockets

    Re: Springfield XD-40 Subcompact or Glock 30?

    I have a Glock 30 and as others have said, it ain't pretty. That being said, it is a very smooth shooting .45 and a tack driver for me (not the world's best shot).

    If you like the 1911 style, you might check out the Sig 220 Carry. It has a similar design and grip style to the 1911 and is a beautiful gun.

    I have no experience with XD.